Here’s the Next Guantanamo Baywatch Single

gbI have an inkling that it’s going to be a really good year for the trio that is Guantanamo Baywatch.  They had a really good buzz both before and after SXSW, and the more we hear from their forthcoming album, the more we here at ATH are falling in love.  Their latest track has the band falling in line with like-minded artists the Shivas or Shannon and the Clams; the bands all have a knack for blending elements of garage rock with the purity of doo-wop.  It’s the sort of tunes you’d play to let your folks get hip to your good tastes.  Look for Darling…It’s Too Late, their latest, on May 12th by way of Suicide Squeeze.

Sleepy Folk From Shana Cleveland and The Sandcastles

shanaWhile you may know Shana Cleveland as the front lady of La Luz, you may not know of her side project Shana Cleveland and The Sandcastles, but I’m here to fix that. She’s got a single from this upcoming record’s release called “Golden Days,” which is a softly brewing number of folksy acoustic sound that slowly creeps along. This song shows promise for the May 26th release of Oh Man, Cover The Ground with will be released through Suicide Squeeze Records.

Guantanamo Baywatch Brings Twang and Swing

unnamed-5If you didn’t catch the last release from Guantanamo Baywatch, then go hit up Dirtnap Records and see if they have any copies of Chest Crawl laying around.  The odds are that they don’t, which is probably why the band’s been snatched up by Suicide Squeeze for their new album, Darling It’s Too Late.  The band has always had a knack for building unity between punk and surf, but here they really spin it into an old school pop rock sound, the likes that had your parents (or my old folks) creating babies.  It’s passionate and soulful (thanks to some help from Curtis Harding), yet it’s oh so gritty and real. Look for the record to hit stores on May 12th.

Energetic Rocker from These Arms Are Snakes

these-arms-are-snakesPickings are slim at the record stores this week, unless you’re grabbing some leftovers from mini-Record Store Day.  But, one thing I want to pick up is this new 7″ featuring These Arms are Snakes.  For one, the group covers The Lost Sounds, which is one of those acts I wish people still cared about.  On the other hand, the flip side of the 7″ has a cover of the Gun Club by Coathangers, who I’ve been obsessing about all year.  Both songs, or covers, are right up my alley, so you can be sure that this will be in my little nerdy tote bag when I leave the shop.  Will it be in yours?

The Coathangers Ready New 7″

squeezerIf you haven’t read these pages since February, you might not be aware of how much I love the work of The Coathangers in 2014…not that the love wasn’t there beforehand, but it’s pretty strong this year after the release of their album Suck My Shirt.  The three ladies have readied a brand new 7″ for Suicide Squeeze where they’ll be covering “Sex Beat” by The Gun Club.  It’s just another example of their ability to add a gritty catchiness to anything they touch.  You’ll also be able to hear a song from These Arms are Snakes, who are splitting the 7″ with the band; it hits stores on December 2nd.

Missed This One: New Tune from Audacity

audacityLast year I was really digging the sounds of Audacity; this was fueled on by a great performance I caught of the band during SXSW.  That being said, I’m surprised I missed a new tune and 7″ announcement from the group, which has been billowing about for a week or two.  The band is one of those that offers up two sides of things, hitting fast and heavy or bringing some pop stylings…this round they’re landing more on the side of fast and heavy, and even a little brash.  I’m game for it all when it comes to this band, so check it out. You can grab the Counting the Days 7″ on December 2nd from Suicide Squeeze.

You’ll Want to Buy this Cherry Glazer 7″

cherryJust a few weeks ago I posted about the brand new 7″ from Cherry Glazer, which featured the hit, “Had Ten Dollaz.”  It was a sultry rocker that I couldn’t escape, playing the tune over and over again. But, now they’ve offered up the B-Side to the 7″ they’ll be releasing for Suicide Squeeze.  To me, this is probably one of the most promising young bands, and their knack for songwriting was already present on Haxel Princess, so consider this the biggest rising star for your money.  You cab pick up the new 7″ today.



Hear a New Single from Cherry Glazerr

cherrySucide Squeeze already released one gem of an album from a female-fronted outfit by way of the Coathangers, but dangit if this tune from Cherry Glazerr isn’t as good or better…the single that is.  The band is extremely young (2 members under 18), which is striking considering how strong this single is; it feels as mature as anything I’ve heard this year, or before for that matter. Clementine Creevy has a rather sultry voice, though there’s brief moments when she unleashes her raw power with a bit of a growl to her delivery.  This single is delicious. Going to play it all weekend. It’ll be available on October 28th in the 7″ and digital formats!

Suicide Squeeze to Issue Dasher 7″

dashFrom the moment this song kicks off, there’s something dangerous about this song from Dasher.  You can just hear the volume turned up to deafening levels in the live setting, with the vocals screamed in your face the entire set.  Your ears are going to take a pummeling, but that’s precisely why I feel like sharing it.  There’s an inherent violence in the tune, and in that approach there’s also a disregard for personal safety.  I’m hooked on it, so why not give it some space here. The Soviet 7″ will be released by Suicide Squeeze on October 14th…music to my ears.

Austin Spotlight (Sort of): New Music from This Will Destroy You

twdyTechnically, This Will Destroy You hailed from San Marcos, which is just a few minutes away from Austin, so we’ll gladly take them in as our own.  They’re crafting the sort of sprawling post-rock that was popularized by the likes of Mogwai and EITS, and they’re doing a pretty solid job.  On their latest single, the song opens with a rolling drum and a careful touch of keyboard notes, as guitars quietly begin to creep into the track.  Just before the 1 minute mark, those guitars begin to ring louder, distortion enters the picture, building towards a crescendo.  But, if I were to have a complaint, it would be that song doesn’t quite get there; there’s no ultimate crash that swoops in.  Of course, that also makes the group different, offering their own branding on the style.  Look for their latest album, Another Language, on September 16th via Suicide Squeeze.

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