New Music from The Fishermen Three

I’m really stuck on this song, so I decided I’d share it with you.  The Fishermen Three is the brain child of Simon Beins, who has toured the world opening for some of my favorite acts like The Wave Pictures and I Was a King.  That being said, this tune is more a solemn folk affair; it can be found on iTunes. Also, you should check out his record Time to Think About the Morning Once Again–it’s in stores now on Shelved Records. Basically this track is Simon and a guitar, telling personal stories the way only he can.  Maybe it’s a folk tune, maybe it’s singer-songwriter, but whatever, it’s damn good.



Premiere: New Rocker from Woollen Kits

It’s about time for Woollen Kits to take over the US, completely.  After releasing their self-titled album on RIP Society, the band is back with a fresh new 7″, this time on the great American label, Trouble In Mind Records. The A-Side is titled “Shelley and it encompasses everything I love about the band.  There’s an effortless bit of swagger that has me imagining the band swinging their guitars about the stage; the usage of gang vocals gives the track a raucous feel—and then a sharp-edged guitar solo cuts through. One listen to this jam and you’ll be stomping your feet, begging for the release to come your way.  You won’t have to wait too long, as the single hits streets (with B-Side “Down Your Street”) on August hold your horses; good things come to those who wait.

New Single from The June Brides

For those of you who missed Phil Wilson’s last record, God Bless Jim Kennedy, you can happily sink your teeth into his return under the June Brides moniker.  The group’s just released a new 7″ with Slumberland Records.  As always, his voice sounds quieted, seemingly taking the background to the song’s inner harmony, fleshed out with string arrangements.  Personally, I love how there’s a bit of a stomp just before the 1 minute mark.  This is definitely a happy return, and one I hope you’ll consider looking into; you can pick the A January Moon 7″ up at your local record shop.



Show Preview: Whalers @ Stubbs (7/20)

Date Friday, July 20th
Location Stubbs
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $7 from Frontgate

If you’re going to be in the Austin area, you’re in for a great treat Friday night; you’ll be able to check out two of our favorite local acts.  Whalers are the big headliner, continuing their rise to popularity in the local scene.  They’ll be releasing their single (featured below), which should feature on an unnamed effort to come later on in the year.  But, since I know you’re a fan of the local scene, you’re going to get their early to see Tiger Waves.  I’ve pretty much hyped this band since I discovered them, and I still don’t have a bad thing to say about them, so be sure to catch them…afterall, they’re making waves (see what I did there?).Oh, and this is your friendly reminder on behalf of Stubbs to not talk during the band’s sets!


New Jam from Outside World

I went checking in on Brain Idea, a band I totally dig, and found that some of the members had begun a new project titled Outside World.  Man, I was surprised at just how great their latest single was; it’s got an old school rock n’ roll sound, filled with infectious hooks and a bit of ramshackle to it. The group’s about to release a new tape for Night People titled Seaside Nowhere, and this song’s going to feature.  If you were once a fan of the Replacements and Superchunk, then this band’s going to find a place in your heart immediately.



New Music from Seatraffic

Lately I’ve begun to think of San Francisco as the mecca of psychedelic tunes and new age punk rock sounds, but that’s not all the city has to offer.  One listen to Seatraffic and you’ll see that even dreamy bedroom pop has it’s place on the West Coast, and we’re grateful you can craft music like this anywhere.  The duo has kindly let us share the B-Side to their upcoming 7″, and we’re pretty sure you’ll dig the stripped down emotional effect that remains central to the song.  You’ll be able to order your own copy of the recording on August 1st if you know what’s good for ya.


Fresh New Tune from New Tigers

I always liked the idea of a split 7″; to me, it shows a bit of camaraderie in the musical community.  When I first saw that New Tigers had a new track on a split with Sweden’s Top Sound, I got really excited, as I’m already a fan of New Tigers after their self-titled album from last year.  The split will be shared between Ca Ira and Soliti Music, and it comes out next week.  Both bands take a stab at covering the other group’s tunes, which is another thing I enjoy–you get to see how bands react to the music of their peers.  I’m definitely digging this track, but I knew I would.



New Girl Pop from Stealing Sheep

Sometimes you have to be a bit skeptical when you get the hype from overseas, but I have a feeling that Stealing Sheep are going to live up to it all. The all girl trio from Britain just released this great single as a prelude to the release of their album, Into the Diamond Sun, which will come out this September on Heavenly Recordings.  The playfulness in the vocal delivery was enough of a hook, then the rest of the girls join in creating a catchy pop stomp that won’t get out of my head.  I have this slight feeling that a lot of people are going to adore these lovely ladies.


Great Mellow Jam from Pure Bathing Culture

I’m pretty sure you’re all going to love this track; there’s really nothing as strikingly wonderful as this track from Pure Bathing Culture.  It’s such a subtle pop track, with the instrumentation turned down low so the vocals can reach perfection by the time they hit your ears.  You can find this track on the group’s debut self-titled EP, which just came out via the good people over at Father Daughter Records.  Come on, one listen just isn’t enough, you’re going to have to play this song over and over again.  I don’t know about you, but that pretty sums the track up as a certified hit.



Great New Folk from Evening Hymns

I’ve been really into quieted folk tunes this summer, and this new track from Evening Hymns is one of my favorite jams to cross my path thus far.  Early on, the song comes at you as if it was recorded in a room, or a cabin (it was!), giving it a deeply emotional quality. As the song builds, there’s more lush arrangements being added, moving the song along as it sort of gets lost in its own beautiful world. If you’re digging this track, you can grab it and the rest of the tunes from the band’s forthcoming album, Spectral Dusk, when it hits the streets on August 21st.



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