New Split from Joyce Manor and Toys That Kill

borsSome bands just get a bad rap, and you know what, shame on me.  I always lumped Joyce Manor, and Toys That Kill for that matter, in that late-wave emo punk genre.  I was a second wave emo kid, so I really just discarded it by and large, but I just got in their new split for Recess Records, and these are just some really good rocking tunes.  Honestly, I don’t even know if I’d got so far as to call them punk rock; the TTK tune almost sounds like a bar band approach to the garage stylings of Jay Reatard.  Enough about me and my half-ass assumptions; stream these two jams.

The Delphines Now Named No/No + New EP

dragEarlier this year I wrote about a discovery that really excited me, the Delphines.  Sadly, that group is no more; they had some line-up changes, namely in the vocal/lyricist department. Now the group, with new member Cat Ries are going by No/No, but the music they’re crafting is every bit as exciting as the old act, if not more so.  You’ll still hear indiepop tropes, though it seems to be spun in a darker manner, which adds another layer that should quickly gain the group a nice following. Help the band out by donating some funds when you grab the Drag EP from them on HERE.

Playful Pop from Seagulls

gullsThere’s a certain little genre that perfectly wraps hints of garage and surf rock, spins them in a washer with traditional pop structures, and spits out great tunes.  It’s the sort of music that made me love our boys Shivery Shakes, but now I’d like you to take a nice listen to Seagulls. The band have been hard at work in a remote cabin, trying to make sure their debut is perfect.  If you listen to this track, you’re bound to think, like me, that the group is onto something special,which should make for a great listen when Great Pine is released on February 3rd via Yellow K Records.

Here’s Another MOURN Single

mornYoung Spanish act MOURN burst into our world of awareness a few weeks ago when it was announced that the youngsters had just signed onto Captured Tracks.  Now we get another glimpse at the hot commodity coming from our Iberian friends.  You’ll hear a little quiver in the vocals, which reminds me of Screaming Females, though I think there’s a bounce and twang to the rest of the group that allows the band to stand on their own two legs. It definitely amazes me how a group so young can make tunes so accessible and in the now at such a young age.  You can grab MOURN next year in February.



Listen to the New Cassingle from Michael Rault

mrTuesday’s always bring new music to our inbox, and one the songs I immediately latched onto was this tune from Michael Rault.  There’s two tracks below for you to jam to, both offering a nice bit of subdued glamour pop.  You can hear hints of Ty Segall inspired songwriting in what Rault and his band have completed, though it’s spun in an entirely different direction, focusing more on the perfect arrangement of pop structures. This single is a release sponsored by Burger Records in anticipation of a full length to come your way in 2015.

Enchanting Number from SPELLES

spellsI’ve grown into my appreciation for female-fronted acts over the last few years.  It’s not to say that I didn’t appreciate it early on; I just have focused more on the sound of the voice as an instrument.  That’s opened me up to acts like Chelsea Wolfe and Sharon Van Etten…and SPELLES seem to be onto the same track, though there’s a darkness to the musical world being crafted by Kathryn Baar.  There’s really light instrumentation added to back up Baar, which is mostly piano; it makes for a brooding tune that builds slowly.  This single is available now.

Rejoice in New Sonny & the Sunsets

sonnyThis is one of those pieces that really excites me.  I love the work of Sonny Smith, so I’m excited to hear that he’s got new tunes coming our way; I was beginning to think it had been awhile.  But, that being said, he seems to be taking a step in a slightly new direction here.  Now, it’s not that I don’t really love this track, because I do, but if you’ve listened to his latest releases with Sonny & the Sunsets, there seems to be more of a group effort in the song’s construction, which casts a wider net on Smith’s spin of pop music.  The rest of the band seems more involved, and I think that’s going to set things up for quite a listen when Talent Night at the Ashram is released via Polyvinyl on February 17th. This number also got some nice video treatment you can follow HERE.

Enjoy The Chemistry Experiment

chemNo. We’re not talking about work in a lab, we’re talking about the UK band, The Chemistry Experiment,  who are prepping the release of their second album with this brand new single. As of now, it’s titled Gongs Played by Voice, which gives way to the band’s broader touches on the pop spectrum.  There’s a careful quiet to this track that I’ve found really entrancing today, which is why I wanted to share it with you.  Those of you with a light touch of folk on the mind will likely find the ornate touches here quite special.  Look for the group’s new LP via Fortuna Pop in January.

Another Track from Legendary Wings

wingsTotally bummed. Really wanted to pick up the new Legendary Wings LP at the local shop this week, but production has been delayed.  But, at least the dudes at Dirtnap Records have opted to toss out another track that’ll get you pumped for the eventual release of Do You See.  It’s a blistering tune with a devil-may-care attitude, with the track bounding through with an emphatic bit of energy.  Beneath the grit is some nice pop-sensibility, making the song, and the future album, worth every bit of excitement it deserves. The album should be available shortly, but until then, blame Jack White.

Stream Beautiful Pop from Bigott

biggottI’ll be the first to say that I’m not really sure about the selection of the name, but to each their own.  What I am excited about is this entire LP from Bigott; it’s that special sort of pop music that really brings you into your own world during your listening experience. Pavement Tree is just that magical of a trek though the musical landscape of this Spanish band; I’ve found it hard to find a bad song on this release.  Just allow yourself some time today to take a complete listen; you’ll be thanking me by the end of it all.



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