Fresh Aussie Pop from Crepes

creepsSome point last year, I got word of this rad little act growing in popularity in Australia: Crepes.  I wrote about them then, and I’ve just gotten word of a new single that’s going to delight all our listeners. “Stages of Fear” offers a bit of that traditional Aussie sound, but I think they definitely added a punch; the drums are harder and the energy has a bit more energy in the way the track glides along cooly.  This tune will be found on the band’s soon to be released debut EP; I’ll provide more details as those come my way.



Please Chill in the Cloud

zenThis week has been really trying, for no real reason, so I need something to “call me down,” which is oddly mentioned in the first minute of this new Cloud single.  Imagine Animal Collective actually working to create some real music, something that’s less laptop-laden.  There is a loop, and that’s definitely got my head spinning; is that the Harp you hear when you go to Heaven?  But, I’m not sure how the live set would look, as the band is primarily the work of Tyler Taormina…so maybe more loops than I wanted.  Anyways, he’s got me hooked with this single, and its part of his album, Zen Summer, which comes out via Paper Trail Records.

Get On Board the Jacco Gardner Train

jackoI’m pretty sure I’ve implored you get behind the music of Jacco Gardner already, but in case you haven’t jumped aboard this train, take a listen to his newest tune below.  There’s hints of psychedelia, but I like the light-hearted soulfulness that comes from his vocal display.  The guitar continues in the track, taking on a fuzzier note as a high vocal jumps from the distance for accentuation.  This should be enough info to get you excited for his new album, Hypnophobia, which is slated for a May 5th release via Polyvinyl.

Dreamy Pop from Beach Baby

beachbaby-SONG_ARTThis tune flew into my inbox yesterday and definitely added a dosage of chilling out that I greatly needed.  It’s the work of Beach Baby, a recently new arrival on the UK scene.  Their music lives somewhere in that spectrum between bedroom dream pop and indiepop goodness; there are soft vocals in a relaxed presentation.  That being said, I definitely see some room for the band to unleash a bit of live fury, should they choose to do so.  Look for their single to get more love as the band moves forward, with the single slated for a March release date.

Gateway Drugs Are On My SXSW Radar

gatesI’ve been neglecting my SXSW homework as of late, but as the RSVPs roll in, I reckon it’s time to really dig into the goods, right? Lately I’ve been jamming to Gateway Drugs, the LA act who are set to tour with Swervedriver.  That alone would be enough to warrant my attention, but the group has grabbed my attention with their sludgy smooth style.  There’s a sultry element via the established mood; it lurks behind the darkness that’s embedded in the tune and enforced by Liv’s vocals.  This is their latest single, just released, which is prepping you for their visit, as well as their new album, Magick Spells via Cobraside on March 3rd.

Super Excited About Legs

psgBrian Gray is on a work field trip, so he’s asked me to look into his IT world.  And honestly, I thought that Legs was the Cali band who released Pass the Ringo.  But, this is a club hit waiting to happen, though it’s one of those where you can respect the smooth R&B approach because you can tell the band are pulling it all off with actual instruments. It’s got an inherent energy, and those of you who are willing to let go of your pretensions will find yourself sliding across the floor with an extra hop in your step. Look for their album, Altitud, to come your way soon.

ATX Spotlight: Lowin Kick Out Another Jam

LowinWe gotta support the ATX this time of year, and what better way to do it than tossing out this new tune from Lowin.  On their latest tune, there’s really two sides to offer up, both equally engaging for audiences.  Sara Houser builds a driving rhythm with the rest of the band, her voice just below a powerful wail.  Carry on beyond the 2.5 minute mark and you’ll see the band switch things, offering up a more swollen version of indie rock, building with chords that wait to crash down on the listener. It’s just another reason to keep an eye out for their Royal Jelly EP, which hits on April 7th.

Melancholy Storytelling from Tom Brosseau

tommyboyI can’t say that I’ve been too familiar with Tom Brosseau up until this point, but after listening to a great deal of his new work, I think I’m going to join in with the applause.  He’s got a classic style to songwriting; it’s one that puts him next to old work of Kelley Stoltz and M. Ward.  There’s a transparency in his narratives, but there’s also a sound that I recall hearing around my house as a young kid….later in my smoke-filled one-bedroom apartment.  His new effort Perfect Abandon will find it’s way into the traditional American cannon when it’s released on March 3rd via Crossbill Records.

Can Metz Live Up to the Hype

metzHonestly, Metz was a hot commodity a few years back, and I feel like their resurgence is perfectly timed.  I’m weaning myself off (a little) from the mild folky tunes of Winter doldrums, and looking forward to getting my rock on, so this is fitting.  Musically, the band’s as dangerous as they’ve been before, though there’s a bit of a change in the vocals that’s slightly new.  To me, this track feels like a post-hardcore blast of rock, which is perfectly fine, but I’m interested to see what the rest of Metz II sounds like; it’s being released by Sub Pop on May 5th…and for the record, I’m buying into the hype.

ATX Spotlight: Decisions Decions Are Ready to Rock

228747_1088522405580_3663907_nDisclaimer.  I’m friends with Stuart from Decisions Decisions. Disclaimer. Stuart was also in the Rise, who I think any old-school Austin music fans fawned over.  His new band has that same tenacity, living somewhere between the realm of post-punk and hardcore. The vocals border on angsty scream, though they have a bit more control, allowing the actual lyrics to shine through the track.  The band have just uploaded 8 new songs to their Bandcamp page…and they’re worthy of your time, if rocking out real loud is your style.  Check it…and I’ll keep you posted on upcoming shows.

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