Hooked on Step – Panther

stepbrosThis song should be getting  a whole lotta love (sorry about that unintended LZ reference).  It took me a second or two, as the song doesn’t just jump right into things…that’s not a bad thing.  You get a hint at the enjoyment coming your way when the guitar gently says hello from the background, just before permanently noodling its way with hooks galore.  This isn’t the nostalgic 90s guitar pop, but rather the kind that can only seems to come from our Oceanic brethren like Step-Panther.  You’ll be able to listen to the group’s entire Strange But Nice LP on September 19th when it gets a world-wide release. This might just be the surprise hit I’ve been looking for.

Song Premiere: New Tune from Glass Ghost

glassesThe folks in Dirty Projectors and Here We Go Magic have been crafting arty pop music for some time now, and several members of said groups have united again to continue their work as Glass Ghost.  Tomorrow the band will release their album Lyfe on the heralded Western Vinyl, and it’s being met with much anticipation…from us especially.  In this single, you’ll find those arty elements, including little touches of sampling and quality lyrical writing.  There’s creativity in the songwriting that you’re not likely to find in other corners of the indie genre.  Be sure to pick up your copy this week.


Austin Spotlight: Jonly Bonly Unleash New Single

jbIf you did what was right last week, you picked up the excellent Put Together LP from Austin’s Jonly Bonly.  The band, if you haven’t caught wind,  is the project of Jason Smith (formerly of OBN IIIs) and his buddy Stephen Svacina (Sweet Talk).  As always, Jason just kills the guitar licks on this tune; they’ve got an old school rock n’ roll feel while drawing some similarities to modern acts such as Parquet Courts.  This album’s filled with really sharp guitar playing, energy and a cock-sure attitude; you should head over to 12XU Records and pick it up now!

Austin Spotlight: Institute Sign to Sacred Bones

institootSeems like Austin has had a pretty good year, musically speaking.  Bands from all corners are getting a lot of much deserved recognition for their work, and I’m really impressed with this new tune that’s been hopping around by Institute.  The act features members of a lot of local acts you should be familiar with like Wiccans or Glue, though this new entity seems pretty impressive.  They’ve signed on with the great Sacred Bones Records to release their Salt EP, and since I didn’t get around to it earlier, I’m getting you amped now.  The rhythm section owns this song for sure.  Pick up the EP on October 14th.

Guitar Pop from Pity Sex

pityI have a sneaking suspicion that this tune will get a lot of play on my list for the next few weeks.  It’s the perfect sort of guitar pop, using distorted guitars to  wrap the band’s pop sensibility in a gentle blanket of noise.  There’s even a nice balance between male and female counterparts in Pity Sex.  This song features on the group’s new split 7″ which they will be sharing with Adventures; it’s slated for a October 7th release via Run for Cover Records.  It’s a nice jam to wrap up your Friday listening.

Glam Light from Evil Arrows

evolI was looking for something a little bit softer on this Friday for your ears, so I’m lucky this tune from Evil Arrows came through to us.  Of course, it’s not entirely an ode to glam rock; there are touches of psychedelic endeavors here too, though I just love the sound of the guitars. It also doesn’t really seem to fit into any particular sphere of music, which is refreshing in and of itself.  Their new effort, EP 4, will be released on September 30th, and I think there’s definitely a need for you to give it a good solid listen.  See for yourself.

Dream Pop from Another Green World

agwMy mind is all over the place, so it makes sense that my musical tastes today are all over the place.  Right now, I’m feeling the synth dreamscape crafted by Another Green World.  It’d be easy just to throw the music in with an ode to Brian Eno, but there’s more of a wash of distortion that’s reminiscent of the work of every 80s band and those that followed in their shoegazing footsteps.  I like the string emphasis that leaks through my speakers; it’s a nice little touch. Look for his new album, Memorial, to come out on October 12th…you can also visit his site and revisit his older sonic constructions.

Drift Away with Hungry Cloud Darkening

hungrylikeawolfOkay. The afternoon has hit and my stress is subsiding a bit.  I just want to let my mind wander far off into the horizon.  No tune has fit that mood quite as wonderfully as this new song from Hungry Cloud Darkening.  My enjoyment comes from a comment of this softened touch on the song’s musical progression; those sweet vocals don’t hurt me either.  The song also benefits from barely arching over two minutes; it comes in and sweeps you away, then disappears into the distance.  You’ll get this song and a few others on Off Tempo, the band’s new album that’s being released on October 7th.

Itasca Offers Beautiful Folk-Laden Tune

baeFor me, there’s really two sides of the folk story.  Part of me enjoys the emotional pull of the American Anthology, which for me, is more about the musical element and lyricism. But, as the genre has evolved, the power of the voice has taken it’s own step forward into the light.  Yes, I realize it all goes hand in hand, but sometimes with folk music I get drawn to the instrumentation and not the vocals…I digress. This new song from Itasca has me walking a fine line between both.  I really like the vocal quality here, but when the Peter and the Wolf flute stylings are busted out, I melt.  Her new album Unmoored by the Wind will be released by October 14th on New Images.

Sweet Release of the Week: Seatraffic – Beauty in the Night

seaSeptember and October are chock full of releases almost every week, and this week there were some real gems out there.  I picked up the new Jonly Bonly and Avi Buffalo, but was unable to find this Seatraffic LP.  I like the progress the duo has made in their songwriting.  Here you’ll here a pulsing electronic beat that meets the rising vocal melody, while drums roll about in the background.  Beauty in the Night is definitely worth spending some time with, whether that be just today by listening HERE, or by finding yourself a nice copy to play at home. You’ll find that you enjoy things quite a bit, and then the world/week will feel just right.


Download: Seatraffic – Beauty in the Night [MP3]

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