Slow Number from Chelsea Wolfe

I’ve raved about the songstress Chelsea Wolfe in the past, having fallen in love with her haunting pop last year on Apokalypsis.  Now she returns with a softer affair, one based mostly on her voice and acoustic instrumentation, though other bits are added.  She seems much more confident this time around, having settled completely into her remarkable voice.  Her new album, Unknown Rooms, comes out on October 16th, and it’s definitely going to be a must have as we move into the wintry months. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

New Pop Tune from Patrick Wolf

I’m not quite sure why the states haven’t completely warmed to Patrick Wolf, the 28 year old songwriter with exceptional gifts.  Perhaps it has been the fact that he’s changed his persona from time to time, such as in the picture featured here, then moving forward to his more clean cut look of present.  Regardless, I’ve been obsessed with his music for so long, and that only continues to grow as news comes of an upcoming October release for a new record, Sundark and Sunlight.  According to Patrick, he really wanted to go back to his roots, influenced by what an artist can do acoustically, then adding lush arrangements.  It’s very much what expect, which is glorious. Love this dude.  


Download:Patrick Wolf – Overture [MP3]

New Single from Gap Dream

I’ve been really pleased with the output from Suicide Squeeze Records this year, already releasing hits from King Tuff and Iron and Wine.  They’re gearing up for another 7″ from Gap Dream titled Ali Baba.  I love the casual way this songs opens up, not really forcing the issue.  For the most part, the song trickles in the same manner throughout, with Gabe Fulvimar sitting around kicking out his vocals in a calm and cool manner.  I have a feeling that a lot of people are really going to enjoy this tune…it’s like a garage rocker for the laid back type.

New Jam from Broncho

I went to school in Oklahoma, so I’ve got to rep the OK bands from time to time.  One of the acts that’s been on my radar is Broncho, kicking out catchy garage jams that encourage anthemic sing-alongs. The group has just put out their debut, Can’t Get Past the Lips, and now they’re in the full swing of a nation-wide tour.  If you’re looking for hooks and a bit of grit that harkens back to the swagger of the 70s, then you’re definitely going to love listening to this group.  They’ll be playing a show in Austin at FFF Fest Nites over at Red 7, so get your ears ready.


Show Preview: Politics @ Mohawk (9.14)

Date Friday, September 14th
Location Mohawk
Doors 1100 pm
Tickets $5 at the Door

You want to know how the Twin Shadow set went? Well, you can hear from everyone in attendance if you show up at 11 to catch two of the hottest acts in Austin.  The after party is being hosted by the Mohawk, featuring both Politics and Orthy.  Personally, I dig them both, but Orthy has been really impressing us over at ATH with their live sets.  It’s going to be a cheap night where you can file into the bar, dance a little bit, and leave feeling like you might have caught the best show in town that no one was talking about. Don’t believe me? Show up; you’ll see.

New Gem from I Was A King

One of the band’s I can’t get enough of is I Was A King, a great power-pop act from Norway.  They’re about to release their third album, You Love It Here on October 5th overseas (the band is currently looking for US representation!), and if you don’t love this song, something’s got to be wrong with you.  It’s got an effortless cool to it, with a wonderful central hook and a melody that’s going to have you salivating for more from the group. If you needed further proof that this group was on top of their game, you need look no further than the production credits attributed to Norman Blake and Robyn Hitchcock.  After you stream the song, check out this video that goes along with it HERE. This is going to make your day, I promise.

New Art Pop from Vinyl Williams

When the word art pop gets thrown around, it can weird some people out.  We’re not all ready to invest in the inner workings of an artist, but I assure you, it will be worth your time if you give some of your day to Vinyl Williams.  Lionel Williams is the artist here, and he’s created this captivating number that has the ability to alter your mental state.  Guitars move in and out while the vocals hauntingly float atop the mix.  You’ll find more songs just like this on November 13th when he releases Lemniscate via No Pain In Pop.

Great New Lo-Fi from Fantasmes

I haven’t really been able to find some super punk rock lately, so I’ve been delving into some weird lo-fi tunes left and right.  My latest discovery, via some secret special friends, comes to us by way of Puerto Rico/NYC outfit Fantasmes.  Their latest effort Redness Moon just came out today, and this title track is something I’ve been obsessing over.  Whether it’s the brooding music or the way the lyrics casually glide over it all doesn’t matter, but what matters is that I’m just going to play this song on repeat.  I can see some psychedelic links too, so that should appease friends looking to drop out.  Regardless, it’s interesting, so give it a go.



New Music from Villagers

Long ago I raved about Becoming a Jackal, an album by Villagers that I think a lot of people really overlooked.  But, now they’re back with a brand new single that is scheduled to come out on October 22nd, and with a recent tour with Grizzly Bear, I think they might finally start to break into the big time.  “The Waves” is every bit as dramatic as the earlier output from the band, but this one has a different approach.  For me, this tune utilizes the electronic production as its backbone, and the emphatic beauty ensues.  I just picked this up on iTunes, so you too can grab it early if it suits your fancy.



New Pop Tunes from Generationals

We’ve long supported Generationals over here at ATH, and I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon.  There’s something effortless about the way they construct their tunes, and this new single definitely epitomizes that aspect; it’s not overly produced, with just a simple vocal over an electronic beat in the background.  You can find this song on their upcoming Lucky Numbers EP, which will be available to the masses on October 2nd.  It seems to have a lot less of the guitar hooks, but when it sounds this good, who cares.

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