Simmering Electronic Track From Sundayman

kyr-02aSundayman is the project ofKyriakos Moustakas, out of Greece, who produces and makes electronic music. He’s going to be releasing a new album on November 7th calledScene Missing, which will be a follow up to his first two albums. This track, “Alive,” puts Sundayman on your radar for upcoming releases– it’s a dark groove of hazy electronic music that slowly builds up over the course of its four minutes. Take a listen and enjoy below, then go pre-order the new album via Inner Ear Records.

Slightly Late To The Party: Sundayman


So this track has been gaining a bit of attention in internetland, and when you listen you’ll understand why. Sundayman is the project of Kyriakos Moustakas, who has been making tunes since the new millennium, but has only started to go public with them in the last five years or so. This track below, “On The Run,” is a simmering synth pop jam that somehow reminds me a bit of The Magnetic Fields in its hazy vibe. While this song is great from the start, it is taken up to the next level of infectious with the addition of guest vocals from Sarah P, whom you may know from Keep Shelly In Athens. I’ve been grooving to this song all day, and you should be too.