ATX Saturday Night Spotlight

Austin, I love you.As mentioned yesterday, there’s tons of things about town this weekend, so you should definitely consider yourself lucky.  Sure, there’s no pun-off this weekend, and old Emos has long removed their troth, but plenty of other great places in town will take care of you.   Hit up one of these shows, and enjoy your weekend. Don’t drink and drive. Or bike. That seems dangerous too.  Read more

Army Navy Bring More Great Indiepop

armySome people want their music to have an edge of danger or attitude, but me, I like tracks that sound, well, pretty.  Army Navy are one of those acts who’ve been tossing out these sort of gems since their inception, and their latest single is right up my alley. The California act is set to release their third LP in just a few weeks, and if this doesn’t get you indiepop fans excited, then I’m not quite sure what’s going to do the trick.  There’s crisp guitars, great melodies and overall emotional appeal that generally just makes you feel good about yourself.  Get the feels.

Kick Back with Wax Witches

10407365_876274032399540_1545523233211221811_nIt’s not like Burger Records really needs another band in their stable that’s going to blast out some summery tunes, but it looks like that’s what they’re doing with this new tune from Wax Witches; it’s the project of Alex from Bleeding Knees Club.  There’s a bratty vibrancy to the tune, fueled by amped up guitar work and simple pounding drum work.  If the line “summer’s here/lets have some fun” doesn’t get you amped about the increasing temperatures (or I guess declining since one of these guys is from Australia), then you’ll just need to run to your stereo, pump this up loud, and get yourself in the mood. Centre of Your Universe will be out on September 9th, which is too late for summer time here, but at least we’ll have this jam to rock.

New Tune from PS I Love You

friendsI kind of sort of want to move to Ontario.  Well, not really because I can’t cut it in the cold. But, that being said, this track from Ontario’s PS I Love You is really fitting into my listening rotation.  There’s something oddly pleasing about the vocals…there’s this weird little hiccup in the pronunciation, and it catches just right.  Speaking of catch…those guitars have a nice little hook going on too.  Their new record For Those Who Stay is filled with such bits, with the bands typical penchant for darker melodies present throughout.  Be on the look out for it on July 22nd via Paper Bag Records.



Listen to TOPS

TOPSThis is a case of the blogger who judged a book by its cover and turned out to be an asshole.  The photo I received of TOPS had this brooding 4 piece, two guys/two girls. I expected based on the photo that the band would bring some sort of noisy power pop or some erratic dance ensemble.  But, this track is really something quite special; if you don’t listen to it, you’ll be bummed.  Every note and chord hides this subtle beauty or perhaps a soft bit of innocence; I cannot stop listening to it.  Their album Picture You Now will be out later this year, but you can grab this song on a 7″ from Arbutus.

Quick Rocker from Heeney

heeneyNew York rockers, Heeney, are gearing up to bring you your first full taste of their tunes.  They’ve been putting on blistering shows across NYC with the likes of Titus Andronicus and So So Glos, in case you need a reference point.  I like that the delivery of the vocals fit perfectly into the vibe created by the guitar work; the barking verse near the end adds a bit of intensity.  This jam will end up on the band’s debut, which is scheduled to pop up later on in the year.  No matter the delay, this song will definitely do enough to whet your appetite.

New Music from White Arrows

whitearrowsWhen I first heard the White Arrows a few years back, I wasn’t sure what to make of them.  But, after catching their live set, their album Dry Land is Not a Myth didn’t leave my record player for some time.  They use electronic beats to collide with strong guitar work, which you get here just after the 2.5 minute mark; they then move into an explosion of pop, which is always endearing.  This track below is the opener on In Bardo, their latest effort; it’s said to be a jump in a slightly new direction, and that seems to hold true, as there’s a more subdued element to this tune.  Look for the band on tour this summer, with the record coming out later this year.

New Tune from Hiss Golden Messenger

hissIt’s been a quick turnaround for Hiss Golden Messenger.  After releasing Haw last year, the project is already back with another release, Lateness of Dancers.  This time, the album will be released by Merge Records, and as expected with such a move, there’s a definitive polish to the tracks that have been coming out.  That might irk some longtime fans, but you can’t deny the strength of the tune below; there’s an expressed naturalness to the delivery of the vocals and the traipsing of the guitar work. It’s going to be a special record come this fall, when it sees a release on September 9th.

Haunting Post Rock from White Void

whitevoidSort of woke up in a weird mo0d today, so I’ve been gravitating towards this beast of a tune from White Void.  There’s this real industrialized feeling to it, as if the song was recorded in some abandoned, post-apolcalyptic warehouse.   But, that being said, there’s this swirling of guitars that brings in a lighter emotion, clashing with the sterility that pervades the track.  You can find this tune, and 7 others on the band’s We’re Falling 12″, which has just been released by Posh Isolation.

Austin Spotlight: Little Lo

littleloLittle Lo is sort of a power-group here in Austin; it’s a band made up of musicians from various other groups, but coming together, they’ve crafted the beautiful piece of pop music that’s waiting for you below.  There’s a pulsing rhythm that drives the song, while multiple vocals unite to raise the bar even higher into the realms of dreamy pop.  They’ve been working hard on releasing their new record, Verberation View, so we’ll keep you posted as more details emerge, but for now just rejoice in the quality of the work they’re sharing with us today.

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