New Music from Death Vessel

deathYou know those artists that lurk in the shadows, only rearing their head whenever they feel the need?  They’re the artists you yearn for, the ones you hope release new music as often as possible.  Well, Death Vessel is one of those musicians for me.  We haven’t heard from him since 2008, and we raved and lauded his last effort, so my expectations for Island Intervals are quite high at the moment, especially after hearing this first single.  You can hear Jonsi of Sigur Ros singing accompaniment, adding a remarkable touch to the song. You can pick up the record on February 25th from Sub Pop.

New Music from Desert Noises

desertnoisesAs we gear up towards the 2014 releases, here comes news of a band that’s slowly making waves here in the States, Desert Noises. The music on their first single from the upcoming album has the band playing a grassroots Americana stomp, similar to what we’ve come to expect from bands like Cave Singers.  Of course, there’s lots more slide guitar work and less gruff qualities, but perhaps that is the cup of tea you’ve been waiting to drink.  Their upcoming album is titled 27 Ways, and it’ll see a March release courtesy of SQE Music.

Slow Jam from Secret Boyfriend

secretboyfriendredoI’m not sure what all the monikers in the musical world really mean, aside from things like psych rock, but if I were to label something as “dark wave,” I’d hope that it sounds exactly like this new single from Secret Boyfriend.  It’s the one-man project of Ryan Martin, and while the music definitely has this dark electronic touch to it, there’s this really gentle undertone that’s delivered by way of the vocals.  It’s not a full on juxtaposed composition, but it illustrates the varied sound you can come to expect when This Is Always Where You’ve Lived comes out on December 9th via Blackest Ever Black.

Dance & Drift with Gardens & Villa

dunesThe California based Gardens & Villa have always had this underlying electronic influence in their music, even though they’re often labeled as a band with folk influences (see flute solo below), and that aspect is pushed even further on the latest single released from the band.  There’s a natural groove to the song, fitting perfectly with the high pitch of the vocals on the tune.  Their new record is titled Dunes, and it’s going to see a February 4th release from Secretly Canadian.  This is like a less-pretentious version of what Arcade Fire seems to be doing…which in the end makes it pretty enjoyable.  I’m going to enjoy this jam for the rest of the day.

New Music from Majical Cloudz

Majical CloudzWithout a doubt, the music of Majical Cloudz is something that’s really reinvigorated my faith in music.  I’ve caught the duo on several tours through Austin, and was floored by how powerful Impersonator was.  Today we bring you the latest tune from the act, which again, really just focuses on this simple layering in the distance, while Devon Welsh’s vocals carefully walk along the soundscape created by his partner.  In my mind, there’s never a bad time to post a song by this group, and if you haven’t, you should go visit their recent LP; it’s remarkable.

Captured Tracks Signs Axxa/Abraxas

axxaI’m continuously impressed with the growth of Captured Tracks.  What was once a label heading in one direction, they’ve expanded with their Re-Issues (The Servants, Flying Nun, etc), and they continue with their recent signing Axxa/Abraxas.  This definitely continues the label focus on guitar playing, but there’s something different going on in the way the music is crafted, offering up more of a swinging sensation via the band’s psychedelic influences.  It’s good to see a roster grow, especially when the music is as exciting as that being created by this band; the label will release the band’s self-titled debut next March.

Temples Sign with Fat Possum

templesLooks like 2013 is pretty much behind us, musically speaking.  We’re all starting to look forward towards releases for 2014, and one of the hottest names on that list is Temples.  They’ve just released the single for their debut, Sun Structures, which will see a release on Fat Possum on the 11th of February.  There’s a propulsive element to the track, but the lyrics have this lofty quality that demonstrates the pop-centric approach of the band’s sound.  I love how they go from pushing forward, to breaking things down, momentarily going for a softer moment.  2013 was good, but looks like 2014 has plenty to offer as well.

Jangling Pop from Mumbly

mumblyOk, so I admit that the jangling adjective might be a little played out, but I think it’s a pretty spot on way to approach this song from Mumbly. What’s unfortunate is that while the song is new to most fans, the band is no more.  They’ve been silent for 15 years, though this piece is finally coming to life thanks to Dufflecoat Records opting to release the Mumblybule EP. I’m not sure exactly what the release will include, nor when it will come out, but you can’t deny the infectious tunes their modern day glory.  One listen to this and you’ll be remiss that you weren’t on this sooner…at least that’s how I’m feeling as I listen.

More Indiepop from Math and Physics Club

mathMan, seems like almost five months since I’ve written about Math and Physics Club, and that’s precisely the perfect time to reintroduce you to one of the greatest indiepop acts bouncing around at the moment. The band is readying the release of Our Hearts Beat Out Loud, and this is their second single off the album.  It’s got a steady bounce from the get-go, and the casually soft delivery of the vocals are precisely what we’ve come to expect from the band.  I’m digging the way the guitar has a tendency to move back and forth between the bass and the drums, seemingly snaking its way for maximum pop effect. You can grab the CD from Matinee Recordings…it’s a must have for the end of the year.

Plateaus Release New Jam

Plateaus1Plateaus have been a band we’ve been following for some time here at ATH, and they’e quietly gone about their business; they even released a brand new 10″ that I didn’t even know existed, until I caught sight of the Sasquatch fold out that serves as the see for the Wasting Time 10″.  Had it been some random band with colored vinyl and Bigfoot on the cover, I would have got it anyways, but it rocks even more because it’s a band I adore.  I think you’ll find the below track rather enjoyable, as it encompasses the catchy group playing with a hard edge.  You can still grab yourself a few over at Mt. St. Mtn., or just enjoy the jam below.

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