Show Preview: Curtin @ Lamberts (5/23)

1618257_628191577260497_705601427_oThere’s tons of events going on in town this weekend, but we wanted to point you in the direction of this secret little gem that might not have gotten your attention otherwise. Curtin is a two-piece who craft this sparse folk-influenced rock; some of their songs lean more in the direction of experimenting within the genre, while other tracks offer up more traditional fare. The group is touring to promote their album, One for the Doghearted. But, just because you can’t have a show without great locals, be sure to get there early, as the line-up includes two of our favorite friends, The Midgetmen and Ram (formerly of Whitman).  Sample the tune below to get a feel of what to expect.

Solid Pop from Tomboy

tomboyThere’s some electronic music that really pushes the boundaries of the genre, then there’s others that should just be appreciated for great execution. This song’s got a little of both, though I’m just enjoying it for the fact that it really just hits the spot today.  The beats are fairly minimal, with the track’s focus on the vocal performance; it’s a good thing those vocals are smooth too, adding to the song’s attraction.  It’s the second single from Tomboy‘s debut EP, which will be released by Captured Tracks this summer.

Melted Toys Offer Up Dreamy Pop

meltedtoysThose of you who enjoy the works of Twerps, Kurt Vile and Real Estate should pay close attention to what’s going on with Melted Toys.  The San Francisco band has a knack for writing these really relaxed guitar pop songs, with excellent craftsmanship.  There’s a slight bounce to the latest single, “Observations,” but the tune is so relaxed that you might not even notice it if you didn’t pay close attention to the drum beat.  It’s a sign that the band’s debut self-titled effort will be a relaxed bit of dreamy pop tunes to wash over you while you’re chilling out this summer; it’ll be released by Underwater Peoples on July 15th.

New Single from Hard Left

hardleftSurely everyone knows of the great Slumberland Records, but did you know that the founder Mike S. was a hard-working musician himself?  He’s spent time in Manatee, and now he seems to have formed a rad little rock n’ roll band that deserves some attention, Hard Left.  They’ve only got one recorded song, and they’re operating under the guise of ‘terrace glam,’ though if you ask me it’s got more of a proto punk with a political bent.  It’s good to see people who run great labels out there putting their money where their mouth is.  Sorry, I can’t play anything.



Another New Track from Ablebody

ablebodyWe’ve shared many a great Ablebody tune with you over the last few years, and we’re back with yet another great tune to endorse the band.  This is the B-Side of the group’s new After Hours 7″, and I think that it shows a different side of the band…it’s less pop-centric.  The guitars have a darker tone to them, and the final mix makes them swirl, wrapping the song in a nice wash that enables the tune to be a sure-fire hit. If you didn’t/don’t catch the act on tour wit PoBPaH, then you can order the 7″ directly from the band, HERE.  Enjoy.

Fresh Music from Comet Gain

cgThere’s a secret cult out there, like me, holding every Comet Gain release to the highest esteem.  No matter what incarnation of the group, the songs always fit perfectly into my listening rotation.  Recently, Fortuna Pop uploaded this gem of a tune, which can only mean that long awaited next album from the group is just around the corner.  There’s a maturity in this track…it’s like City Fallen Leaves, but without the lo-fi aesthetic.  Regardless, I’ll devour this song, and probably play it as many times as I can before the record finds its way into my hands.  Won’t you do the same? I’ll keep posted on the more finite details as I get them.

New EP from The Phoenix Foundation

tomslunchIt’s been almost a year to the day since we last heard from The Phoenix Foundation.  They return this week with the Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, MGMT) stamp of approval; he handled a lot of the production duties on the group’s most recent recording, Tom’s Lunch EP.  This mini-release offers up more five songs of splendid pop goodness, with just a hint of bounce.  I can definitely see Fridmann’s style imprint, but the songs had to be there in the first place, right? I bet you’ll agree.

New Music from Frog Eyes

blackoutbeachAdmittedly, Carey Mercer’s voice requires some adjustment; it’s so unique and powerful that it puts people on notice almost immediately…you either love it or you don’t. Me? I dig it.  I’m excited to see what the next Frog Eyes album, Carey’s Cold Spring, will sound like in full.  Interestingly, his voice is really high in the mix here, which means the focus for this track, and possibly for the album, will be on his lyrical wordplay.  That’s always been something special in his writing, which is why he’s been a favorite of mine for some time. The record will be released on June 17th via Paper Bag Records. Give this a try and see if it’s to your liking.

Bouncy Pop from COOPER

COOPER-2You need something on this hump day to help give a little pep in the step? This anthemic piece of pop music from Montreal’s COOPER is going to be just the thing to do it.  It’s a pretty simple song in construction and structure, but the hooks and the vocals are undeniably catchy, allowing for listeners of any sort to find themselves attached to the track. There’s no word on what else Kate Cooper is working on, but you can grab this single from Mom + Pop as we speak…then you can play it on repeat as often as you wish.  Don’t deny the hook.

Synth Pop from Lust for Youth

lustyAdmittedly, the last few years I’ve always let B.Gray cover our electronically induced pop music.  But, that being said, bands like Black Marble, TRUST and now Lust for Youth have really begun to sway my opinion.  This new single from the latter is the perfect example of why I’ve begun to make that switch; it’s hard for anyone to listen to this track and not get excited about the band’s up-coming record.  There’s not too much dabbling in oddities, instead just a straight-forward presentation of good old synth pop.  You can expect more like-minded songs when the band releases International via Sacred Bones on June 10th (that’s one busy release day!).



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