SXSW Watchlist: The Hours

hours_closeup_mattiaThe Hours are a band making their first trip to the US from across the pond in the UK.  Antony Genn and Mark Slattery are founding members of the band and began recruiting additional musicians since forming in 2004.  Mixing and blending pop driven rock similar to other hot UK bands, yet creating their own sound, The Hours are a band you won’t want to miss during SXSW.  Follow the jump for a short interview with Antony Genn of The Hours, see some SXSW dates and grab a song.

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SXSW Watchlist: Eulogies

eulogies321150_largeWith such a direct reference to sadness in their band name, you’d think that Eulogies might just be another one of those sad bastard types.  Leading man Peter Walker clarifies that he doesn’t focus on remembering the dead, but rather “saying those things that someone would say only at that moment but wish they had said right now”.  Take that idea of true sincerity in the lyrics with a superb backing indie rock band, and you’ve got Eulogies in a nutshell.  The band is also about to release their sophomore effort LP Here Anonymous out April 7th on Dangerbird Records.  Follow the jump to read a brief interview with front man Peter Walker, see some SXSW dates and hear a tune.

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guideSo we here at ATH are finally ready to give you some advice on what you should be doing during SXSW. To do this, we got together and created a fancy SXSW website to guide you on your way. The site features the lowdown on the best Free/RSVP parties for each day starting tomorrow! We’ve included lineups, times, links to RSVP and even a handy PDF that you can print and take with you. If that wasn’t enough, our good friend Bonnie Walton (she’s kind of a big deal) created a food guide for you out-of-towners. Head to now to check it out. We hope you enjoy!

FT5: SXSW Myths

0313top5coverWhen surfing the ol’ interwebs around this time of year I find all kinds of posts about our famous little SXSW festival that goes on every March. Lucky for me, I chose a career in education so I get to spend the whole week wasting my life away and killing precious brain cells with loud music and alcohol. It seems like every year I come across a music fan or two who really wants to be a part of this party but just doesn’t know where to begin. Do I need to drop the cash on one of those wristband thingies? Do I need tickets? Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll answer those questions and more in our Friday Top 5 focusing on the top myths about SXSW.  Follow the jump to read the full list.

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SXSW Watchlist: Elvis Perkins

2007_10_elvisperkinsElvis Perkins has persevered through a lot of adversity in his lifetime.  His father, famous actor Anthony Perkins, passed away while Elvis was still in high school and his mother perished on famous American Airlines Flight 11 during the tragic September 11th attacks.  Most individuals would succumb to such tragic losses, but Elvis Perkins pressed on to create a beautiful piece of music in his debut album Ash Wednesday out in 2007.  That album masterfully captured a lot of the feelings towards those events and the aftermath in our country.  Fast forward to this year and Elvis has moved on to release new album Elvis Perkins in Deerland which came out this week.  His music falls in well with some of the best singer-songwriter material coming out today and should find a place in a quiet corner of your home.  Let’s hope Elvis keeps making his beautiful music.

You can catch Elvis Perkins with his band Deerland on these dates during SXSW:

Thursday March 19th – Auditorium Shores Stage 6pm

Wednesday March 18th – Austinist Party @ Mohawk 12 – 6pm


Download: Elvis Perkins – While You Were Sleeping [MP3]

Free Music From SXSW Artists

sxsw_09A whole slew of websites & record companies are giving away some free MP3s from artist participating in SXSWNPR has one featuring 16 tracks from artists involved in some of their events during the week.  Famous UK label 4AD also has a sampler of artists playing their showcase available for download after you give them an email addy.  And of course Amazon won’t be outdone with a sampler of artists playing the IODA opening day bash party.  Are you ready for the party?

SXSW Watchlist: Jeremy Jay

jjIn case you didn’t follow our list of best albums of 2008, odds are you missed one of the gems of the year, Jeremy Jay. He’s got a new record slated this Spring off of K Records, and its been kicking around in our heads over here at ATH for the last few weeks. It’s a slow-burner, but as with all Jeremy Jay outings, it reveals more each listen.

This time out, he’s got a bit more of a step to his tunes, which is sure to delight audiences, as his unique stage dancing is one of the many reasons he’s so endearing. His understated speak-sing delivery is reminiscent of Calvin Johnson. His reliance upon classic R&B musical stylings, is more than just a throwback, as no one seems to do it with more passion. Simply put, its this passion and classic tinged tuneage that makes Jeremy Jay worthy of your time during SXSW.

He’ll be playing Wednesday, March 18th at the Beauty Bar at 1 AM.


Download: Jeremy Jay – Slow Dance [MP3]

SXSW Watchlist: Kevin Devine

kdevineLong ago Kevin Devine was just your average singer/songwriter, coasting along on the coattails of pop-punk, although it was clearly that he never really fit in musically. His early shows were intimate affairs, as witnessed by last year’s performance at SXSW where the entire audience sat down to watch him intricately pick at his guitar. Still, there’s plenty of passion in his voice.

Kevin has a knack for writing careful lyrics combined with his innate understanding of melodies. He matches it all with his fervor and personality, as his stage banter makes it easy to fall in love with the man singing on stage. This year, he’ll be bringing his God Damn Band in tow to fill out the sounds for his upcoming release Brother’s Blood.

He’ll be playing at the Radio Room Patio on Wednesday, March 18th at 11:oo PM.


Download: Kevin Devine – I Could Be with Anyone [MP3]

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