Avi Buffalo’s Happy Return

aviI don’t know if it’s nostalgia, or if the return of Avi Buffalo is really winning me over.  Yesterday his latest single popped up, and  I just absolutely fell in love…making me what took so long for the songwriter to get it going again.  Something in the vocal reminds me of Jason Lytle, and I can hear a bit of that grandiose musical approach in the songwriting that was used by Lytle’s band Grandaddy.  If you’re not in love with this song, that’s fair, but we can’t be friend; I’m sorry. Look for At Best Cuckold to be in stores on September 9th, courtesy of Sub Pop.

King Tuff Returns with New Album

King Tuff Band PhotoIt hasn’t been too long since King Tuff‘s last record, but he’s back with new jams…and maybe a little bit of a new spin.  This new track starts off almost in a classic rock manner, and then moves into his standard fare.  But, around the 1.40 minute mark, the song turns into a progressive jam moment.  It makes sense reading the new page on Sub Pop, who will be releasing the album.  It talks about battled between God and the Devil, and fire obsessions…yet the heart of it all still are hooks.  Tuff can do whatever he wants, as long as he keeps those hooks.  We’ll find out on September 23rd, when Black Moon Spell hits stores.

Welcome Back Avi Buffalo

PrintI sort of feel like Avi Buffalo was the great band that many people forgot about, which is fair, as the band’s fallen mostly silent since the release of their debut of their self-titled album in 2010.  But, an amped up schedule of touring, including this year’s SXSW (where I caught them) indicated that they were ready for a return.  This track does a great job filling in on the promise that their debut offered, using spritely hooks to capture the listener.  After repeated listens, count me in as one of the many that’s on board with anticipation for the group’s new album, At Best Cuckold, which will see a release of September 8th via Sub Pop.

Love Me Some Chad VanGaalen

chadhiresThe great thing about running ATH is all the different personalities that help make this site go.  When it comes to Chad VanGaalen, I’ll admit that RayRay and I wholeheartedly disagree.  RayRay says it’s not his bag, and I get that, but I just love the dude, especially this new song, “Monster.”  There’s a bit of a warble in the vocals, which is part of the draw to me; I like that sort of affectation, particularly when the lyrical content is clever, as you’ll see when you listen to the tune.  His new record is titled Shrink Dust, and you’ll be able to get your hands on a copy on April 29th, courtesy of Sub Pop.  Listen to why I love this man below.



New Music from Chad VanGaalen

chadvangThe last time we heard from Chad VanGaalen everything was really pretty; the songs he constructed on Diaper Island were well constructed and pristine.  While he’s taking a similar approach on his new effort, there’s a definite difference in the recording itself; it features this static wash that’s layered atop his organized songwriting process.  It leaves you with quite an impression, as the harmonious element is surrounded by a wall of discord, creating an effect that’s rather unsteadying.  I’m sure we’ll get a better look at what he’s trying to accomplish when we get the full listen to Shrink Dust, his latest effort for Sub Pop; it comes out on April 29th.

Catchy Tune From The Notwist

524713_10151949823411108_1751919683_nI’ve long been a fan of The Notwist, and hearing news of their return this year has peaked some major musical intrigue in my mind.  I love the pop sensibilities here with it’s hurried beat accompanied by the always smooth and calming vocals of Acher.  This is already a front runner for one of my tracks of the tear.  Duh.

We’ll be anxiously awaiting the February 25th release date of new album Close to the Glass via Sub Pop.

New Music from Death Vessel

deathYou know those artists that lurk in the shadows, only rearing their head whenever they feel the need?  They’re the artists you yearn for, the ones you hope release new music as often as possible.  Well, Death Vessel is one of those musicians for me.  We haven’t heard from him since 2008, and we raved and lauded his last effort, so my expectations for Island Intervals are quite high at the moment, especially after hearing this first single.  You can hear Jonsi of Sigur Ros singing accompaniment, adding a remarkable touch to the song. You can pick up the record on February 25th from Sub Pop.

New Track from Head and the Heart

headAdmittedly, I’m not completely sold on The Head and the Heart, but they have two things going for them.  For one, they’re trusted by Sub Pop, which says a lot considering the label’s home to some of my favorites.  Second, this song is just really solid and hard to ignore.  My issue with the band was that I felt their first release was a little uneven, but both the tracks I’ve listened to from their forthcoming Let’s Be Still have been super impressive, leading me to believe that this could be the record that cements the group as a huge act across the globe.  If you’re into folk-influenced pop music then I think this one’s for you.

We Love Obits…and Their New Single

ObitsI’ve actually grown to appreciate  Obits as their own entity; I used to love them based solely on their earlier bands.  On this new song, the second single from their upcoming album, they’re, surprisingly, not going on full blast.  There’s still that rawness, which admittedly can be attributed to the vocals, but the warmth of the guitar towards the end of the track really finds the band going in different directions.  Bed Bugs is the title of the new album, and it’s being released by Sub Pop on September 10th; are you ready to rock?


Download: Obits – Spun Out [MP3]

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