Poppy Surf from Delsbo Beach Club

Delsbo Beach Club are bringing in precisely what one would expect from the band’s name; they offer a poppy take on that Cali style beach vibe. Except, this group hails from Sweden, which is perhaps why there’s a dominating pop sensibility that runs throughout the tune. The vocals have a bit of distorted effect, which effectively encourages the ears to come closer to the speaker. With that, you’ll find a natural spring to your step created by delectable guitar notes. In the chorus there’s a slight turn away from the beach to a more intimate croon; it’s a swing of sorts, crafted in an indiepop manner. This single is full of promise, and it’s available now via Rama Lama Records.

Another Enchanting Boys Tune

Been listening to this new Boys track quite a bit this morning, continuing to find myself lost in the tune. Of course, I’m a sucker for anything opening with a piano as the backbone; you can hear the chords played in the background for the majority of the track, though they bounce up when necessary. While there’s a solemnity to the vocals of Nora Karlsson, there’s also this uplifting spirit that usually resides in the hearts of indiepop fans…most recently popularized by the likes of Alvvays (with a solid heart in Sweden’s pop). The song has this ornate quality to it that charms, presented so simply and openly.PNKSLM continues to release incredible LPs, and Rest In Peace should be no different when it drops on May 11th.

Fresh Music from New Feelings

There’s always a cycle of nostalgia in the music landscape; someone’s circling back to something in their record collection and presenting it in a new fashion. Thus, I introduce you to Sweden’s New Feelings. The band have just released their new single, and it’s striking from the moment the operatic vocal reaches through your speakers. The rest of the band strips things down, crafting a delectable club presence, equal part 80s retro and modern pop. As of now, this single is just a first step into what we hope are huge things from the Swedes; their new Introducing EP is being handled by Rama Lamafor a release on April 13th.

Delightful Pop from Salt Lake Alley

It’s totally cool if you’re drawn into this new Salt Lake Alley tune because of the seductive indiepop vibe that opens the band’s latest single. But, don’t go too far down, as the band burst forth with a blast of pop rock that kicks in with an swagger. Still, the melody is the bread-and-butter of the tune, so they spin back to the soft pop stylings for the kids. A lot of movement within the confines, guaranteeing you won’t find yourself bored when you listen to this track on repeat. This track is the A side to a new 7″ the band are releasing with esteemed label Cloudberry Records later this Spring.

New Jam from Swedish Act, Kluster

The latest signing to Rama Lama Records, Kluster, is jumping in with a creative blend of all things indie rock, and they’re pulling it off quite successfully. The song’s structures seem to dance around a tight mathy-prog vibe, but the space behind is constantly being interlaced with noise and elegant melody. The vocals from Linnea Hall naturally provide an infectious hook, especially in the way she curls the notes off at the end of each phrase. This track’s full of energy and creativity, and in the end, it’s as impressive a debut single as I’ve heard. Expect a full length in the very near future from the label.

Fun Pop Tune from Oxen

If you come here on the regular, you’re clearly aware of my affection for Swedish pop tunes, and Oxen gives me another chance to dote on the country’s pop scene. When this tune kicks off, it’s in a fairly lighthearted manner, twinkling guitar lines working over vocals and another layer of strummed guitar. But, soon the beat drops in and you’re tapping your toes along the ride as the guitars stutter to the infectious chorus. The young duo are still finishing up the work on their new album, with this being our first glimpse at the goods to come our way.

Pop Number from Rain on Monday

The moment the bouncing bass line jumped in on this Rain on Monday tune I was ready for the dance floor. It was going to be a solo outing, me dancing in place, swinging my arms awkwardly from side to side. Further on, the band seems to take notes from Shout Out Louds, though they offer a more subdued vocal turn during the chorus; there’s just a hint of gruffness through the tune. The group is a fairly new project from Sweden, so I promise to keep you informed as we get more info about the group in the future.

HOLY Announces All These Words Are Yours

Epic pop songs just don’t seem to be in fashion anymore, which I find a shame. Luckily, HOLY doesn’t seem to care about modern fads, as demonstrated by the lead single from the forthcoming album, All These Words Are Yours. In the opening ten seconds, a staggering bit of piano/synth has you searching for your balance; it’s slowly steadied by a loud guitar ring, accompanying strings and the voice of Hannes Ferm. Its 45 seconds of calming pop, all before the song erupts into this heavenly mid section that’s faintly reminiscent of J Spaceman’s work. Then moving along, just after the 3 minute mark, you’ll encounter a slight respite, almost an angelic chorale, but while important in the grand scheme of things, it’s brief. All of it is made more interesting when you find out Hannes played every note within the new LP. If you like to celebrate grandiose pop music, then consider picking up the record on January 26th via PNKSLM.

Airy Indiepop from The Seashells

It’s been just about two years since we last heard new music from The Seashells, and thankfully, they’ve just unleashed this delicate indiepop gem to warm you today. An angular guitar line is the dominant instrument here, working atop programmed drums loops as the charm of the vocals wash over you. Very slight backing vocals seep in, but the mood is still dominated by those guitar lines and the soft presentation of the lyrics. Mondays are made for being unexpectedly charmed, and this track does just that; we’ll keep you updated on release news if it comes our way.

Brilliant New Song From Shout Out Louds

I have no idea why ATH has yet to talk about the new Shout Out Louds records… Let me apologize profusely for our absent mindedness and hit you with latest teaser track from the new album “Paola”. Just sneaking in before the album’s release date tomorrow, this new single is classic SOL material and I couldn’t be happier. The rhythm section creates this tight, driving force to the song as the vocals from Adam Olenius play off the sounds perfectly. I forgot how much I like this band.

Shout Out Louds will release Ease My Mind on Merge tomorrow. Buy yourself a copy here.

Paola by Shout Out Louds on VEVO.

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