Synth Pop from Coastal

For awhile now I’ve been on the heels of Discos de Kirlian, the Spanish label specializing in delighting fans with great indiepop. In fact, the label is responsible for Skittle Alley, which has graced these little web pages; that remains important because Fanou is the writer behind Coastal. There’s a debut in the works, and the understated beauty of this tune is perfect for indiepop and electronic fans alike; you can hear the textural work behind the song, made perfect by the softness in the presentation of the vocals. As of today, the whole Voyage Interieur album is available, so feel free to enjoy it over HERE!


Pleased to Meet You: High Rise Finale

It’s great when bands are created by mere circumstance, such as High Rise Finale. The group came to be when Matt Bailey was recording the latest LP from his main gig The Salient Braves with Neil Ritchie; the two quickly realized their affinity for classic synth pop sounds, thus leading to the band’s creation. Quickly they drafted 3 tracks, bringing in their friend Dani to flesh out “There For You” with vocals. I’m quite drawn to “Disarray,” which definitely seems rooted in classic UK pop sounds. Give it a listen below.

Have A Nice Weekend

It is ACL again. I am going sans long lens and will be actually listening to bands with Nathan and an entire squad of randoms that come in town from round this great country. Get of my blanket, football in the beer tent, occasional runs to the front of the crowd to get sweaty and be dumb – festival things. We do get Day Wave.

UT/OU ManU/Liverpool #COYS

On to a shareable jam. Here is a lovingly crafted piece of synth pop by Empathy Test that has that darker vibe followed by that last-song-on-the-Depeche-Mode-record that had just a slightly uplifting message. The full length, Safe From Harm, is due November 17th.

Dig On This Eli Raybon Tune

There’s something about slow-jam synth pop that really makes me a sucker; I just drink it up and press play over and over again, much as I’ve done with this new Eli Raybon tune. I enjoy the way he slowly releases his vocal notes, almost as if they’re being drawn out against his will; it creates this seductive vibe that brings you deeper into the song itself. For now, this tune is a one-ff single, as Eli has just recently released his Green EP, so enjoy this jam, then go back in time and listen to his other tracks…you won’t wanna miss em’.

Powerful Synth Tune From Chelan

Chelan_mattdrenik-500Often times the synth pop genre is left for other members of the ATH staff, but today I’ve taken a liking to this new single from Joshua Tree based Chelan. “Wont Break” is a heavy synth song which manages to blend the best parts of Beach House with the heavier electronic sounds of Cold Cave. I promise you will find tons to like about this new single and I suggest you check it out.

Vultures will hit streets on August 26th.


Listen to New Tunes from Telephantom

telephantomTelephantom is one of the rising stars of Houston’s music scene, and we got turned onto the band via the participation of Nick, who plays drums in Young Girls. The group just uploaded three new tracks, all danceable pop music geared at pure listener enjoyment. They specialize in spinning bright harmonies around the trading of male/female vocals, emphatically aided by deep synthesized beats. I have a feeling you’re going to want to turn these tracks up loud, then just let yourself go while you try to wake the downstairs neighbor with your carefree dance stylings.

ATX Spotlight: Square Paradise

0006747488_10Austinites who pay attention to the local music scene will definitely recognize the name John Hetherington and his work with Austin band Knifight. Well maybe you don’t all know his name, but you’ve certainly heard of the band right? Right!? #supportlocalbands

Brand new act, Square Paradise, is John’s new project completely solo and away from his previously mentioned group. John tells me that he plans on releasing at least one new song a month “for the foreseeable future” as he records more and more music by himself in his home studio. Today you can find what is sure to be the first of many new singles below called “Ten Numbers”. This is pop music at its finest folks. I’m really looking forward to what else John has in store.

Brothertiger Should Brighten Your Day


John Jagos and his project known as Brothertiger has picked up some positive praise on ATH over the years, and I’ve grown to admire the music despite my typical avoidance of the electronic genre.  My admiration grows even more today with this enchanting new track “Out of Touch”.  I’m fascinated with the way Jagos can create a beautiful pop song here, and though it might be labeled synth or electronic, it’s truly just a great pop song.  Enjoy.

You can pick up Out of Touch on December 4th.

Synth-y Jam from Talking Bush

talkingbushIt wasn’t too long ago that Talking Bush released their latest EP for Shelflife, but the band is wasting no time on the turnaround, readying a brand new tune for your ears. There’s a chilled out vibe to this one, and I can imagine folks who love the 80s dance pop fawning here. But, even with that nod, I still like some of the vocal inflections; they really sell me on the song as a whole, even if they’re only there for a syllable or too.  Give yourself some time with this track, then thank me later.

New Tunes from Heavenly Beat

heavenI don’t think I’ve quite tired of hearing new music from John Pena’s project, Heavenly Beat. It always fulfills my listening needs, providing bits of pop elements entranced by dancefloor-ready grooves. Interestingly, Pena doesn’t have the same household name as others of his ilk, which seems strange as I think his layering is often far better than his peers. Anyways, he’s got a new record titled Designer that he’s self-releasing later this year; you’ll also be able to catch him out on the road with other synth-pop purveyor, Teen Daze (including a September date here in Austin).

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