More New Music from Poor Moon

It’s clearly a chilled out week on the Internet, as shown by us over here at ATH; this new track from Poor Moon is just another such example.  There’s an element of tropicalia/lounge act going on in this song; it’s got a similar touch to Jens Lekman‘s work of late.  After recently releasing an EP, the group is slated to unleash a self-titled full-length via Sub Pop on August 28th, and I’m hoping it all shapes up to sound just like this here.  Something about summertime and warm weather makes this song really come alive down here in Texas, or it’s just a great song all around.  I’ll take it either way.


Download:Poor Moon – Holiday [MP3]

Beach House – Bloom

Rating: ★★★½☆

Let’s face it, there’s no one out there crafting music just like Beach House.  That is, except Beach House.  Seems redundant doesn’t it? Well, if you’re looking for a fault on the band’s fourth LP, then it might be that the group seems a bit cornered on Bloom.  While the music itself is beautifully emotional, it’s not too far from where they left off with Teen Dream; that’s going to appease hordes of folks, but it might also leave some detractors this go round.

Beach House has a knack of opening an album with brilliance, much like they do here with “Myth.” That twinkling keyboard line complimented by the lofty vocals of Victoria Legrand demonstrate that the duo will continue to find themselves atop year-lists, with few songs capturing the eloquent pop of this track.  When the group takes a slight turn near the 2 minute mark it’s clear to any listener that few songs can eclipse this one.  Bloom is filled with similar moments like this opener, but it’s hard to top your first impression of this listening experience.

“Lazuli” seems to have a bit more sparkle to its construction, which enables the track to stand out from many others on the record.  There’s an underlying quality of brightness to this track that’s not always present with regards to the wistful quality of Legrand.  You get the feeling that she pushed herself here in the studio, and it pays off huge dividends…these are the moments you long for from a group with such a distinctive sound.  Other moments such as this one exist on the record, and Bloom succeeds due to their presence.  “The Hours” is the shortest of the tracks on the record, and its brevity definitely is filled by the group pushing for a slightly different sound, be it the vocals or the guitar work.  And near the end, “On The Sea” gives us a completely different side of Beach House, using a less electronic side of the keyboard.  Really it’s Victoria who steals the show, and while there’s still that element of smoky fuzz in her voice, you’ll also notice a songstress giving the recording of a lifetime (in my opinion).

You see, Bloom has absolutely fantastic elements sprinkled here and there for the listener, so be sure to listen to the record through and through.  However, other tracks do find the group in some middling territory, seemingly unable to escape the remarkably distinct sounds they’ve created in the past few years.  Those moments were beautiful, but at times they do come across as a bit of audio overkill. Beach House is growing here, showing glimpses of new dynamics in their songwriting; they just haven’t completely distanced themselves from Teen Dream.  For some, that’s exactly what you’re looking for this go round; others, like myself, love it, but can’t wait to see where the group takes us on the next go round.


Download:Beach House – Myth [MP3]

More New Music From Husky

We knew little to nothing about Australian band Husky when we heard that they signed a deal with indie giant Sub Pop Records.  Now that we’ve had a listen to some of the band’s tuneage, we are offering up our support of the band and their hushed experimental folk style sound.  This new song “History’s Door” will also appear on the band’s upcoming U.S. re-release of their album Forever So.  It’s purty good.


Download: Husky – History’s Door [MP3]

New Tune From Father John Misty

I’m sure many of you know this, but let’s at least do our due diligence and note that Father John Misty is the official solo/side project of J. Tillman.  I get a bit hesitant to call it the guys first solo album, as some will do, but I just don’t see how a guy with a slew of recorded material under his own name will ever have a “debut” LP.  This is the first LP under the FJM name however, which goes by the name Fear Fun, and comes out May 1st on Sub Pop Records.  The songs within the album will give you a somewhat more upbeat feel from Tillman as opposed to his more recent solo work.  Until the release date, check out this new song “Nancy From Now On” and let us know what ya think.


Download: Father John Misty – Nancy From Now On [MP3]

Great Jam from Jaill

A few weeks back Sub Pop announced that it’d be releasing the new album from the trio, Jaill.  Their last effort, That’s How We Burn, is a vastly underrated record, unless, of course, you’re in the know. Their new set of songs is titled Traps, and it’ll be out June 12th.  Just one listen to this and you’ll hopefully see why I’m so excited to hear the whole collection. It’s got just the right amount of hooks, a bit of quirkiness in the vocals, and even a bit of foot-tapping going on.  If this is how I kick off summer, it can’t get here soon enough!


Download:Jaill – Waste A Lot Of Things [MP3]

New Jam from King Tuff

It’s crazy that Sub Pop just released this track by their newest signee, King Tuff, because I just bought the 3 7″ singles collection from Suicide Squeeze yesterday afternoon. KT used to jam with Happy Birthday, and he’s been banging around on his own for a long time as well.  The label will be releasing his self-titled debut on May 29th of this year, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a lot of fun jamming out to this.  Garage rock with hooks galore, just like the track we’ve got featured for you below!


Download: King Tuff – Bad Thing [MP3]

Sub Pop Records Sign Husky!

Well, we didn’t really know who Husky was either, until we read up on the Well ourselves.  Sub Pop officially signed their first Australian band, and considering we have a bit of adoration for all things Oceania, we had to fill you in.  The foursome released their record, Forever So, last year in Australia, and their new US label will be re-releasing it on July 10th.  On this track, I appreciate that there are touches every day indie rock, but slight details allow the central harmony to rise to the forefront in this track. They’ve also got a pretty interesting video to accompany the song that you can check out HERE.


Download:Husky – The Woods [MP3]

Funx3 Fest Interviews: Memoryhouse

As we get closer and closer that fateful date marking the beginning of our beloved Fun Fun Fun Fest, it’s time to get down to business. Let’s begin with a few interviews spotlighting some of our favorite bands playing the festival. Today we’ll bring you our very first Fun Fest interview focusing on Sub Pop band Memoryhouse. After the jump you’ll find interview questions from composer Evan Abeele.

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New Music From Still Corners

I somehow missed on new music from Still Corners when it was announced awhile back, but I’m on board new and have been enjoying the new album Creatures of an Hour.  Prior to it’s release date on October 11th via Sub Pop, I can only offer you a taste of the album with it’s second single entitled “Into the Trees”.  Hopefully it will help point you in the direction of that release date.  The first single from the record, “Cuckoo”, can be heard over on the Sub Pop website.


Download: Still Corners – The Hunt [MP3]

More New Music from Blouse

Portland-based Blouse have been making their way around the Interwebs with a slew of recent 7″ releases, the most recent coming on Sub Pop. As it stands now, the band’s signed up with Captured Tracks for the release of their self-titled debut, which will be released on November 1st.  This latest single begins with the quality of a warped recording, but if you can withstand that, there’s some blissful pop moments surfing thoughout the song, making for an elegany little listen.  Game, Blouse(s).


Download: Blouse – Videotapes [MP3]

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