Austin Spotlight: Polio Club Blew My Mind

10704175_10205008146462144_3837601728872752832_nSo, amidst all the ACL hubbub of last weekend, I was introduced to a pretty solid act I hadn’t really gotten a chance to know, and I’m hooked: Polio Club.  I caught their set on Friday night over at Hotel Vegas as I went to catch The Stevens (who killed it!). Even as I was exhausted, I was really taken aback by the group’s sound.  It’s definitely got sort of a no-wave art rock sound; I could also make a comparison to the earlier grooves of The Rapture, only spun in a more artistic manner.  As of right now, they don’t have too much recorded, other than a few great demos, so I thought I’d get them on your radar early…that way you can plan on keeping an eye about town for this group; I’ll also make sure you know when their next gig pops up.


Pop Rock Stomper from Brass Bed

brasstaxI dig Brass Bed.  They’ve been hard at work, touring and recording, and we’re finally getting to hear a bit of their new LP with a few sampling tracks that are being laid down for a 7″.  There’s a rolling stomp to the drum work, keeping a steady pace to this song, but what I love are the harmonies.  To me, and lord knows I’m always right, there’s a hint of the great Nada Surf in the vocals; they’re soft, surrounded by a perfect swell of noise.  If this song means anything, there’s a solid foundation that will make the next LP pretty spectacular.  Look for the new 7″ on November 18th.

Go Back in Time with Crayon

brickRemember that one town that birthed Beat Happening? Well, that same town also had something heavier working simultaneously, though possibly not as prolific in the long run.  Crayon kicked out these happy songs with this dangerous edge to them.  Think about jamming to the Violent Femmes if they were fronted by one of your favorite gritty punk rock outfits.  Sadly, the band disbanded in the early 90s, spawning the creation of Tullycraft (a delightful act in their own right), but you’ll be able to get your hands on some a pristine vinyl copy of the group’s Brick Factory, courtesy of the really rad people at HHBTM Records.

Wake Up with Oceans

oceanIf, like some of us at the ATH offices, you’re struggling a bit here on Monday, then turn up the stereo and kick it with this dance number from Oceans.  They’re just the latest act to sign on with Soliti Music over in Finland.  The grooves are definitely bass heavy, allowing for you to get that toe-tapping feeling in your feet, but there’s also a nice bit of warmth hiding in the vocals…winning over any listener.  Not only that, but it’s quick and to the point, allowing you to sink your teeth in quickly and move on.  Look for an EP on October 31st.

More Far Out Tunes from Trans Upper Egypt

trannyLast week I brought you a jam from Trans Upper Egypt that I had been sitting on, so this week I’m staying on top of the world by bringing you this tune early.  Stick with the meandering at the beginning for a moment; wait for the drums to take the pace to a gallop.  The vocals loom large, yet distant, haunting the song as the tension is steadied by the rolling drum licks that slowly change.  This is one of those groups that I think is really doing the psychedelic thing right; it’s so strange, yet so right on at the same time.  Look out for the band’s self-titled album via Monfonus Press on November 4th.

New Music from Quintron and Miss Pussycat

quinThe name’s always been an oddity, but the music and showmanship has always been entertaining for Quintron and Miss Pussycat.  There’s something familiar about their new single that reminds me of The Moldy Peaches, in both the lo-fidelity quality and the duo’s approach…and I like both acts for the record.  They’re working on a new LP release for Pizza Burglar Records titled Spellcaster II: Death in Space; it’s slated for a release on October 28th.  Definitely something I’ll be looking forward to, so hopefully you get some good feels from this tune.

Jonny Telafone Readies New Album

the prayerChapter Music always has the pulse on what’s going on over in Australia, and they’ve been working with some great R&B influenced acts, such as Jonny Telafone. This new single from his upcoming LP starts off really slowly, working mostly with his voice and some atmospheric undertones.  But, the beats burst in and the song just takes off into this heavenly swirl of incredible club-friendly pop music.  You can also check out this great video for the tune, which may or may not be NSFW; it’s after the jump, HERE. Look for the new album, Romeo Must Cry in early 2015.

Trickling Pop from Ultimate Painting

paintUltimate Painting, the group comprised of members of Veronica Falls and Mazes is back again with a brand new single; it’s one that shows their relaxed side to pop construction, which is one of the reasons I’ve really been enjoying listening to the group’s debut.  It’s the sort of pop music that allows you to chill out, searching your ears for the melodies you know are lurking within; you’ll even find a nice little solo, as seen in the track below.  Their self-titled album will be out for the masses on October 28th via Trouble in Mind Records…packing that release day full of good tunes.

Chilled Groove from Dirt Dress

dirtydressingI honestly don’t really know how to pigeonhole Dirt Dress (I know you’re probably thankful for that); they definitely have this groovy vibe with those sunny Cali vocal recordings, but I don’t feel like the music they’ve crafted on this latest single really has a lot of compatriots. It’s actually kind of refreshing, and I love the fact that the guitar seemingly wobbles out of key, though clearly its done with purpose. You’ll enjoy the mini-pop explosion near the end with its touch of horns and keyboards.  Look for their new Revelations EP on November 4th via Future Gods.

Another Holy Youth Ditty

holyierJust last week I wrote about the pop tunes of Holy Youth, and this time they’ve got an even softer approach to their songwriting that might win over listeners.  It’s interesting, as there’s multiple textures working together, though they seem to approach a point of cacophony…you know distorted guitars working against bright angular tones and such.  Personally, the vocal touch on this song is immediately more appealing (though I grew to like the vocals on the previous single), which I think will go along way for listeners. Don’t forget that Happenin Records will be releasing the group’s self-titled album on October 14th.

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