New Track from Nude Beach

Now, this is a band I’m definitely going to get behind!  Nude Beach is from NY, and you can see some lineage to old school NY.  The group’s got this swagger and this street-smart sound…and there’s a hint of garage pop to boot.  They’ve recently signed on to Other Music Recording Co, who will help put out the group’s newest record, II, on August 14th this year.  It’s a track that should have pretty much all music fans salivating, using bits of modern indie rock fused with a classic street sound.  I’m going to love this record, and I bet you will too.



Fuzzy New Single from Terry Malts

There’s been lots of great records this year, but one that’s going to be in my top five for sure come the end of the year is Killing Time from Terry Malts.  But, not a band to rest on their laurels, the group already has a new single ready to go on Log Lady Records.  It’s going to be a split affair with Dead Angle, and it demonstrates the continuous power of a Malts release. If you jam to the stream below you’ll find those fuzzy guitars and solid percussive moments that have come to define the group’s sound.  You can pick up this jam on June 12th, so keep your eyes open!



More New Jams from Suckers

You know we’re supporters of Suckers, so we’re happy to offer up a nice stream of the band’s second single from their upcoming record, Candy Salad.  Said record, the group’s second, will be out on April 24th on Frenchkiss Records, and you can expect a little bit of a different sound this time.  The group seems a lot more focused in the recording of this effort, offering up a tightened sound this go around.  It does lose a little bit of the magic from their debut, yet you’ll definitely find plenty to fall for on this effort, such as the band’s favorite accompaniment–a nice heartfelt whistle.



Scottish Rocker from Holy Esque

Up until now, everything coming out of Glasgow, at least in my mind, has come across with this calm beauty to it, that is until I ran into this new tune from Holy Esque.  Singer Pat Hynes has this stuttering vocal delivery that gives off a weird sort of tension, as if the group’s about to explode.  I don’t know really how else to go into detail, as Hynes has the standout performance on this track.  You can find this number, as well as others when the band releases their Holy Esque EP on April 23rd…should be more than just your run of the mill Scottish rock.



New Music from Parlovr

Last year we brought you lots of news about Parlovr, one of Montreal’s hottest act.  It looks like 2012 is going to give us more of the same; the band is set to release another album, Kook Soul, on Dine Alone Records on May 15th of this year.  What I like about our first listen to the new music is the lack of immediacy in the following song.  It’s not hitting you over the head, but instead, the band builds their sound slowly, erupting from time to time with spirited pop moments.  It’s a slight change in direction, but one you’ll surely love if you just take the time to stream the track below.



Great New Track from The Wedding Present

As a music nerd, I’ll admit that my musical favorites always change. You know, the old Top 5 question, well, I change mine, but one constant that I swear will never go away is The Wedding Present and David Gedge.  His lyrical prowess always fascinates me, and I can’t say enough about his guitar playing.  We’re fortunate enough to offer up a nice stream of a new Wedding Present track from their upcoming album Valentina, which will hit stores in the US on March 20th.  One listen to this track and you’ll probably have to go check out the other 7 albums the band’s put out (not to mention Cinerama). They’ll also be playing SXSW this year, so be on the lookout. Going to be a great year for these guys–hope they bring vinyl.



New Track from The Golden Awesome

New Zealand’s The Golden Awesome aren’t necessarily what you’d associate with the typical Oceanic fare, but that’s a good thing. They’ll be releasing their album, Autumn, via M’Ladys Records on November 15th, and it’s shaping up to be a darkly tinged bit of poppy noise rock.  If you stream the single below, you’ll be met with walls of guitar noise drenched in warm female vocals.  Clearly there’s an element of pop one can’t escape in NZ, but there’s more than enough darkness lurking in the songwriting of this group.  Stream the jam below for a taste of great things to come.


New 7″ from Circle Pit

You know what you should have done yesterday?  You should have gone to your nearest record store and picked up this brand new 7″ from Australia’s Circle Pit, a band that’s been on our radar for some time.  The 7″ Slave/Honey was just released by our friends at Hardly Art, and it’s definitely one of my favorite short listens so far this year.  Luckily, you can sample the entire 7″ by going HERE. If you find yourself enjoying this droned pop music then go get yourself a copy; it will be worth your time.

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