Electro Pop from Some Ember

someemberThis is not your typical electro pop affair; it’s a subdued dance track with warm vocals atop, the likes of which would get our boy B. Gray excited.  While it would be easy to drop the beat, as the kids say, and blast forward, Some Ember show a great deal of restraint, holding onto that tension throughout the duration of the song.  The press release here says the band tend to push the boundaries a bit, often including more dynamic in their production.  Personally, I like this mellow version, but we’ll see where I stand when the band release their self-titled album on May 27th via Dream Recordings.

Austin Spotlight: More New Music From A. Sinclair

FrankSmith_1A. Sinclair is on a roll here with the latest single from the Pretty Girls EP.  This track opens up with a similar riff to that of English Beat‘s “Mirror in the Bathroom,” but the song gets a little more discordant as it pushes along.  It’s representative of a new attitude, now that the group has tossed aside the Frank Smith name; it also embodies the forceful attitude that the band have brought  to their live sets lately.  Don’t think they’ve thrown away their knack for a touch of pop, with “Suit Up” slowing for a brief moment just before the 1 minute mark.  Their new EP hits on May 20th, followed by a release show on May 22nd at Mohawk.



Revisiting the Bats to Honor Re-Issues

BatsInParis93I think the world is now a better place now that Captured Tracks has a hold of the back catalog to legendary label Flying Nun over here in the US.  I know that somewhere out there are original vinyl copies of some of my favorite acts, but I’m grateful too that I can grab a hold of some of these classics without too much hassle. The label has announced that they’ll be releasing 3 classic albums from The Bats, Compiletely Bats, Daddy’s Highway and The Law of Things; they’re all albums you should own, especially if you’re a fan of great pop music.  Not only will there by vinyl releases, but a  3 CD version that’s a compilation of   the releases (CDs are the new cassettes). All of these will be available on May 27th, and in honor, here’s a great single off of Daddy’s Highway.



More Rock N’ Roll from Total Control

totalcontrolThis is what it’s all about! I love getting a new track from Total Control, and this song is precisely why I’ve grown to love the Aussie band. There’s a steady propulsion of the song, pushed forth by the sound of the guitars, and the vocal delivery.  My favorite part of the song is how it slows down, builds things up, then comes crashing back to Earth with the main construction of the song; it happens twice, but you’ll have to listen to get what I’m talking about.  Their new album Typical System will be out on June 24th via Iron Lung Records.

Noisy Number from SLAVVE

slavveWhen I saw that this tune from SLAVVE was created by a former member of Surfer Blood, I didn’t expect the minimalist bit of noise punk that came through my speakers.  Still, while it does bring forth a layer of distortion, there’s still that anthemic quality that made SB quite popular.  I like the gunshot drum bits that come in near the middle of the track; it adds a layer of fuck-all to the production.  The band have signed on to Bloodmoss Records (home of Future Death) to release their SLAVVE EP, which should find the band making quite a name for themselves with tunes just like this one.

New Music from Antlers

The Antlers - PortraitsThis tune was all over those Interwebs  yesterday, and deservedly so.  This is one of those Antlers tunes that, whether you’re a fan or not, doesn’t matter, as it makes for a remarkable listen.  Personally, one of the reasons I love this song is the light bit of horns that quietly blast from the distance; I blame my days spent as a band nerd.  But, you also won’t want to miss this vocal performance, which is possibly one of the best ones the band have finished to date.  Get prepared to enjoy their new album, Familiars, on June 17th via Anti; it’s creeping into album of the year status.




Smooth Pop from Beta Frontiers

betaFeel like going all over the place musically today, so it’s fitting that this new tune from Beta Frontiers came our way yesterday.  The tune’s predominantly the work of Michael Butler who works on production duties at his home in Toronto.  But, he found the perfect voice to fit this latest track with Carmen Elle, who also works in DIANA.  The light-hearted number sits well in her vocal range, making the song a sure-fire hit.  This single will be released on May 6th via Buzz Records, who’ve already had a nice hit this year with Odonis Odonis.

New B-Side from The Airplanes

airplanesYep, I’m still on the Airplanes kick, and I won’t complain about it as long as the music coming is as good as this catchy little number.  When listening to this jam, remind yourself that summer weather is already upon us, at least in the Lone Star State, so it makes sense that a tune like “Complacency” will fit perfectly into our current playlist.  It recalls a more modern take on Beach Boys classics, employing simple harmonies to maximize the hooks that Joshua Vest continues to use in his songwriting.  Go ahead, jam this one, then pick up the new “Young” single from the band.

Another New Devon Williams Tune

devon-williams-ws-710The last time I wrote about Devon Williams was a few weeks back, but I feel like I short-handed the songwriter, as I threw his new track, “Flowers” into a post about a great day for Slumberland Records.  Don’t get me wrong, that was a great day of news for the rad label, but it didn’t effectively convey to you how special the upcoming album from Devon will be.  I think if you listen to this song, you’ll notice the care within the songwriting, with that bright guitar making way for Williams’ cool vocal delivery.  But, such things should come as no surprise for followers; it’s just another sign that Gilding the Lily is going to be something special (June 3rd).

Please to Meet You: The Delphines

1378808_427574507349257_756255471_nWhile I was trying to catch up on emails from this weekend, my ear was caught by this incredible single that came into our inbox.  I hadn’t heard of the group, The Delphines, but like the power of all great tracks, I’ll now be keeping a close eye on the group.  There’s a bit of an angular post-punk quality to the style of the guitars, but at the same time the dreamy vocal quality, and its delivery, remind me an awful lot of Love Is All (a sorely missed act). It’s an energetic track, to be sure, but it also offers a bit of emotional respite in some of the more drawn out moments.  The group will be releasing their album, Hush, on May 27th, so keep an eye out for this exciting act.  Oh, and check out this exciting video that accompanies the single HERE.


Check out the video, after the break!

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