Power Pop Goodness from Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

coffeeAfter a long weekend rocking out at Austin Psych Fest, I’m a little bit drained, energy-wise, so I figured I’d share something that’s been able to help me push through this slow-moving morning.  It’s the first single from Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, and it’s got this great blend of classic power-pop and garage rock.  The vocals, often infused by unison singing from the group, come off a bit ramshackle, adding a bit of innocence to the delivery.  You’ll find the guitar sound a perfect way to kick off your morning.  Look for the group’s Gates of Hell LP on June 24th when it’s released by Southpaw Records.

New Music from Pale Lights

paleDuring slow music weeks you turn to your friends, and I always know I can count on IPSML for a good jam or two.  Today I bring you a track from Pale Lights that he pointed me towards, which features Phil Sutton of one of my favorite acts, Comet Gain. You’re going to get a similarly ringing guitar, and even find the vocal delivery similar.  Personally, I dig the nice female vocal in the background.  I’m posting this track because I love it, but you can stream the band’s whole new album, Before There Were Pictures, right HERE.  It’s so good, you won’t want to have anything else on today.

New Music from Hooray for Earth

hoorayJoyous pop music!  Don’t be tricked by the light traipsing about that opens this new song from Hooray for Earth.  Even when the vocals first enter, the song’s moving at a slow space.  But, percussion drops, guitars are distorted and pop fans everywhere are going to be happy with the result.  This is one of those songs that makes an emphatic push to become one of those songs on everyone’s playlist for the duration of the summer; it’s that good.  The group has a new album, Racy, which will be released by Dovecote on July 29th.

Late to the Party: Playlounge

pilotI’m not sure how this tune escaped my ears, but better late than never.  Playlounge is yet another UK act making quite a name for themselves, creating furious rock that still has the ability to move you while tearing at your eardrums.  The drumming’s spot on in this track, matching the guitar as it seemingly spins out of control, only to be reined in to offer something more subdued.  Their debut album, Pilot, was just released by Dog Knights Productions, and if you’re in need of a bombastic dosage of great rock n’ roll, then you’ll want to rush over and pick it up.

Another Fresh Tune from Bob Mould

bobbyThere probably aren’t many greater things than coming home on a nice Spring afternoon to a Bob Mould track in your inbox.  There’s something youthful about his music, even though he’s been in the music-making game for quite some time.  I’m just really excited that he’s bringing out the rock; though I still enjoy his work with Sugar, it’s these sorts of songs, encompassing the great writing of a power-pop genius, that really get me pumped.  I can’t wait to hear his new record, Beauty & Ruin, when Merge releases it on June 3rd.

Upbeat Electronica From Papertwin

papertwinWell, our resident electro-head Brian is working (yes, we all have those real job things), so I figure I’d hold his spot today and offer up this great new single from Papertwin. The group has been together for almost five years, but surprisingly, this is their first studio collaboration to date.  The song has a driving beat behind it, while the vocals are laying in the front of the mix…once they enter.  This is definitely a track you’ll want to toss on when you’ve got your next dance party, especially with the little samples thrown in for emphasis. Their Vox Humana EP will be out on June 17th.

Another Dreamy Pop Tune from Donovan Blanc

donoIt seems like Captured Tracks have another hit maker on their roster, as we now yet another great tune to enjoy from Donovan Blanc.  Just a short while ago they offered up “Minha Menina,” and now they’re back with what I say is an even better single than the first.  I love how this single bounces in with this ringing guitar, but the band quickly moves into a smoother delivery, letting the dreamier elements of their songwriting take precedence.  Their self-titled album will be available in stores on June 24th, giving you an opportunity to drift through summer with a perfect collection of tunes.

Brand New Sharon Van Etten Music

sharon_van_etten_1332170904_crop_550x366We’re getting closer to the release date of the new Sharon Van Etten album, Are We There.  It’s one of the most anticipated records, at least over here at the ATH offices.  I mean, can one top Tramp, which was a nearly perfect album?  Based on this track, it looks like she might be ready to take a good go at topping her previous work.  Her guitar work sounds pretty solid here, backed by little bits of piano touches and the strength of her memorable voice. You’ll be able to hear her new collection of songs when Jagjaguwar releases the album on May 27th.


Pleased to Meet You: Colored Lights

coloredlightsI’ve worked really hard to spread the word on the great bands working in Finland; it’s one of my favorite scenes going on at the moment.  So, in line with all that great camaraderie, I was pleased to get an introduction to Colored Lights this past week.  Their sound is similar to countrymen, I Was a King, though they seem to embrace the louder side of power-pop.  I’m pretty excited to catch on to the band, as I love listening to a song where harmonies float just beneath the surface and the guitars have a nice distorted edge to them.  Those of you looking to love that sound will find yourself excited by this act.

Fun Tune from Cheerleader

cheerleaderThere’s probably a lot of people out there who need a good solid energy boost today, right?  This song from Cheerleader is going to fit perfectly into your playlist then.  It’s a mixture of heavy guitar riffs and outright pop exuberance, which inevitably leads to a catchy single that’ll help you through Monday afternoon.  The group is garnering a lot of interest overseas, hitting the road with The Hold Steady for a slew of dates.  Let your hair down and sink your teeth into the delectable pop of this song.

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