New Track from Low Culture

ironsheikThere’s no hiding my affinity for all things Marked Men related, but I was really surprised by how undervalued Low Culture were (relative to all other MM spin-offs/relationships).  If you’re smart, you’ll go give a listen to their debut Screens, which is phenomenal.  But, they’ve been hard at work recently, and they’re doing a split EP with friends Iron Chic.  We got a peak at one of their tunes, and it’s exactly what you want from the band…there’s just enough pop and just enough punk to make it into the perfect ear candy. Get your hands on a copy HERE.

New Album from The Memories

memorieI’ve got some tunes from the Memories; I like the band well enough, I just feel like they could do a bit more.  But, it looks like that time has finally come, as the band are readying a new album that’s been worked over by Sonny Smith, who I trust above many others.  There’s already a subtle R&B production to the tune, while the band maintains their approach to brevity in their songwriting; it sort of reminds me of Girls early on…you know, when that band meant something. Look for the band’s new LP Hot Afternoon next month from Burger Records.

Turn Up with Wild Smiles

10386988_628923807203351_9116171390421186735_oThere are two sides of the power-pop/garage rock coin, at least two that I can always subscribe to when listening.  There’s the gritty version, filled with sloppy hooks, or there’s the polished huge riffs.  The perfect example of this, in my mind, comes in the battle of Terry Malts vs. Wild Smiles.  I love the Malts and their gritty style, taking nostalgic rock and fueling it with booze and exuberance.  But, the Wild Smiles, who I’m here to talk about, take a similar approach, but clean things up, giving you more accessible hooks. You’re supposed to love both!  And if you do, you already have the Terry Malts LP (or else you’re behind the times), so go ahead an pick up the Wild Smiles LP, Always Tomorrow, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Chilled Electro Pop from Ginla

niglaJust wanted to toss out something that was easy listening to start off the week, and this track from Ginla seems to fit that bill pretty nicely.  It’s a mellow electro-jam with vocals that are all washed out, so you’ll have an easy time just pressing play and relaxing.  Those sort of vibes make it easy to deal with your own personal case of the Mondays, but I think there’s some definite redeemable qualities that go beyond early week listening.  The duo is readying their Dreaming In Circles EP, so look to pick that up in a few weeks if this is your bag.

A New Tune from Boomgates

boomgates2A few years ago there was this brief explosion of Aussie tunes that received a lot of love on our continent, especially from this site.  Bands like Twerps, Bitch Prefect, Bored Nothing, Pop Singles and more made waves, but I was particular to Boomgates.  I’ve kept an eye on the group for some time, so I’m glad to see that they’ll soon be releasing a new effort via Bedroom Suck Records.  There’s no exact word on when this new album will be released, but it popped up on a compilation that was recently released by the label.  It’s somewhere in between jangling twangling Aussie pop and just your down-home traditional indie pop.  It’s a special Friday delight.

My Something Different: Dan Bodan

dbUsually I go on and on about how I bring the rock and or roll, but occasionally I branch out….such as today with Dan Bodan.  At first listen, it’s this very quiet glitch electronica, touched up finely with some careful acoustic touches.  But, as the song unfolds, Bodan makes his own entrance, entering with this softness that erupts into a powerful presence.  It’s another listen to what should shape up to be an interesting experience when his Soft LP is released by DFA Records on October 28th.

Dirt Dress Offer Up New Single

doubledI caught this jam creeping up the other day, and it’s probably one of my favorite tracks off the Dirt Dress Revelations EP, which comes out in about a month.  It opens up with this guitar line that sort of knifes its way through the opening minutes, though there’s a nice distortion to it that gives it a quirky touch.  Drums roll through, often offering a nice beat, or other times pushing the track forward with pace (thus the rhythm section!). And you’ll always see me enjoying a good horn blast, especially if it’s done appropriately; no one likes gratuitous horn blasts.  Check out their EP on November 18th from the Future Gods. I also just dig the band’s aesthetic.

New Opus from Vaadat Charigim

vcLast year, we wrote about Tel Aviv’s Vaadat Charigim quite a bit; they were just releasing their debut album for Burger Records.  They’re back now with a 7″ they’ll be releasing with local Austin label Reverberation Appreciation Society, as they prep for a new LP in 2015.  This first track is this trembling swell of psychedelia, moving in and out of your stream of consciousness.  It opens quietly, building momentum for the band’s entrance just around the minute mark.  You’ll find that the song definitely has peaks and valleys, rising and falling here over the song’s 9 minute sprawl.  I appreciate that; I like a good non-run of the mill psych track.

Warm Pop from Violet Woods

violetFeeling dreamy? Let your mind float away this afternoon with the work of Violet Woods, who are set to release their eponymous album this November.  This is my favorite type of pop music; it trickles in, it’s well-crafted and there’s a warmth that makes it the perfect listening for the fall season. The pacing on the track is steady, allowing for the band to maximize their melodies, and allowing your brain to gently drift away to a happy place.  Feel like this is a perfect way to enjoy your Wednesday, so join me by listening to this UK act.


New Music from Honduras

hondurasI checked out this tune from Honduras, a band I have talked about previously, and it seems that they’re up to their catchy old tricks.  The band is crafting these crunchy guitar pop anthems, much like Nathan from Wavves was able to accomplish, though these songs seem to have a bit more focus…and perhaps slightly less of an edge.  It’s a version of the indie rock scene that puts them in line with their comrades Twin Peaks, who we know have made a big name for themselves this year.  Look for the band’s Break EP this coming November.

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