Melby Share Music Should Feel Single

I tend to agree with Melby here, as music should definitely feel, or at least make you feel. That said, I feel like this is the perfect track to entice the larger indie rock listeners, as it draws on the modern tropes, but still has those little details that make it feel like a wholly Melby tune. Matilda’s voice is so enticingly playful here that I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to the way we all fawned over Feist back in the day; it’s got that same joy in letting notes sort of rise and fall in syllables. You’ll get a dose of jazziness bubbling up, but ultimately, it’s a relaxed pop tune that doesn’t need much more than the band’s care, as the craft here is too superb to ignore. They’ll release Looks Like a Map via Rama Lama Records on October 21st.

Nova Blast Prep Debut LP

The opening moments of this new Nova Blast track feel like my head right now, ready to explode. Somehow, the song feels cathartic, like the noise can surround and comfort rather than build on anxieties. Interestingly, the Swedish band seem to balance their noisy brand of rock n’ roll with a bit of an allegiance to grunge vibes, as you can certainly hear this song fitting nicely into the 90s vibe. And, just as you feel your ears can take no more, the noise subsides, and the song comes to a rest, waiting to go again. The band release Eccolalia on September 16th via Rama Lama Records.

The Slow Summits Share Time’s On Your Side

Friday’s are perfect for Swedish pop songs, in my ears. You’re looking out the window, counting down the windows towards freedom, but as the Slow Summits detail in their latest single, “time’s on your side,” so be sure to take it all in. The song itself is a subtle jangling ditty, rolling and bouncing along the highway of life, all the while Anders drapes his velvety voice atop to layer more melody for your ears. For a band that claims that their “songs aren’t extraordinary,” they sure pack a charming punch that I can return to again and agin.

Straight Rocker From Sweet Teeth

Man Lovely Records (sorry no umlaut with our font) out Sweden has really been dropping some gems over the last few years and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite, and most trusted European labels. Keeping with their sort of post-punk meets modern rockers on the label is this new tune called “Break My Heart Again” from the Swedish group Sweet Teeth. The track is a short one at under 2 minutes, but it packs a ton of raw energy and sludgy guitar sounds into that short length. It’s hard not to listen several times in a row.

The Legends Share For Love Single

Johan Andergard has his hands in a lot of the great Swedish pop music I adore, from Acid House Kings to Club 8, but his solo work as the Legends always seems to always find the perfect home in my heart. This song, with an admitted study of the Field Mice, feels like is got this splendid gallop to it, like riding your horse through some sun-filled valley with flowered rolling hills. There’s just something about the vocals that lift your spirits, allowing you to peak in step with the tune itself, and a subtle backing vocal mixed in behind the front of the mix, furthering the song’s natural charm. Johan’s working on tons of tunes for 2022, so hopefully we’ll hear more soon!

Wy Share Something Amazing EP

If you aren’t a frequent reader of our site, you’ve probably missed our many posts about Swedish based band Wy. Over the last year or so, Nathan and I have truly been obsessed with the band’s music and their growth between each release. Never resting easy or showing an ounce of complacency, Wy has yet another release this week with their new EP Something Amazing. Simply put, these 3 tracks are downright stunning. Though it just came out, this is likely my favorite new music of the year. Enjoy.

The Mary Onettes Share What I Feel In Some Places

I’ve always been a huge Mary Onettes fan, their self-titled album is the one LP that I can’t get enough…nor get my hands on, sadly. Today, the band return for the first time since 2018 with the announcement of What I Feel In Some Places EP, and share the title track. Opening up, the song builds this dense atmosphere, foggy in the corners, melodic hints lurking in the shadows of the sound. When the vocals come into play, they create this beautiful moment of heartfelt pop where you can feel the emotionally charged moments rise out of the heavy groove behind. The band will release their new EP on July 1st, so its just around the corner!

Wy Continue to Grow with High Score

If you missed last year’s Marriage LP, then perhaps we haven’t done our part to turn you on to Wy, at least not properly. But, they’ve got a new EP on the way, and it continues to show how incredibly quickly they’ve broadened their sound, hitting on all the high notes we’d expect and then some. When the tune opens, it has this almost nostalgic pop lean to it, though enhanced by this heavy resonance that sets up Ebba’s vocal entry. She’s got this faint little quiver that toys with you, but as the track unfolds you see just how powerful her voice is, dominating the front of the mix. Still, careful ears will hear just how much effort was put into everything behind Ebba, with all sort of varying textures, balancing noisy bits with melodic ringing notes; it’s pop craftsmanship at its finest. The Something Amazing EP is out June 17th via Rama Lama Records.

Wy Share New Single + EP Announcement

Sweden’s Wy have already found great success with their last few releases, finally breaking into the US audience with the excellent Marriage LP (2021). Today, the group return with news of a fresh EP on the way, and they’re doing it in striking fashion. Ebba opens the tune with her vocals crawling atop light sonic touches. Soon, the guitar enters the picture, heavily breaking the barrier between pop and rock. Still, Ebba’s voice has this huge range to it, something that would put her right alongside current US darlings like Angel or Sharon. Something Amazing is on the horizon, and it will be released by the ATH revered Rama Lama Records.

ViVii Drop New Single, Vegas

One of the acts Brian and I really enjoyed at SXSW was Swedish trio ViVii; they offered up a dreamy brand of pop that actually felt like it was crafted in Texas. You can hear that in the band’s new single, particularly in the way the vocals seem to tumble across the track like weeds out on West Texas roads. Musically, things back up that approach, with guitar notes bending and turning, all the while hitting those crisp notes that feel like Summertime. It’s a nice little dreamy dose of pop from an act we’re really enjoying; keep an eye out for their new MaviDavilon EP, out June 3rd.

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