Springy Pop from Swimming Tapes

There’s a youthful vibrance to the work that Swimming Tapes have completed. You can hear that exuberance immediately in this new single, jangling away from the moment you press play. A steady beat goes along, allowing the guitar to ring just a bit louder, all the whiles the vocals circle around your ears. They take you on the dreamier side of guitar pop, and you’re grateful for it. They’ll release their Soft Sea Blue EP on September 15th, so expect continued joy from their forthcoming release.

Bright New Single From Swimming Tapes

I might be a bit late in sharing this one, but who cares really when the song is so good. The song is “Whats On Your Mind” and is brought to you by London based group Swimming Tapes. It reminds me a bit of a band like Beach Fossils with it’s bright and sunny guitars over quiet, yet perfectly placed vocals. This should be an easy listen and easy song to enjoy for just about anyone.

Swimming Tapes will release new EP Soft Sea Blue on September 15th via B3SCI Records in the U.S. and Hand in Hive Records everywhere else.

Enjoy This Beauty From Swimming Tapes

13237662_1095128163888521_9221963997744131932_nThis new song entitled “Set The Fire” by London based band Swimming Tapes premiered elsewhere yesterday and it’s too good for me not to share despite my tardiness. To begin with, this song is just so damn dreamy, it’s giving me all the warm feelings this morning. I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard of this band prior to yesterday, but with promising sounds like this, I’ll be paying closer attention from here on it. Stay tuned.