Rocking Jam from Smartboys

smartboys-promo-retouched-squareFeel like I’ve posted a few slower pop tunes today, so I had to pick up the pace a little bit with this tune from Smartboys.  The group is comprised of members of other acts such as US Girls and Fucked Up, so the band has a definite established pedigree.  But, unlike those other acts, this single has a little bit more focus on the pop side of garage rock, with an innate hook built in, allowing listeners to immediately attach themselves to the tune.  The Receiving the Bribe 7″ is out now on White Iris Records, so get your hands on it while its hot.

New Music from Richard Youngs

wh8e_RichardYoungsI’ve got a slight obsession with Richard Youngs.  He’s one of those musicians where you never know exactly what you’ll get from listening to a new LP, especially as he battles Bob Pollard for one of the most prolific people out there.  He’s just announced a new album, Summer Through My Mind, which should be out on September 3rd via Ba Da Bing Records.  This track’s pretty simple, and if it weren’t for the odd little touches coursing through the track, it might be fairly redundant.  But, like Richard always does, his voice warms you over, and you’re drawn in from there.  Take a listen to the album’s title track.

Austin Spotlight: Genuine Leather

The_Viper_600pxIt’s always nice to start off the week with something catchy and fresh, so I figured this new hit from Austin’s Genuine Leather is the perfect way to get thing started.  The band is currently in the studio working on their upcoming LP, and this is our first taste.  It’s got crunchy guitar work to get things moving in the right direction, and the delivery of the vocals have this innate hook that encourages you to get down with the band. This track is perfect for wrapping up your summer with fun times, so make sure you include it in your next hit list.

More New Tunes from Modern Hut

HutPromo1.1I can’t say enough about how much I am enjoying Modern Hut right now. This new track from the songwriter features the voice of Screaming Females frontwoman, Marissa Paternoster, who just happens to be the most bad ass girl in rock n’ roll right now.  The duo have written a song that reminds me of a more serious version of The Moldy Peaches, with the focus on the lyrics here much more serious than something like “Who’s Got the Crack.”  It makes for a special listen, providing more anticipation for Generic Treasure, which hits stores on August 6th via Don Giovanni Records.

Smooth Dance with Barbarossa

barbarosaI’d be remiss if I didn’t post this track, as I’m really warming to the sound of Barbarossa.  On this song, the bass line works just beneath the vocals, providing a groove that gets your feet moving.  However, the track also has this bright pop explosion that bursts forth during the chorus that makes the song more than just a minimal electronic dance number.  You should all be on the lookout for the new record from the London producer on August 6th when Memphis Industries releases Bloodlines.

Angular Post Rock from TV Ghost

TVGHOST2_Greg_The_MayorListening to this new track from TV Ghost, I’m reminded of what I always expected Interpol to become.  Haunting vocal performances haunt the track, and the guitars cut in and out of the forefront of the song, often lurking back into a cave of distortion.  There’s this driving tension that holds the whole song together; it almost seems to have this beautiful insanity wrapped tightly beneath a blanket of crashing cymbals.   The fact that the song sprawls over five minutes long only adds to the feeling of impending doom, which, oddly enough, you’ll find yourself enjoying. Embrace it when the band release Disconnect on September 3rd via In the Red Records.

Catchy New Tune from Math and Physics Club

mathandphysicsI’ve already brought you one great tune from Matinee Recordings this week, and as promised, the label has more great music to share with you all. The latest song comes via Math and Physics Club; it’s easiest one of the catchiest tracks the band has composed to date.  The song opens with some drum work accompanied by hand-claps, just before the rest of the act joins in with infectious guitar lines.  Personally, aside from the clapping, I’m really finding myself attached to the lyrical delivery on this tune.  You’ll be wise to order the Long Drag 7″ straight from Matinee Recordings, and browse while you’re there…you’ll find tons of hits to order from one of our favorite labels.



Bright Pop from Army Navy

armynavyIt’s raining a ton here in Austin, well, it was, so I need something to lighten up everyone’s spirits as we call it a day over here at our office.  I figured the latest track from one of our favorites, Army Navy, would do just the trick. This time, there’s a bit more energy in the songwriting, though the band still maintains that gentle side that made them so endearing in the first place (see 1.07). If the band can keep writing tracks like this one, we’ll all see their popularity continue to grow and grow…that’s a good thing! You can find this track on their Crushed EP, which comes out on August 20th.

Check Out New Rock from Joanna Gruesome

joannagruesomeA long while ago I posted a hit from Joanna Gruesome, and it appears Slumberland Records were watching, as they just picked up the Cardiff group to release the band’s debut album, Weird Sister.  On the first single from said album, the group comes out with a rioting rock taste, blasting off noisily.  But, one of the reason’s I love the band is evident in the track too; they pull back from the barrage of noise and add a sweetness to the track, with softer melodies and a bit of serenity….of course they blast right back off again.  You can grab the album from the group on September 10th when it hits stores.

Floating Pop from Money

MONEY-byJulienBourgeois02-e1331244412408There’s really not too much information floating about for Manchester outfit, Money, although they did get a decent response with their Cillian Murphy directed video.  I’m pretty impressed with the group’s sound, with the group making stunningly dense pop tunes with various movements within their tracks.  You’ve got to listen carefully to grasp, or hear rather, all the tiny touches the band put into their songwriting.  Should make for a remarkable debut when they release The Shadow of Heaven on August 26th via Bella Union.

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