Henrik Appel Shares Another Wake Me Up

One time, I threw a show, and Henrik Appel played a nice little set. As he was jamming, I was like damn, he’s got some power for a one man show. In listening to this latest single from the forthcoming Humanity LP, you get that same feeling; he’s able to build what seems like a huge sound, though still woven in simplicity. Appel opens with a solid riff, almost muted in its presentation, ringing just barely behind Henrik’s voice. Soon, he’s joined by Emma Lind, who lends her voice to several tracks on the LP; she builds this nice contrast, texturing the song to craft that larger than life sound. Saxophone shouts come in near the song’s close, furthering the sonic exploration we’ve heard from the record thus far. Stoked to hear Humanity in its entirety; it drops via PNKSLM on January 8th.

Stephen’s Shore Announce Brisbane Radio EP

Those of you waiting to feel that uplifting strum of warm guitars and cool vocals can just stop and take a deep breath as you listen to the latest single from Sweden’s Stephen’s Shore. The band have been fairly quiet since their superb September Love LP, but this single comes with news that the quintet will release the Brisbane Radio EP early next year. On the title track featured below, you can feel the spring in your step, the bounce in your soul; it’s not too far off from the style of pop we all adored in the Locksmiths. It’s simplicity and execution make this the perfect go-to tune for any day, but we figured we’d let you feel the joy right now. If you love it, you’ll have to wait until the EP drops in late January, courtesy of Meritorio Records.

IIawgne Share Reverie Neverending

Really enjoying this new poppy gaze tune from Sweden’s llawgne; it had me fooled for a second with those opening 7 seconds, tempting me to cover my ears afraid of a wall of noise. Instead, they pull back on the squall and settle into this driving rythm so that when the need arises for the guitars to cut through, they’re almost dulled into this unintentional melodic jettison. You could easily see how toying with this in another direction would allow for this powerful noise statement, but as a sucker for pop sensibility, I’m not shying away from my adoration of this tune by any means. Go on, give a listen, won’t you.

Coral Share I Just Want You Cause You’re Gone

Coral is a new Swedish project that just recently popped up on my radar, primarily the work of Miranda Coral Engholm. I’m sharing this new single for multiple reasons. First, the video just reminds me of what it feels like to be fun and free. I know we can’t all get that now, but if this video offers and solace, then its done its job. Second, I can’t get the guitar line out of my mind; like its burrowed in their like some musical ceti eel. I want it to just kind of run though my brain all day in every little thing that I do. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Miranda has this sparkling voice to match that guitar line, creating this wonderful pop gem you’ll devour on this Monday.


The Legends Share Oh Well I Never Learn

Johan Angergard’s project, The Legends, will pop up its head from time to time, and due to his work with Club 8 (among other things), I’m always listening here. The latest release just dropped, dripping with this seductively warped electronic line that works subtly in unison with this minimal drum loop. Johan’s voice definitely helps add the melody, ensuring that we’re sufficiently up to par on our sugar tasting for the day. Love starting off with this tune, as it just has this effortless cool, but also as it seemingly slinks you into the working week.

Henrik Appel Announces New Album, Humanity

I wrote about Henrik Appel‘s Burning Bodies LP quite a bit back in 2018; I just loved the classic songwriting sound the Swede created on his debut solo LP. He’s back again with a new record slated for next year, and he’s pulling the same tricks; he kind of feels like he’s updating Johnny Thunders solo work, like a roots rock feel the ebbs and flows. Of course, there’s some slight arrangement work going on behind Appel’s voice here, building in the texture with horns and a rolling drum beat. There’s something really special about the simplicity of what Henrik is doing out there; I look forward to picking up Humanity when its released by PNKSLM in January of next year!

Loaver Share Apart Single

Fronting Kluster B clearly isn’t enough for Linnea Hall; she needed an outlet to explore other inspirations and ideas, outside of the realm of indie rock…thus we have her project Loaver. With this song as an indicator, we find Hall flirting with this sort of isolationist pop, at least at first; the tune is filled with empty space, letting Hall and creep through the tune with her vocals, in addition to a male vocal accompaniment. But, the song erupts, bursts into spasming atmospherics, shattering the sonic landscape before settling back to have Linnea’s voice beautifully inch towards the song’s close. Fern will be out worldwide courtesy of Rama Lama Records on October 30th.

Playful Pop Number from Club 8

I couldn’t imagine a better way for you kick off week than with this brand new single from Sweden’s Club 8. I honestly can’s stop pressing play on this one; it reminds me a lot of Chairlift’s “Bruises” in a certain sense, but still feels slightly refreshing. That’s entirely due to the interchange of the male/female vocal roles, and perhaps the more subtle organic feel of the song. You never really know what you’re going to get when this lot drop a release, but I do know one thing’s for sure…if you press play, you’re going to be wishing you could listen to this song for the rest of the day. Bet.

Slow Burner from Loaver

It always amazes me which voices the “media” choose to pick up, as we often overlook the gems right beneath our feet. I won’t be overlooking Loaver, the new project from Linnea Hall of Kluster B. She’s just dropped this strong pop number, built predominantly on her voice atop an electronic piano. Around the 2 minute mark, her voice is lifted with the additional bump of percussion, giving the faintest little energetic twist to the track, allowing her voice to sparkle during the chorus as she hangs her notes on the wind. If you dig it, this track will appear on Fern, which drops via Rama Lama Records on October 30th.

Bouncing Track From Carpet People

Sometimes on Friday mornings I will find myself in a sort of throwback mode, looking for something which might evoke just a bit of nostalgia. Today this feeling is brought out by the new Swedish based outfit Carpet People and their new song called “Dead Souls”. For me, this one hits on a sort of bouncing, late 90s alternative sound similar to bands like Travis if they added in a bit more of a current guitar pop sound akin to a band like Girls. It gives off a fun and carefree vibe.

Carpet People will be releasing this track on a new album entitled Kiss Me, I’m Crisis sometime later this year.

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