New Music from Dead Horse One

deadhorseDiscovering a song that’s inexplicably moving is always a joy, especially when it comes offering a different view at music than what one typically gets during their day. I’ve been loving this tune from France’s Dead Horse One, who’ve just completed the finishing touches on their new album Without Love We Perish, which was recorded by Mark Gardener of Ride.  This opening tracks is a sprawling number that slowly builds, waiting for the softly spoken vocals to move in beneath the mix.  I’m sorry, but you’ve gotta listen to this song on repeat at least four or five times.

Another Ditty from Bry Webb

bryFor those of you that followed around Bry Webb and his old band, The Constantines, then perhaps you, like me, were in love with his voice.  It’s one of the most attractive things about his music, though his recent solo work displays a bit of a troubadour magic to boot.  This new single from his upcoming record has a bit more of a folk-y front to it, almost to the fact that it would be absolutely such if it weren’t for some of the nuanced touches he adds in.  On May 20th you’ll get to hear his new album, Free Will, which comes out via Idee Fixe Records.

Spastic Rocker from Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

edThe name’s a mouthful, but the track’s a gem for sure.  Baltimore’s Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is a two piece group who are offering up a listen to the lead single off of their forthcoming record, Party Jail. It’s a quick paced song with little more than a stomping drum beat and a shaky guitar line.  No matter how many times I press play, I can’t stop tapping my toes and bobbing my head; it’s great how much melodic noise can come via two dudes.  You’ll be able to get your hands on their new LP courtesy of Infinity Cat Recordings on May 20th.

Austin Spotlight: Another OBN IIIs Hit

obnIt was only a matter of time before OBN IIIs really started to make waves everywhere.  They’ve long been one of our favorite acts, and they’ve definitely earned loyal fans on their countless tours; it’s about time the band got some love from the press that lauds all their imitators.  Orville’s performance on this new jam is pretty spot on, and those feuding guitar parts are just ridiculous.  Just as we expected, the song captures their live energy, and shows just what a force they can be when recorded. Their new record, Third Time to Harm, will be out on May 11th via Tic Tac Totally. 

Another New Track from Dylan Shearer

dylan-shearerI’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the Dylan Shearer record for the last few weeks, and it’s one of those records that’s going to be hounded by everyone when it’s released.  Shearer has this soft vocal delivery that begs for the attentive ears of listeners, yet the construction of his songs match that in their ornate quality.  Those of you looking to indulge your quiet listening experience will surely fawn over every second of recorded music within the listen.  Garagearray will be released as a co-release by Empty Cellar and Castleface, two very reputable labels.  Be prepared for the wonderment herein.



Austin Spotlight: Whalers Release New Album

whalersWe’ve written about Whalers many a times on these here pages, and we’re excited to let you know that the band has quietly released their new album, Submarine Sun.  The group has previously released singles “Battleships” and “Bon Viviant,” but I wanted to share with you one of my favorite tracks from the recent release. On this tune, you see the band work on expanding their sound, opening the song with a soft vocal layer over some precision drumming and a pulsing beat. As the song moves forward, the tune opens up even more, with accented guitar pieces and an emphatic vocal performance.  Definitely spend some of your time today listening through all the tracks; you’ll regret it if you don’t.



The Steinbecks Ready New Album

CD69The welcome return of Matinee Recordings in 2014 comes with the announcement that has me pretty excited over here; the label will be releasing a full-length album from The Steinbecks…the band that features the Meadows brothers of Sugargliders fame.  Kick to Kick with The Steinbecks is the name of the album, filled with jangling  goodness that is likely to make any indiepop fan swoon.  There’s a solid little bit of bounce on the track below, while the vocals seem to take on the notion of longing for personal change, adding a serious touch to an otherwise peppy song.  You’ll be able to get the record on April 22nd everywhere, but it’s available exclusively from the label HERE.




Danceable Pop from Tropic of Pisces

tropicI think we’ve pretty much uploaded all the tracks from the Topic of Pisces Symmetry EP, but there’s one final installment to get you grooving towards your weeknd.  For me, this song is my favorite off the former Oberhoffer member’s new mini-album; it almost opens with that same groove as “Get Lucky.”  Say what you want, but we all occasionally feel the need to dance, and as summertime rolls around, lets hope there are plenty of spots you can throw down with your friends. The EP will be out on May 13th via Ooh La La Records.

Pop Rocker from White Reaper

whiteyIt looks like Polyvinyl is trying to corner the market on upbeat pop music, especially now that they’ve agreed to release the new EP from White Reaper.  The band seemingly operate at a furious rock pace, but there’s still these elements of hooks via the electronic touches and then the final breakdown of the song, illustrating that the band’s more than just a one-trick-pony.  It’s the perfect track to get your energy up as you near the end of your work day, or any day for that matter.  Their EP will be released on June 24th, so stay tuned.

The Library Is On Fire Offer Steady Post-Rock

libraryI’ve been spending a lot of time today listening to this new release from The Library Is On Fire, and I’ll be honest, I don’t quite know what to say to make you realize what an enjoyable record it is.  There are parts of the album that are a little bit heavier and faster paced, but on the single below, the band seem to really work around this steady speed; it’s almost too slow, but not quite.  There’s a lot of different flavors to be had throughout the listen, so you should look forward to hearing the entirety of Halcyon and Surrounding Areas when its digitally released next week.

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