Orange Cassettes Go Back to 2002

oranjeOkay, so maybe they don’t go all the way back there, but seeing as the members of Orange Cassettes are from Elefant and Radio 4, that seems like a solid time for the bands to really be making a wave.  But, with that out there, the duo has comprised some music that moves forward while still wearing the patches of the not so distant past. The tune below is definitely begging to get a nice club remix, though I miss the brash quality that Radio 4 seemed to bring to the table.  The single is being released digitally by Ring the Alarm, which is calling all parities to action…seems like that action here is to just shake it.

Here’s A New Black Watch Tune

bwatch-320x320You know what’s going to make your day a little bit better? You’re going to have to listen to this new track from The Black Watch in order to make that happen.  The band are prepping the release of their new LP, Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy; it’s just a year after the most excellent The End of When (you better have that LP!). Listening to this first single, there’s a hint of Bobby Pollard in it, though I still love the crisp twang of the guitar that’s in the background.  Pop Culture Press will be releasing the album in late January, but I’ll remind you closer to that date, as this is sure to be another successful long player from the group.

Jack Name Readies New LP

jackieboyJack Name has worked with a lot of your favorite heroes, and in doing so, he’s built a following all his own.  His music’s something of an outlier, at least upon the first listen to his new song.  There’s a synthesized beat that serves as the backbone, while the darkness of his vocals is so enchanting that I can’t pull myself away from it.  He’s also got the approval of John Dwyer, who he’ll be touring with (including this week’s Austin date at Hotel Vegas); Dwyer  will also be releasing Jack’s Weird Moons LP on his Castle Face imprint in January of next year.

Stream the New EP from People/Talk

peepsStreaming albums is the perfect way for you to sample something you might not have heard, give it a once over, and make an educated consumer choice.  Thus, I’m bringing you this new EP from People/Talk.  The UK act originally began as So Sexual, but changed their name, possibly due to it’s overt Faint reference.  This new EP shows them developing their new wave sound further, pushing into larger pop territory.  Of course, this band might not have made it overseas if it weren’t for the hard work of the people at Bleeding Gold, who have released this EP on CD for your pleasure. Listen, enjoy, buy. Done.

The Coathangers Ready New 7″

squeezerIf you haven’t read these pages since February, you might not be aware of how much I love the work of The Coathangers in 2014…not that the love wasn’t there beforehand, but it’s pretty strong this year after the release of their album Suck My Shirt.  The three ladies have readied a brand new 7″ for Suicide Squeeze where they’ll be covering “Sex Beat” by The Gun Club.  It’s just another example of their ability to add a gritty catchiness to anything they touch.  You’ll also be able to hear a song from These Arms are Snakes, who are splitting the 7″ with the band; it hits stores on December 2nd.

Happy Psych Pop from Acid Baby Jesus

acidYeah, the name Acid Baby Jesus is a bit ridiculous, but what would you really get if you found a baby jesus while on acid, or even a baby jesus on acid?  Methinks that the music that band’s crafting at the moment is precisely what you’d get; it’s a bit psychedelic, especially with the organ grinding in the background, though there’s still an entirely joyous experience in what they’re creating.  A slew of songs have leaked out in advance of the group’s Selected Recordings, and they all sound as special as the number below.  Look for the release on November 18th via Slovenly Recordings.

Another Jam from Nots

knotThe ladies in Nots are quickly making a name for themselves, delivering their own brand of brash post-rock.  There’s a hint of riot-gurl vocal delivery, though it’s more in line with some of the older brands of punk rock, as the entire group joins in the fun.  However, these four show a great bit of control in their writing, which demonstrates that there LP, We Are Nots, could be something quite enjoyable; they hold steady whereas other acts might just let the music and singing flail out of control. Look for the album on November 11th via Goner Records.

Jim Jarmusch Runs SQURL

jimCan’t really say I’m a huge Jim Jarmusch film fan, but the music he’s crafting with his buddies under the SQURL moniker is rather interesting.  The band’s latest single is this slow trudging bit of obscured folk music, with a basic ballad lurking behind a wall of distorted mess.  It actually makes for quite an extraordinary listen, though I can see the echoing effects of Jesus and Mary Chain fandom here, as I’m sure you will too.  Still, it’s always interesting to see folks step out of their known day jobs into another realm.  Look for the group’s EP #3 on November 18th via ATP.

Electro Pop Goodness from Hey Elbow

heyYou’ve got to kick things off on a Monday with a little bit of energy, so it seems like this tune from Hey Elbow is as decent a place to start as any.  It’s got a driving rhythm that pushes the song forwards, while the vocals seem to resonate with the Beach House crowd…not that we mind here at ATH.  The Swedish trio is said to go all over the map on their debut album, which will see a release from Adrian Recordings in early 2015; I’ll keep you posted on that, but for now, have a happy Monday folks.

Get Your Gritty Lo-Fi Jam On with Disgusting People

disgustingDisgusting People are a group from Sydney, Australia who specialize in college style minimalist extra lo-fi rock and roll. They’ve got a rad purple cassette tape for sale over on their Bandcamp page along with the chance to download the whole album digitally too if you don’t want to kick it old school. Have a listen to the track “2×4” below and get a good taste of what you should be listening to.

Disgusting People by Disgusting People

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