Lightfoils Announce New Album

Chicago shoegazers Lightfoils have just announced that they’ll be dropping Chambers, their new LP, in mid-November. It’s the brand of shoegaze focusing on melody rather than on sheer noise, though that wall of distorted guitars definitely shines through from the background. Single Jane Nicholoson has a powerful voice that’s able to sort of ride out the noise of her bandmates, giving you these crisp notes that hang on every turn. Below you can stream the cut…and be reminded that this is the album edition…there’s a radio edit rocking around for those of you with short attention spans. Look for Chambers on November 16th.

FT5: Worst Songs About Summer

Well kids, summer is wrapping up so you know what that means. No, not time to go back to school … time to get in one last Top 5 about summer! Here at the ATH, we’ve covered all kinds of summer fun in the past few months. We released a glorious summer mixtape, songs for this summer’s World Cup, songs about heading west, songs of summer 2010 and songs about school being out for the summer. What songs about summer make your skin crawl? If you have the stomach for it, follow the jump and share in my agony.

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