Another New Blanche Blanche Blanche Tune!

blancheMan, I’m really digging what Blanche Blanche Blanche has been putting out.  It’s like this weirdo post-punk meld with touches of industrial added in for fun.  This new track has some weird effects on Sarah Smith’s vocals, which still have this dark sterility feeling.  Sounds dangerous and odd right? It is, but there’s still this level of attachment that comes for listeners via the driving spirit that creates the constant tension in the track.  Their Breaking Mirrors LP will be released by Wharf Cat Records on November 5th, next week!

New Music from Magic Trick

EMP019_Jacket_Front_med_125233I hate to be that guy, but I am that guy.  I love pretty much anything and everything that Tim Cohen touches. His work with Magic Trick seems to have taken an even softer approach today, with his latest single hitting the streets.  It’s a gentler man than his other gig, which is why we I love getting to see the two sides of Mr. Cohen; it’s great to see that our favorite songwriters have other outlets and are pushing themselves. His new effort, River of Souls, looks to be wrapping up the year nicely, seeing a release date of December 3rd on Empty Cellar Records.

Newish Jam from Anne

Anne_photo1.1Brian’s usually our electronic know-it-all, but I think I’m beating him to the punch here, though we’re both a few weeks late on this one.  The latest single from Anne is pretty rad; it’s got this driving synthetic beat that unites with these dark post-punk vocals.  Beneath the main beat, there’s another beat that seemingly builds the tension, which propels the song forward.  Anne‘s new EP, Jerusalem, is out today via Run For Cover Records, and those of you who’ve got a hankering for darkness with your electro-pop sensibilities will find the perfect way to spend your afternoon by clicking on the track below.

New (ish) Boomgates Tune

boomI feel like I should name this post “Keeping it Australia.”  I just posted about one Bedroom Sucks act yesterday, but I really want to continue my praise for the label by encouraging you to listen to the latest tune from Boomgates.  The group released Double Natural and really caught my attention, but now that they’re going to have a split 7″ with The Bats, I’m pretty sure the group’s on the top of their game.  I love how the female and male voices work together on this tune, while the guitar takes its own fuzzy meander through the track.  Definitely keeping you on the Australian tip this week.

Running in the Fog Sign with Father/Daughter Records

runningWe’re really happy for the folks over at Father/Daughter Records. 2013 has seen the label push forward with great releases from the likes of Body Parts and others; they’ll continue their climb with the signing of Running in the Fog.  The name is the moniker for Amanda Harper, whose incredible voice dominates this very first single.  I think perhaps the greatest quality about this track is that there’s such a huge focus on the pristine nature of her voice and the accompanying instrumentation; it’s a focus that I think a lot of people have forgotten.  You can pick up the digital six song EP, titled Silver, on December 10th, just in time for a sweet gift on the holidays.

Old Jam from Rat Columns

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}It’s been really slow around the email world lately, and nothing was really pushing my hair back, so I just opted to spend my entire weekend cruising the back catalogues of the Internet.  One of the jams that I really love is this tune below from Australia’s Rat Columns.  Personally, I love the sound of the guitar alone, but combined with the natural energy of the group, it’s just a rad song all around.  Kind of makes me wonder where the great American guitar pop bands have gone.  Anyways, you can grab some copies of their Sceptre Hole LP from Smart Guy Records.

Pop Tune from LVL UP

lvlupDon’t get sucked into the fact that this tune opens up as a semi-folk number; it’s nowhere near that.  It takes a few seconds, then driving guitar riffs and crashing cymbals echo throughout your ears.  It’s a weird cross between Weezer‘s pop sensibility and the oddball song construction of Built to Spill.  It’s another great tune from LVL UP, which will be offered to the masses via a split with Porches.  These young New Yorkers definitely have something rad going on, so we’re interested to see where they’ll be going in the very near future.  With catchy tunes like this one, I’m sure they’ll have no problem winning us over.

New Music from Day Ravies

dayI wrote about Day Ravies a while ago in support of their first single from their new release, and I’ve been keeping an eye on them, considering them to be one of my two favorite up-and-coming Australian acts (the other being the Stevens).  The band will be releasing a new LP, Tussle, on November 10th, and you can listen to their entire album over on their Bandcamp page.  The tune below is one of my favorite of the 12, featuring this beautiful guitar sound and a soft vocal, which gets some backing assistance from the female voices in the band.  It’s a really special listen, and one you should take a gander at if you have some time this Friday.

Fun Little Ditty from Life

lifeI’m always trying to find good songs that don’t get a lot of other coverage, and that’s how I stumbled upon this sweet rocker from Life. This song popped up the other day, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since then, providing equal amounts of hooks and rythmic bounce for your ears.  You’ll be able to find this tune on the band’s most recent 7″, with this song taking up the A side.  You need eregy and fun, then look no further than this UK act to help you on your way.  

Everyone Loves This New Kevin Morby Track

kevUsually when everyone lauds a new tune, it’s either because it’s incredible or because there’s tons of unnecessary hype.  In the case of this new piece from Kevin Morby, who spends a lot of time in Woods and The Babies, it’s mostly the former.  The tune is sprawled carefully across Morby’s vocals, moving quiet slowly, with ornate little touches of detail added in all the right places.  I’m reminded a bit of The Clientele, especially when you get to the 2.5 minute mark…that’s not a bad thing in my mind. You can grab his new record, Harlem River, on November 26th via Woodsist.

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