Super Pumped Up Jam from Stone Cold Fox

stonecoldfoxWhile I’m not completely sure that I’m on board with the name, Stone Cold Fox, I can say that this song is doing it for me today.  I can feel the bit of Spring creeping into my windows, which means I’m ready for some full on dance party action…who said old people can’t get down.  This track is pure energy; I can see the kids fist-pumping while this blasts over their favorite clubs stereo.  This Brooklyn band surely has their finger on the pulse of the dance party, but don’t be surprised when they decide to mix things up completely for the release of Memory Place; rumor has it that there’s no style the band won’t approach.  For now, this one will do; the record comes out on May 6th.

Rocking Number from Cheap Girls

cheapgirlsYou know that feeling when you put on a new track and you’re immediately attached to the sound? Well, that’s exactly what happened when I put on this new tune from Cheap Girls; it’s something that begged to be put immediately into our daily schedule.  You’ll find that the guitars are reminiscent of a solid alternative rocker, but there’s a deep quality to the vocals that really stuck with me. It’s a song that borders on the line of Americana, but offers a hint more rock n’ roll for your ears.  Their album Famous Graves will be out on May 13th via Xtra Mile Recordings.


Anne Makes a Hit For You Dance-A-Teria Types

anneMan, I can’t stop using that reference, I’m sorry.  But, that being said, it was the first thing that came to mind when I listened to the brand new single from Anne. The song is instantly ready for a club hit, banging hard when you turn it up appropriately loud.  It opens with an actual ballad beginning, dusted over with some electronic touches; it then proceeds to make your toes tap joyously.  I can just picture people being confused in a club when it first comes on, then they realize how much they want to dance all of a sudden; perfect. The new record from Anne, Pulling Chain, will be out on March 4th via Run for Cover Records.

Enjoy Your Day with Shorts

shortsI found this tune while I was trolling the Internet, hunting down our virtual friend Curtis from Velcro. Shorts is actually a Brooklyn act, but it’s founded by a former Australian, which is probably where Curtis comes into play, running a similar path in life.  Of course, this is exactly what I wanted to hear today; it has a bright guitar chord that dances around the song’s melody, while casual harmonies come in via multi-part vocals.  You’re going to want to get your hands on this bad boy when it’s release by Aloe Music on March 18th; it’s titled the Berlin 1971 EP, and it’s sure to be a stunner.

Pop Tune from The Kickback (SXSW Act)

kickbackOne of the great things about the build-up to SXSW is trying to map out your schedule based on bands you’ve had on your radar or bands that have just popped up via one song you caught.  For me, the Kickback made that list with their latest single, “When I Die.”  There’s a catchiness centered around the swirling “whoas” in the chorus, but I appreciate the smoky softness of the soaring vocals as well.  Plus, their forthcoming record also has roots in Austin, with production duties being handled by our very own, Jim Eno.  Just wait for the explosive burst that raps up the song; get ready to catch them as they blow into town for SXSW.

Have Some Fun with Imaginary People

imaginary-people-ep-sep-2013I can’t tell whether this is the bastard son of Jerry Lee Lewis or just another garage band rocking things out on their own terms, but I know that as soon as I pressed play my feet started tapping away. I want you to carry that bit of fun into your weekend; we all deserve it.  Imaginary People are a Brooklyn act who are preparing for the release of their Scarlett Duvall 7″, just before they head into Austin for a few SXSW tour dates.  You want something upbeat that’s more than just your everyday indie rock? Look no further!

Lighthearted Tune from Spirit Kid

emeenWhile I often proclaim to have some undying desire to be super left of the dial, I can’t deny the power of a really great pop song.  Today I’m bringing you this hit from Spirit Kid, which will be featured on the band’s record, Is Happening. I like this tune as it displays a different side of the project fronted by Emeen Zarookian.  It sort of has light twee influences with horns kicking it int he background, but there’s also just a really simple formula that any listener of good pop music will appreciate. You can grab their album on March 18th, and if you’re here in Austin in a month, they’ve got a few SXSW shows lined up.

Another Jam from The Coathangers

coathangersThe Coathangers are really going all out with their latest record, pulling out all the stops to really blow away their audience.  Their latest track is a bit different from its predecessor, sounding more like what we’ve come to know from the ladies, though with an improved recording.  Guitars are ringing quickly and the hook created by the lyrical delivery is going to leave you anxiously awaiting more from the band.  Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long, as the group’s Suck My Shirt comes out in a little over a month courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records.

The Welcome Return of Papercuts

papercutsJason Quever is one of those artists that I personally feel needs to write more; it’s not because I don’t appreciate what he’s done, but rather that I adore it so much that I swoon every time I hear of new music he’s putting out as Papercuts.  It’s been just over three years since we’ve heard from Jason, but we can forgive that as I know he’s had his hand in producing several great albums.  Be it the way he’s written his lyrics on albums like Fading Parade or Can’t Go Back (my favorite), or the construction of the songs themselves, there’s nothing to ignore. His new record is titled Life Among the Savages; it will have a release date of May 6th via Easy Sound.  I mean, just listen to this song.

Ex-Cult Returns with New Rocker

excultThis new album by Ex-Cult is one of those albums that I wasn’t even aware was coming down the pipeline, but now that I’ve heard this new single, I’m actually getting pretty excited.  The recording is definitely a bit stronger than their first effort, with Chris Shaw’s vocals sounding stronger.  There’s also a propulsive mood to the tune, with the heavy pounding of the drum kit leading you down a path meant for destruction.  It’s a pretty confident track, illustrating the growth of a band that’s ready to unleash their fury on American audiences. Goner Records will be releasing Midnight Passenger on April 29th.

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