Another Rocker from GRMLN

gremlinsGRMLN continue to grace these pages with their impressive tunes. They jump right in with distorted guitars and a rolling drum beat, pushing forth with speed into a power-pop realm, punked up.  If the whole new album sounds like this, it’s likely to gain lots of tractions.  The songs we’ve been presented, along with this one, have a catchy sensation, though the guitars help those who are looking to keep it real on their toes.  This isn’t your emo brother’s GRMLN; they’re hear to rock a little bit harder. Look for Soon Away on September 16th  via the folks over at Carpark Records.

Another Track from Purling Hiss

pearlsPress. Play. Screech. Off into the wandering guitar solo that opens the song, met by another progression underneath it that slowly unwraps the song’s melody.  Enter vocals.  They’re laying somewhere in between the realms of T. Moore and J. Mascis, though that’s owed more to their delivery; they do have their own little touch that’s noticeable before the song’s return to instrumentation.  Listening back to a song like this, I wonder why there’s not a larger buzz for Purling Hiss.  Their album Weirdon will be released on September 23rd, and I’ll be one of those picking it up that very day.

Austin Spotlight: Brand New Grape St. Track!!!

10606255_811918515519334_6116597443649835805_nAs you know, we’ve long been supporters of Grape St., the band fronted by Curtis O’Mara of Harlem.  We love them so much we put out their first LP, A Date With You.  But, like all good things, they must come to an end, which is why the band is moving up to release their next LP with the folks over at Burger Records.  If you’ve watched the band live, you’ve probably heard “Wallpaper;” it’s been a huge staple in their live sets.  They’re going to be taking that live set to the West Coast in a few weeks, bringing with them a tour only cassette with the below tune; it’ll also be featured on their next LP, which is slated for a release later in the year.  Come on, this tune’s just so good. Jam it loud.

Smoky Track from She Keeps Bees

beeskneesI’ve written previously about my minor infatuation with She Keeps Bees, the duo currently residing in Brooklyn. They’re crafting this really minimal pop music, using light instrumental touches built to accentuate the vocals of Jessica Larrabee.  On their most recent single, “Radiance,” her performance has this classical smokiness to it; it feels like it belongs in another era entirely, yet somehow the music still comes off as relevant in the current landscape. Future Gods Records will be releasing the group’s album, Eight Houses, on September 16th, so stay tuned if you like what you’re hearing.

Quirky Pop from Green Gerry

greenjellyThere’s been a rise in oddball pop bands coming out in the last year or so, or at least being brought further into the foray.  I’ve grown quite obsessed, as I deem most of these acts as rather important, especially after listening to this new tune from Green Gerry.  There’s a quality of California nostalgia here, which makes sense as that’s the current residence of the group, but I love the way the guitar seems to work against the grain of the track, though clearly it also works in unison; it gives the song a swagger that definitely endears itself to me. Who knows what’s coming next for the act, but for now, I’m enjoying what’s coming my way.

Sorry I Missed This: New Neighborhood Brats

bratmobileMy first experience with Neighborhood Brats was that one-off 7″ they did with Dirtnap Records last year, so it’s been a short wee bit since I’ve heard from the group.  But, I just got their new album in the mail, so I’m bummed I must have missed this driving new tune.  It’s a pretty straight shooting number; there’s not any frills, just pure substance. The lyrics offer up a “fuck the kids, fuck the new,” giving us a glimpse at that bratty attitude from which the group derives their name.  You can catch their new LP on September 29th by way of Deranged Records; it’s titled Recovery.

More New Tunes from The History of Apple Pie

pecanisbetterThere’s just something about this band that exudes good times.  Earlier in the month I tossed out “Tame,” the first single from the new History of Apple Pie record, but this new one kicks off with even more of a shake to it.  There’s a shimmy for listeners, induced by the progression of the chords, while singer Samantha Min coos gently in your ears.  But, there’s a nice explosion of pop when you get to the chorus, which is a nice little touch I wasn’t expecting on this track.  I feel like you can also hear them channeling Lush a bit, but I guess we’ll all know better when we pick up their new LP, Feel Something, which is out on September 29th via Marshall Teller (no relation to Jacks Teller).

Austin Spotlight: Alex Napping Get Playful

AlexNapping_VineetGordhandas-1This is the version of Austin’s Alex Napping that I like the most.  There’s still depth to the craftsmanship of the track, and the vocals are, as always, performed well.  But, my love for this number comes from the guitar tones; they’re light-hearted in their angular movement.  The rolling drums that fade out with the vocal after the 3 minute mark are also a nice touch…it’s definitely a strong way to finish off the tune.  You can grab their record This Is Not a Bedroom from our friends over at Punctum Records on September 23rd.

I’m Stuck on School

swedefishschoolSure. I went back to teaching this week, so technically, yes, I’m stuck on school.  But for this purpose, I’m talking about the delightful Swedish quartet, School (not to be confused with the School).  There’s just something super enchanting about the bounce kicked off by the snare work in conjunction with those surf-style guitar licks; or, maybe I’m also stuck on singer Alice’s wonderful voice.  Regardless, this is a band I’m rather excited about at the moment, which probably isn’t that great a feat considering I’m a sucker for a nice melody.  You can also check a cool little performance video the band tossed out for this single HERE.

Crunchy Tune from Prince Rupert’s Drops

purpleraindropsThe last time we heard from Prince Rupert’s Drops the band were dropping in with some classical spins on modern psychedelia.  But, it seems as if they’ve taken those tendencies and moved in a more rock specific direction.  Don’t be alarmed, there’s still a great bit of fuzz spinning out of your speakers, including a nice blistering solo.  That being said, the group opens the track in a manner that might possibly lend itself towards a greater accessibility.  Personally, I dig the delivery of the vocals; it’s almost playful within the grand sphere of the track.  Look for their second LP, Climbing Light, via Beyond Beyond is Beyond on November 11th.

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