Surf Rock Is Dead Ready Their Debut

Surf Rock is Dead have made appearance on our pages before, but what better reason to bring up the band than to share a new track from the band’s forthcoming LP. Like earlier tunes, the group has a knack for building in these hooks that wrap themselves around your ears again and again. At times, the track has this great bounce to it, like early stuff from the Drums, but other times, the duo (now three-o) just build in these pop rock anthemic moments that dwell in the region of new dream pop stylings, accented by sharp guitar notes. No release date as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted, as I’m sure we’ll be talking about these guys quite a bit.

Another Jam from Surf Rock Is Dead

Not to long ago Surf Rock Is Dead graced our pages, and they’re here again with a brand new track for you to enjoy. Their guitar chords have this distant angular vibe, almost in a more pop-centric darkwave manner. But, the drums and bass give this track a little bounce, allowing for the vocals to playfully rise up and down in the front of the mix. Their We Have No Friends EP will be released by The Native Sound on October 6th, with the B-Side of the vinyl including the band’s first EP to round it out!

Surf Rock Is Dead Impress With New Single

Sometimes when you hear a song, you must instantly share it with others. Such is the case with this new beauty of a number called “As If” from NYC based duo Surf Rock is Dead. It certainly has a POBPAH sound to it with the super bright guitars and overall happy vibe to it. Seriously the song just immediately puts you in a better mood right? Check it out below.

Surf Rock is Dead will release new EP We Have No Friends? on September 22nd via The Native Sound.

Killer Track From Surf Rock is Dead

IMG_8926-1-5Now, that’s quite a silly name for a band, but this single below from the gentlemen is quite good. Surf Rock is Dead are a two piece with roots in Chicago and Melbourne, and this dichotomy of origin makes for an interesting sound. “Anymore,” the track I have for you today, blends quite a number of genres. For started, there’s the surfy guitar that welcomes you to the track, while the vocals harken back to 90’s emo bands. And then what starts as a jangly number becomes very streamlined toward the end; it’s an interesting blend, and I urge you to check it out. If you’re digging it, the band has an EP coming out soon on September 18th.