New Single from Chris Catalena

chrisAustin Psych Fest was a glorious weekend, filled with dust and great tunes.  One of the many acts that caught our ears was Chris Catalena, who just recently released this new single.  I love the musical style, as it walks that fine line between psych touches and classic American songwriter; it sounds a lot like the work of fellow performer, Greg Ashley, who I also adore.  It could be a very simple stripped down number, but it’s also incredible with all the additional touches he’s put into the track.  His new album, Here Comes the Time, should be released rather soon, so keep your ears open for more great music from Chris.

Another New PUJOL Track

pujolIt seems like it has been rather quiet on the PUJOL front lately, as I expected more people to be fawning over the musician’s new work.  His past work was well received, and I think this new single demonstrates the dynamic approach he’s taken with his writing on the new album, Kludge.  Rather than just push forward with pace, he slows things down, building the song around a nice melody.  He does go off into the noisy guitar solo near the end, but don’t let that detract from how great of a ballad this tune is.  You can pick up the new LP from Saddle Creek on May 19th.



Fresh Music from Bleeding Gold Records

furrowFeel like I should devote more time today to the work of Bleeding Gold Records, so I’ll post their other song from their announcements this week, too!  This number comes from Furrow, and it’s a little bit grittier, at least in regards to production.  The vocals/lyrics don’t offer much, as they seem more like distant chants, or shouting, but the way the guitar sounds really hooked me on this track.  The group is working on their new release, West Felton, and in the meantime they’ve offered up this great single, which I think a lot of people will really enjoy. Give it a go.


Beautiful Tune from The Skygreen Leopards

skygreenIf you haven’t heard this song already, then you’re going to immediately enjoy your Friday.  The duo known as the Skygreen Leopards are setting up to release their newest album, Family Crime.  It’s a light bit of pop, recalling much more of an indiepop feel than one would expect for a group on Woodsist.  These are the sorts of tracks that make your day livable, giving you immense pleasure from the moment that you press play.  The album is slated for a July 8th release, meaning you’ll have yet another record to sit with around the pool or fire.

New Single from Sutja Gutierrez

artworks-000074777984-gl1dt8-t500x500While I am adamant that the current Austin scene is pretty rad, I also like to check in with other parts of the world to see what’s coming out of those regions, which is how I discovered this new song from Sutja Gutierrez.  He’s an artist from Spain who’s currently promoting Cult and Truth, his latest album.  This song is a well-produced piece of pop, relying upon electronic sounds to build a lasting melody.  The good news for you is that you don’t have to pay insane postal costs, as Bleeding Gold Records has decided to offer 100 copies of the LP, featuring really detailed cover work.

Texas Spotlight: B.E. Godfrey

beI know I’m only writing about indie and rock, but I love this folk tune from Houston’s B.E. Godfrey.  The song immediately takes on a melancholy tone, reinforced by Godfrey’s voice, while slide guitar/strings add to the sadness from the background.  It makes for a pretty emotional listen, which you can expect more from when you pick up his Wild Desperation EP.  He’ll be in Austin on Monday to release that EP over at the Mohawk, so if this style suits you, be sure to head out and pick up the EP.

Fresh New Single from Herzog

1797006_634830219885726_1325970545_oCongratulations! You just got over the hump of this work week! But, you’ve got to keep that energy going, so why not push forward with a nice bit of alternative rock from Herzog?  Every time I put on one of their songs, which I’ve done quite a bit lately, they seem to resemble a heavier-handed version of Grandaddy.  They employ great distorted power chords, but they hold onto a quirky sense of pop that recalls the nostalgic days of guitar rock.  You can grab their latest release, Boys, on May 20th via Exit Stencil Recordings, and you’ll be glad you did.



Austin Spotlight: Another OBN IIIs Single

obnThis song probably no longer needs an introduction from us.  If you’ve been reading our site you know we’ve got nothing but praise for local act, OBN IIIs.  Long has the band blown us away with their live shows, but the work on their newest album, Third Time to Harm, should illustrate to everyone that the group is more than just a hot live act; they’ve got killer songs to boot (we’ve known that for a long time).  I think this song captures the rock appeal while still showing a penchant for lyrics that you’ll want to scream while you’re jumping up and down at their shows. Pick up their new record on May 27th via Tic Tac Totally.




Enjoy the Music of Nathan K

nathankSometimes you need to just let yourself indulge in the softer side of music, so do the right thing and listen to this track from Nathan K. The Michigan songwriter has just announced a new album, Methodist Girls, and we’ve got this down-trodden affair to get you ready for what we expect will be a beautiful piece of work.  It’s actually a quiet track from the beginning, occasionally accented by some lush string arrangements.  Nathan’s voice has a slight echo to it, yanking on your emotional heartstrings.  This song, and possibly this album, will have you fading into your own memory.  Look for the release on July 8th.


Another New Single from Craft Spells

craftyAnyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the great releases coming our way just as summer hits?  Well, if you’re like us, then you might be, but this Craft Spells single is pretty much guaranteeing the band’s new album, Nausea, some space in our summer playlist.  As I listen, I’m really impressed by the approach the band has taken, creating a pretty straightforward piece of pop, void of the typical tricks of bedroom pop.  There’s great clarity in the vocals and music approaches a grand scale.  Need another great record to add to your list of things to pick up? Here it is…it’ll be out on Captured Tracks on June 10th.

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