Happy Psych Pop from Acid Baby Jesus

acidYeah, the name Acid Baby Jesus is a bit ridiculous, but what would you really get if you found a baby jesus while on acid, or even a baby jesus on acid?  Methinks that the music that band’s crafting at the moment is precisely what you’d get; it’s a bit psychedelic, especially with the organ grinding in the background, though there’s still an entirely joyous experience in what they’re creating.  A slew of songs have leaked out in advance of the group’s Selected Recordings, and they all sound as special as the number below.  Look for the release on November 18th via Slovenly Recordings.

Another Jam from Nots

knotThe ladies in Nots are quickly making a name for themselves, delivering their own brand of brash post-rock.  There’s a hint of riot-gurl vocal delivery, though it’s more in line with some of the older brands of punk rock, as the entire group joins in the fun.  However, these four show a great bit of control in their writing, which demonstrates that there LP, We Are Nots, could be something quite enjoyable; they hold steady whereas other acts might just let the music and singing flail out of control. Look for the album on November 11th via Goner Records.

Jim Jarmusch Runs SQURL

jimCan’t really say I’m a huge Jim Jarmusch film fan, but the music he’s crafting with his buddies under the SQURL moniker is rather interesting.  The band’s latest single is this slow trudging bit of obscured folk music, with a basic ballad lurking behind a wall of distorted mess.  It actually makes for quite an extraordinary listen, though I can see the echoing effects of Jesus and Mary Chain fandom here, as I’m sure you will too.  Still, it’s always interesting to see folks step out of their known day jobs into another realm.  Look for the group’s EP #3 on November 18th via ATP.

Electro Pop Goodness from Hey Elbow

heyYou’ve got to kick things off on a Monday with a little bit of energy, so it seems like this tune from Hey Elbow is as decent a place to start as any.  It’s got a driving rhythm that pushes the song forwards, while the vocals seem to resonate with the Beach House crowd…not that we mind here at ATH.  The Swedish trio is said to go all over the map on their debut album, which will see a release from Adrian Recordings in early 2015; I’ll keep you posted on that, but for now, have a happy Monday folks.

Get Your Gritty Lo-Fi Jam On with Disgusting People

disgustingDisgusting People are a group from Sydney, Australia who specialize in college style minimalist extra lo-fi rock and roll. They’ve got a rad purple cassette tape for sale over on their Bandcamp page along with the chance to download the whole album digitally too if you don’t want to kick it old school. Have a listen to the track “2×4” below and get a good taste of what you should be listening to.

Disgusting People by Disgusting People

Communions Make the Perfect Sort of Pop Music

commieThere’s really not too much information traveling about involving Communions, but one things seems to be that everyone who has taken a listen to the Danish group has found themselves falling in love.  Honestly, I hear a lot of great similarities to our boys Literature; the song below has that same jangle and there’s just a hint of obscuring vocal effects.  I think it’s the perfect way to wrap up our week here, as it’s a near perfect song.  They’ve got a Tough Love Records 7″ coming out on November 10th, so let’s hope we get to hear more from them.

Western Vinyl to Release New Elephant Micah Album

whereJust the other day I was lamenting the mellow sort of tunes that I fawn over and their absence.  Since that ridiculous statement, it seems I’ve been inundated with some folk-laden tunes that are really something, like this new song from Elephant Micah. The moniker serves as the musical vehicle for Joseph O’Connell, and he’s received countless accolades from all over the musical map, artists and outlets alike.  While his music has long seemed a great secret, his new album, Where In Our Woods, will see a release on Western Vinyl early next year.  Take a journey with this number.

Color of Light to Release New LP in 2015

dreamSadly, the great run of tunes that came out in 2014 is drawing to a close, so we’re already getting into the jams that will get us through an Ebola-filled 2015.  One of those that caught my attention was the dreamy electro-scape pop music coming from Color of Light.  It’s the project of Sean Neuse, who formerly operated as Backseat Dreamer (that name was a bit too much of a giveaway), so you can turn this song on, put some headphones over those ears, then find yourself drifting into some quality REM sleep.  Look for Memory to come out on January 6th of the newest year.

Album Announcement for Ghost of Jack Nance

ghost-of-jack-nance-promo-picSoliti Music is on a roll this week, with a video from Black Lizard earlier, and now the announcement of My Heart Strings, the new effort from Ghost of Jack Nance. This tune is filled with noisy plodding guitar and a vocal that seems to echo through the caverns of your mind. It sort of sounds like if you took Beat Happening and wrapped it up in this dense collection of atmospheric noise…and I mean that in a really good way, I promise.  You’ll be able to grab the new EP on November 28th, but while you’re waiting indulge a bit by rocking THIS VIDEO at work.

Another Soft Track from Angelo de Augustine

Spirals-Of-Silence1-608x608Man. I really have been craving some good soft tunes to ease me into the fall, or lack there of.  This new album from Angelo de Augustine has been doing the trick pretty well, offering up some really incredible tunes.  It’s not necessarily sad bastard music, though there’s an intimacy in the way the music has been recorded that likens Angelo to Elliot Smith (as I’ve mentioned before). You can even hear the buzz on the strings, which is always a favorite touch of mine.  Look for his album Spirals of Silence on November 18th.

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