Primitive Calculators Announce First Ever Studio Album

artworks-000058441990-g0deq8-t500x500Some bands are destined to disappear into the annals of history, while others will find that their style has influenced many other, or at least left a long-lasting impact.  Such is the situation for Primitive Calculators, the Aussie act that disappeared in 1980 until Nick Cave asked them to play his own curated ATP.  Luckily for those in search of industrial synth, the band have opted to release their fist studio album with our friends Chapter Music.  If you’re looking for an album title that represent the sentiment behind the music, then look no further than The World is Fucked.  It will see a release on November 1st, offering up discordant synth noise for you to absorb.

The History of Apple Pie Return

historyWhen you’ve got it, you’ve got it, as evidenced by the recent works of The History of Apple Pie.  After releasing an album earlier this year, the group is already back with a brand new single that will be released via 7″.  I love the feel of the track itself, harkening back the sensual days of alternative girl groups in the 90s.  Sure, the music isn’t quite as forceful as some of those acts, but there’s this quality in the vocals that will surely make it appealing to all those that found their musical way in the post grunge era. The single will be available on October 14th.

Rock N’ Roller from The Gooch Palms

goochI first caught wind of The Gooch Palms last year when they released a nice little EP, but this new single is just so damn good you wouldn’t want to miss rocking this out really loud.  It’s a simple formula, seemingly, with just guitar and drums and male/female vocal interplay.  But, very few bands really pull this off to a degree where you’re coming back begging for more, unless it’s incredible; this song is one such incredible track.  This track comes off the group’s NOVOS LP, which will be released by Anti-Fade on October 4th.  I don’t even have to listen to the rest of the record because this song alone makes it worthy of one of my album’s of the year.

New Music from Zula

ZulaPress2013a_121054It’s pouring rain down here in Austin, so I feel like we need something to brighten up our days a bit, or at least give us some spirit.  This tune from Zula is really working for me, as it really shows a more ecclectic version of your modern indie pop.  I sort of hear bits of all the bands everyone loves, but none stands out, allowing the group to stake claim to their own sound. They’ll be releasing This Is Hopeful, their debut, on October 29th via Inflated Records.

New Single from The Ancients

LLB_8171MID.2If you want to vote for International Label of the Year, on the small scale, then you’ll probably be looking right at Chapter Music; the Australian folks have pumped out great band after great band in 2013, and they don’t aim to stop with the release of the next LP from The Ancients.  Their third album, Night Bus, will be released by the label on October 18th. If you need something that holds the warmth of creativity, yet still appeals to your search for catchy hooks, then you needn’t go any further than this single. Personally, I’m feeling drawn to the fuzzy sound of the guitars throughout, though the vocals are quite pleasant too.  Give it a whirl.

Playful Pop from Graham Colton

grahamThis new single from Graham Colton was just released, and it has me looking forward to the release of his next album, Lonely Ones; he’ll be self-releasing the record on January 21st of next year.  Beginning with a really elegant piece of pop, it does have a breakdown on the latter half of the track that flirts with a more cacophonous element, though never fully giving in to it.  I think my favorite part definitely works around the airy quality of the vocals that casually enter before the stomping and backing vocals join in the fun.  Should be an interesting outing from Mr. Colton.

Quiet Folk from Scott Orr

scottI spent all my time at Weekend/Disappears last night, so today seems like a day where I should just relax and listen to softer music…not that my ears hurt or anything.  This beauty from Scott Orr has been on my radar for a few weeks, so I figured I’d finally share it with you; it’s not fair to hold out the good tracks from you kind readers.  There’s something in his soft voice and the carefully worked accompaniment of his music that’s made this track an incredible part of my playlist as of late.  You’ll find this song on A Long Life, which comes out next week courtesy of Other Songs Music.

New Jam from Those Darlins

thosedarlinsAs far as I can tell, Those Darlins are going to have another sneaky good record on their hands.  This new single from their upcoming Blur the Line LP still holds onto the group’s affinity for female sexuality, though their music has definitely progressed lately.  There’s more negative space at work here, allowing for the guitars to cut in and out, often swirling loudly into your speakers.  There’s also a bit of subtlety to what their pushing nowadays, which coincides with that polished sound they’ve acquired.  You can get your hands on the new record when it hits on October 1st.

Enjoy Arthur Beatrice

arthurFirst, let’s focus on the fact that Arthur Beatrice isn’t a man, but rather an act from the UK.  Then we can focus on the music, which oddly resembles the beautiful pop that I typically associate with the Dears.  Yes, the vocals might be the reason why I lean that way, with that female vocal backing the soft croon.  Still, the pacing and the function of the track do pay homage to the more expansive brand of indie rock.  The group have just completed their debut record, which should find a release in early 2014.  I’ll keep you posted as we draw near that date.

New Track from ILLLS

illlsIt seems like the hot bed of American music currently has a friend down in Oxford, Mississippi.  The home of acts like Dead Gaze and Dent May can now also claim the ambitious stylings of Steven Ross and ILLLS.  I was hooked the moment that this tune began, even if it had a nod to recent works by Arcade Fire.  But, make no mistake, there’s something creepy and more sinister lurking beneath, which makes its way as the guitars began to grind out.  Pretty sure that Hideout From the Feeders, the group’s upcoming album, will have some enjoyable tunes when it sees release on November 12th via Aloe Music.

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