Part Time Readying New Album

ptOne of my favorite things about Part Time is how well the David Loca maneuvers in and out of different genres, yet they’re all connected so the songs have this weird cohesion.  On the first single from the new album, there’s a noted difference in the way the vocals and lyrics are delivered; it’s casual, almost spoken-word, which feels like a new twist for the project.  You’ll still hear chugging guitar chords with a hint of jangling pop sensibility in the background, and it’s all leading to great promise for Virgo’s Maze; that new album will be out May 19th via Burger Records.

Dreamy Track from Weeknight

weekIf you’re looking for escapism via your musical listening, then you’re in luck if you turn on this new single from Weeknight.  The tune has this dark haunting quality, using jagged guitar chords to burst through the dense shadow of the track.  Sure, it falls in line with the nostalgic movement towards recreating the JAMC sound, but I’m impressed by the fact that it’s done with only two hands at the helm. This New York duo will release this new single on April 21st via Dead Stare Records, but you can stream the track below right now; I suggest you do!

Welcome to the Waves of the Echo

woeIf you’re looking for something that’s washed in glittery guitar lines and a coat of smoky vocals, then perhaps you should spend your day with Waves of the Echo.  While the track might seem rather soft in its opening moments (and other moments throughout) there’s a definite emphatic punch that surfs in and out during the chorus.  There’s something anthemic lurking beneath the dreamier notes here, which will have fans of pure pop music swooning all over the place. The Finnish act will be releasing their debut Fading Daylight, Bright Nights this June, so stay tuned to these pages.

Stream the Malcontents: the New Album from No Museums

nomuseWith all the varying genres out there, and their cohabitation, it’s hard to fin exactly what you’re looking for sometimes, except then it’s not.  Today I was just thinking about how I wanted a lo-fi bedroom folk record meshed with the shadows of shoegaze, so I’m fortunate that No Museums have put up their brand new album, The Malcontents for you to stream in its entirety. It’s a pretty stripped down affair, but there’s these little experimental elements that push the songs over the edge.  I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of the best albums no one hears, so I’m encouraging you to grab it HERE (feel free to throw the band some dollars, Canadian ones).

Fresh Tune from Jeremy Jay

jeremy-jayI’m always one to rave about Jeremy Jay, and the more music he leaks out from his new projects, the more impressed I am with his growth as a songwriter.  There’s a really crisp quality about his vocal recordings on this new single; it’s something that wasn’t as present on his earliest work, though it’s much appreciated.  You’ll find that the song is this really careful little piece based around minimal guitar and piano lines, providing an intimacy to your listening experience that pulls you into the track emotionally. This single will be featured on Jeremy’s upcoming record, with more details on that boat to follow soon.

This Eskimeaux Tune is a Grower

ddwThe first few times I ran through this Eskimeaux track, I struggled a bit.  The opening to the tune is soft, almost too casual in its delivery.  Then I jumped forward, getting right to the rocking part of the track.  Sure, it’s not the most legit way to go about it, but it put the whole song in perspective, which eventually won me over.  You’ll especially want to wait until just after the 3 minute mark, where there’s a brief, yet explosive burst of musical joy.  This is just another sign of things looking up for the band as they prep the release of OK via Double Double Whammy on May 12th.

ATX Spotlight (?): Warm Soda Ready New LP

warmNot quite sure if we can claim Warm Soda as one of our own, despite the band living in Austin, but seeing as we’ve always loved the band, I think we’ll take em.  They’re readying their 3rd LP, and it seems that Mr. Melton is slowing things down, perfecting his blend of power-pop for the masses.  He’s still got that warm fade on his vocals, the guitar lines are there, but it’s a calmer approach that’s most notable (I still love it).  Look for the band’s new LP, Symbolic Dream, to hit stores on May 4th via Castle Face Records.

Bright Indiepop from Azure Blue

Azure-BlueIt’s not been too long since we last heard from Azure Blue, but I welcome their return nonetheless.  The groove in their latest single has this vibe that seems like it was ready for college dance floors in the late 80s/early 90s.  Still, the echoed wash that coats the vocals provides a different view, turning the song from a dance tune into a powerful bit of dreamy indiepop.  You’ll even hear the song explore some darker EDM territory as it nears its close; I’m definitely glad I’ve got this song to jam to today. Look for Beneath the Hill I Smell the Sea to hit later this year via Fika Recordings.

New Music from Panther Ray

prayPop centric sounds are being spun all around the Internets nowadays, but I really like what the folks in Panther Ray are offering up today.  They’ve got a brand new single that vaguely resembles the enthusiasm of early Pains of Being Pure at Heart, though they’re relying less on classic indiepop tropes and more on the guitar-infused alternative stylings.  The track has just enough noise to blow out your speakers, but comes home to roost with the cool quality of the vocals.  You’ll be able to hear their new album, Ripple, on April 24th via Forged Artifacts.

Another Fine Piece from Marie Davidson

maryLooking back, or listening back, at the buzz from SXSW, several of our friends consistently through Marie Davidson at us, hoping we could get a chance to check her out.  After spending quite a bit of time with her new album, Un Autre Voyage, I can definitely get behind the hype, so it’s only fair that I share her latest single.  While constructed largely as an unraveling electronic piece, her spoken vocals add an extra layer that makes the song impactful.  Don’t look for her to hit you over the head with throbbing beats, but rather let her guide you through the caverns of her work.  Holodeck Records releases the new album on April 14th.

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