Album Announcement for Ghost of Jack Nance

ghost-of-jack-nance-promo-picSoliti Music is on a roll this week, with a video from Black Lizard earlier, and now the announcement of My Heart Strings, the new effort from Ghost of Jack Nance. This tune is filled with noisy plodding guitar and a vocal that seems to echo through the caverns of your mind. It sort of sounds like if you took Beat Happening and wrapped it up in this dense collection of atmospheric noise…and I mean that in a really good way, I promise.  You’ll be able to grab the new EP on November 28th, but while you’re waiting indulge a bit by rocking THIS VIDEO at work.

Another Soft Track from Angelo de Augustine

Spirals-Of-Silence1-608x608Man. I really have been craving some good soft tunes to ease me into the fall, or lack there of.  This new album from Angelo de Augustine has been doing the trick pretty well, offering up some really incredible tunes.  It’s not necessarily sad bastard music, though there’s an intimacy in the way the music has been recorded that likens Angelo to Elliot Smith (as I’ve mentioned before). You can even hear the buzz on the strings, which is always a favorite touch of mine.  Look for his album Spirals of Silence on November 18th.

Missed This One: New Tune from Audacity

audacityLast year I was really digging the sounds of Audacity; this was fueled on by a great performance I caught of the band during SXSW.  That being said, I’m surprised I missed a new tune and 7″ announcement from the group, which has been billowing about for a week or two.  The band is one of those that offers up two sides of things, hitting fast and heavy or bringing some pop stylings…this round they’re landing more on the side of fast and heavy, and even a little brash.  I’m game for it all when it comes to this band, so check it out. You can grab the Counting the Days 7″ on December 2nd from Suicide Squeeze.

Brand New 7″ from Barreracudas!!!

promiseWhen was the last time we heard from Barreracudas? If I’m looking at my calendar, it’s been several years…that’s far too long.  The Atlanta act has crafted some great hits that all of us here at ATH love, such as “Baby Baby Baby.”  Sounds like the band is up to their catchy power pop hits again, having just announced a brand new 7″ on Oops Baby Records.  One side, however, does offer a more classic power punk sound, like the classic Ramones hits that seemed more built to enthrall arenas than dingy punk clubs (I wasn’t there so I can’t be sure). Anyways, enjoy listening, and pick it up if your soul is so inclined.


Have You Listened to Wedding Dress

wedBeen posting a lot of that rock and roll stuff lately, so it’s nice to have something light-hearted that I think you will all enjoy.  The band’s name is Wedding Dress, and it began as a side-project for Erin Elders, while he had some downtime from his other group, Maps & Atlases. There’s still some quirky song structures in place here, which makes sense considering Elders’ past, but just indulge yourself in some of the melodies that are lurking elsewhere in the song. You can see for yourself when the group releases Desperate Glow on November 18th via Lovitt Records.

Check Out This Song + Video from Black Lizard

BlackLizard_2014_by_EetuMaaranenWe’ve got a pretty good relationship with the Finnish super-label, Soliti Music; they always give us a heads up when something is happening with their bands.  So, they sent over this great little video from Black Lizard, who are running this beautiful cinematic video to go with their latest single “Turquoise.” This song features on the band’s recent Burning EP, but I think the sound differs a bit from the group’s previous tunes; there’s this underlying beauty that resonates with the emotional textures.  You should check out the group’s video HERE. And then go grab the EP from Soliti!



New Track from Low Culture

ironsheikThere’s no hiding my affinity for all things Marked Men related, but I was really surprised by how undervalued Low Culture were (relative to all other MM spin-offs/relationships).  If you’re smart, you’ll go give a listen to their debut Screens, which is phenomenal.  But, they’ve been hard at work recently, and they’re doing a split EP with friends Iron Chic.  We got a peak at one of their tunes, and it’s exactly what you want from the band…there’s just enough pop and just enough punk to make it into the perfect ear candy. Get your hands on a copy HERE.

New Album from The Memories

memorieI’ve got some tunes from the Memories; I like the band well enough, I just feel like they could do a bit more.  But, it looks like that time has finally come, as the band are readying a new album that’s been worked over by Sonny Smith, who I trust above many others.  There’s already a subtle R&B production to the tune, while the band maintains their approach to brevity in their songwriting; it sort of reminds me of Girls early on…you know, when that band meant something. Look for the band’s new LP Hot Afternoon next month from Burger Records.

Turn Up with Wild Smiles

10386988_628923807203351_9116171390421186735_oThere are two sides of the power-pop/garage rock coin, at least two that I can always subscribe to when listening.  There’s the gritty version, filled with sloppy hooks, or there’s the polished huge riffs.  The perfect example of this, in my mind, comes in the battle of Terry Malts vs. Wild Smiles.  I love the Malts and their gritty style, taking nostalgic rock and fueling it with booze and exuberance.  But, the Wild Smiles, who I’m here to talk about, take a similar approach, but clean things up, giving you more accessible hooks. You’re supposed to love both!  And if you do, you already have the Terry Malts LP (or else you’re behind the times), so go ahead an pick up the Wild Smiles LP, Always Tomorrow, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Chilled Electro Pop from Ginla

niglaJust wanted to toss out something that was easy listening to start off the week, and this track from Ginla seems to fit that bill pretty nicely.  It’s a mellow electro-jam with vocals that are all washed out, so you’ll have an easy time just pressing play and relaxing.  Those sort of vibes make it easy to deal with your own personal case of the Mondays, but I think there’s some definite redeemable qualities that go beyond early week listening.  The duo is readying their Dreaming In Circles EP, so look to pick that up in a few weeks if this is your bag.

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