New Music from Arp

arpI’ve been waiting to play this wonderful new track from Arp for you for a couple of weeks. I fell in love with his last album, More, and it seems that with his new EP, he’s got a slew of great new songs for you.  There’s a bit of fuzz bursting from the background on this track, but there’s this plodding pop hook that runs throughout; it’s no wonder he’s signed on to work with Mexican Summer.  While it’s not quite a full-length, the Pulsars e Quasars EP is really going to win a slew of new fans.  I really can’t stop listening to this track.  You can get the EP on September 23rd.



New Single from Sunshine State

sunshineThere are certain styles of music that just make you nostalgic.  Listening to this new single from Sunshine State, I’m transported to the late 90s/early 00s when Jets to Brazil and like-minded acts dominated much of my music rotation.  There’s that same scratchy vocal here in this number, though the path towards pop sensibility is what really reminds threw me back in time.  The group has signed on with No Idea Records to release their newest album Pour; it should be in your favorite local record store on September 23rd.

Fuzzy Rocker from Happy Diving

bigworldWhile we’re all getting our guitar rock on, we tend to forget that the style’s always sort of been there, just waiting for us to get our jam back on.  I feel like the dude’s in Happy Diving were probably always into it, always hoping their friends would hear their songs and get tossed back into the golden age of guitar jams.  Their latest single is full of solos and feedback, yet still it’s all about turning your amps up and having a blast with your friends.  This track will be featured on the band’s new album, Big World, which will be released by Father Daughter Records on October 21st.

Little Cinema Hits the Diving Board

tdubsLong ago there was a great little Austin band named Hollywood Gossip.  For all intents and purposes, they were my favorite local pop band…then they were gone.  Frontman Tyler Womack has relocated to Brooklyn, but he’s still got a knack for writing hook-laden songs…he even still is pushing the path through Austin; Marcus of Shivery Shakes and Dana Falconberry appear on his new single. This first song really reminds me why I fell in love with Womack’s work long ago; he’s got a rather distinctive voice, kept in check by Falconberry here.  It’s nice to see Tyler back as Little Cinema.

Summer Pop from Saint Pepsi

saintsSeems like Saint Pepsi is gearing up to finish off your summer strong, offering up another great pop tune off his new 7″.  This jam trickles in a bit slowly, but then it spins into an upbeat number that deserves some time in your poolside playlist.  There’s a simplicity to this tune, bringing the hook immediately to your ears, rather than making you wait for it; it’s evident throughout the whole track.  You can grab this track at your local record store; it’s the B-side to the Fiona Coyne 7″ that is being released by Carpark Records today!

Sorry I Missed It: New So Cow Single

socoI can’t wait for the new LP from So Cow, so I’m sorry that in my slew of madness I missed the latest single from the Irish act.  It was all over the net last week, illustrating a calmer sign of the band.  While the song’s not rushing through with the band’s typical brash attitude, it’s nice to see them tossing some new spins on their style for their forthcoming LP, The Long Con.  You’ll be able to hear the entire LP this September via Goner Records; it sounds like it might just be the record that brings them hordes of fans.  If not, at least I’ll have another bad ass record from the band to add to my collection.

Show Preview: The Both @ the Mohawk (8.13)


Date Wednesday, August 13th
Location Mohawk
Doors 6:30 PM
Tickets $22 from Mohawk

I’ll be the first to admit that I vastly overlooked the first release from The Both, the album of work from Aimee Mann and Ted Leo.  The self-titled record took me by surprise, and perhaps I didn’t give Mann enough credit.  It’s a spot-on album of great pop tunes, from two great songwriters, and I know that Ted will definitely be bringing his showmanship to the stage (I’ve yet to catch Aimee).  I’m not even sure if the duo will continue writing together, so you’ve got to be there to catch them while you have the chance. And, opening the show will be Lemuria, who won us over with their album, The Distance is So Big.  This is a night worth every dollar.



Dangerous Tune from Youth Code

youthAt first, I loved this song. Then I hated it. Then I figured, why the fuck not post it and let you decide? I love the anger that’s unleashed on the listener, reminiscent of early industrial acts, then melding it with post-hardcore acts of the late 90s.  It’s an interesting composition, frightening at moments, then thrilling at other instants. Youth Code have composed four new tracks, of which this is one, and then the flip-side of this new EP has remixes by the likes of Clipping. You can grab the A Place to Stand EP from the band on September 23rd from Dais Records.

Discovery Day: Tee- Tahs

teetahIt’s easy to stay on top of the music game nowadays.  I mean, Stereogum and P4k are going to post an insane amount of songs each day that you’re supposed to care about.  But, I love to scour the net for hidden gems, which is how I came upon Canada’s Tee-Tahs.  I heard of them by scouring my daily rounds on Finest Kiss, who introduced me to this infectious bit of pop music.  They’ve just released their record, Buzzkill, and it’s nothing short of a good time.  The lyrics seem to show an indifference to any sort of worldly themes, holding onto what makes being a music fan so enjoyable…unadulterated good times.  The tunes you’ll find are joyous and silly, laying the groundwork for a group that just wants you to have a really great time listening to their work.  So get on the train with me, we’re going to see Tee-Tahs.

New Music from Tomorrow’s Tulips

ttYou ever discover one of those tracks that makes you go “what the fuck?” “What is this?” Yet, then you realize you’ve played the track a dozen times and now your stuck? That’s precisely what I got from this coffee shop haunt of a tune from Tomorrow’s Tulips.  There’s minimal percussion, quieted guitar bits, and this deep croon that weaves its way throughout the song.  It’s really a song that pulls you in emotionally; it’s like watching a train wreck, yet you can’t pull your eyes away…making this quite a remarkable number.  You’ll be able to find this tune on their new album, When, which is being released by Burger Records on October 7th.

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