Dead Gaze Returns w/ Another Album

deadgazeJust a few weeks back, Dead Gaze released some early recordings that he compiled together; I enjoyed those all for the most part.  But, now things are coming quick for Cole Furlow’s project, with another new album, Brain Holiday, slated for release by Fat Cat on October 22nd.  This new single definitely shows the pop sensibility shining through, despite a bit of fuzz added atop the vocals.  There’s a melody that runs central, emphasized by the vocals throughout, getting me rather excited for more tunes from DG. The band will also be coming to Austin on September 13 with Dent May, but I’ll remind you of that in a few weeks.

Shimmering Pop from Joanna Gruesome

joannagruesomeThe kids in Joanna Gruesome are already having a great year; they should be happy to find a home on such an incredible label like Slumberland Records.  That being said, the more I hear from the band, the more likely it seems that it’ll be a banner year for the group.  Sure, you can see similarities to label mates Pains of Being Pure at Heart, but they do it with their own sense of reckless abandon and added flare.  While the song trots along, you’re not ready for the noisy outro that takes place just beyond the two minute mark.  Like every band, they make nods to their heroes, but in doing so, they also make it entirely their own; I applaud them for that.  Their album Weird Sister will be out on September 10th.

New Track from Boogarins

boogarinsA short while ago we wrote about Brazilian act Boogarins, and it’s time that we return with another track from the band.  It’s really hard to decide where to group these lads, genre-wise, which is perhaps great in its own spectrum.  I hear bits of oddity like you’d find on a Flaming Lips LP, but also toucuhes of collage/instrumental artists such as The Go! Team and Ratatat.  All these signs, and the pop sensibility of the vocals point to good things from the band when their debut record, As Plantas Que Curam, comes out on October 1st via Other Music Recordings.  Let this tune blow your mind.



More New Tunes from Of Montreal

ofmontrealI’ve been a bit reluctant to really jump back on board with Of Montreal, though I never truly stepped off the train.  In a sense, they’ve taken some creative moves that I’ve not always been on bored with, that is until their last two singles.  The latest seems to have completely stripped all the electronic elements out of the group’s sound, leaving us with Kevin Barnes’ penchant for traditional hooks. It might not be a return to form, if there ever really was one, but it’s definitely got me more excited than I’ve been to hear the full LP.  It’s titled LOUSY WITH SYLVIANBRIAR, and it’ll be released by Polyvinyl on October 8th. Pretty stoked!

Dream Pop from Oceania

oceaniaThursday’s are weird.  They’re like a weekend tease; it’s not Friday yet, but you also might have just celebrated Hump Day, leaving you in a lull.  Lucky for you I’ve got the perfect track to let you just drift lazily through the day. Oceania is the project of Nick Kostylew, and he’s warranted praise from previous releases, though I think this new one will garner more of such accolades.  There’s this atmospheric pop theme throughout, yet beneath it lays a throbbing synth beat; it adds this dreamy feeling where you’re not quite awake, yet you’re completely aware of your surroundings.  Be on the look out for Eyes of Glass EP, which comes out near the end of the summer.

New Music from Blouse

blousesI’m really digging the sound of the new Blouse tracks; this is their second official single for their upcoming record.  While the vocal delivery is seemingly spoken-word for the majority of the track, it takes on a more airy delivery during the chorus.  I really think it’s a good touch, especially considering the rest of the music is subdued, aside from the random bits of water droplets splashing in the background.  Eventually, the song fades away into nothing, which is a nice added touch.  The new record, Imperium, will be out on Captured Tracks on September 17th. Game, Blouses.

Austin Spotlight: She Sir Stream New Single

shesirLong have we supported the dream pop of local Austin band She Sir, and it’s about time that the band has their new record ready for you!  Good news comes your way, in that regard, with the band streaming their second single from the upcoming LP, Go Guitars.  On the latest single, you can hear the work of a band who’ve clearly honed the art of writing sensational pop.  There’s steady drum work in the background, with strokes of synth placed in all the right places, maximizing the enjoyment for listeners.  Looks like we won’t have to wait too much longer to hear the beauty in its entirety!

New Music from The Ocean Party

theoceanpartyMy affair with The Ocean Party comes via my adoration with Velcro; both bands share member/guitarist, Curtis Wakeling.  The group is gearing up to release their next album, Split, which will feature a more shared role in the songwriting duties for all members of the band.  Just listen to the way the guitar chords wrap themselves around the vocals on this first single, “Split.”  There’s a subtlety to the track, breathing beautiful guitar-monies throughout the tune.  I’m excited to hear the whole effort, as I’d like to see what the rest of the band bring to the table.  Guess we’ll all find out on September 27th, the release date, but for now, this’ll do.

Promised Land Sound Debut New Single

PLS4_webPromised Land Sound is one of the latest bands to break out of Nashville, and while those before them have had a heavier edge (Pujol for ejemplo), these guys seem to sound exactly like what I always imagined would hail from their cit.  Guitars slide and there’s a blend of americana lurking in it all, but emotional pull in this song is what really sold me on the group.  They’ve completed work on their self-titled debut, which will see a September 24th release date on Paradise of Bachelors.  Dig the sound of the heart of America.

New Album from Black Hearted Brother

artworks-000053537338-9n5adl-t500x500I feel like at this point in the year, I’ve probably helped pay most of the salaries of those at Slumberland Records, but hey, when you’re on fire, you’re on fire.  The label is back with a resurgence, of sorts, this time around, releasing the new record from Black Hearted Brother, the project of Neil Halstead…the man behind Slowdive and Mojave 3.  Perhaps one of my favorite things about this new single is that there’s no use of gratuitous noise, like I’ve come to find in a lot of gaze-noise-core acts of late; it’s purposeful and blending with melodies.  Stars Are Our Hope is the title of this new effort, and it will be released on October 22nd.

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