100% Share Abandon Single

Australia’s synth pop outfit 100% are set to release their debut album pretty soon here, so they’ve decided to entice us with this heavy darkwave track so we can be prepared. “Abandon” is a mixture of beats and synth washes to create this cavernous background that hangs just behind the vocals. For their part, the vocals are emphatic in their delivery, punching in a sense, though mixed in with the musical elements, they’re likely to entrance you, beckoning you into the tune like haunting sirens. Maybe it’s a little dark for your morning, but wanted to keep you in the know so you can be on the lookout for Clear Visions when it drops later this year via It Records.

Urban Heat Shares Have You Ever Single

Jonathan Hortsmann has been a vital part of Austin’s music scene, but his work with his new project Urban Heat seems as important as anything he’s done. The pulsing synth work in this new single has a throbbing line that bursts to the front of the track, captivating you as Hortsmann wraps his voice around the tune. Lyrically, the song asks the listener to question their existence and their belief systems as a human…which, unfortunately, seems ultra-important as the US descends into a regressive cultural moment. Perhaps we can take the tiniest crumb of solace knowing that folks like Jonathan are going to continue to craft music that challenges us to not only enjoy, but to grow and be better through that enjoyment.

Tempers Announce New Meaning

I was hyper-focused on getting our Year End Albums list up, so I missed the announcement that there is a new Tempers LP coming out early next year. The press release for this tune listed their new record as something to be defined at “quietly intense,” and I think that’s perfectly fitting having spent a few days with this single. It’s got that classic synth pop sound, though the beats aren’t overindulgent, allowing this light propulsion to kick the song forward; it almost creates its own tension the way it never quite seems to reach full speed. When you mix that with these heavenly vocal notes, you understand that things in this world really do operate on multiple levels. Enjoy this tune, and keep an eye out on New Meaning next April via Dais.

Azure Blue Shares Define Your Dreams

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Rule of Thirds, Tobias Isaksson and his Azure Blue project share a brand new single, with hints at a future record on the way. This one hits hard immediately, pulling in a pulsing synth beat and these heavy grooves that drive the track forward. The song flirts with a dark edged vibe, though Isaksson’s voice constantly provides a melodic flourish that’s hard to ignore; I love how his vocals always seem to have some calming gravitational pull while the tunes pulse and push around him. For now, we’ll let you enjoy this new tune courtesy of Hybris Records, but we’ll keep you in the loop as we get more info on the new LP.

Synth pop from Masculine Pain

I want to be forthright and acknowledge that we’ve put out records by 2/3 of Masculine Pain (Big Bill/Literature/Tres Oui). That said, this trio has their pulse on their own brand of synth pop, crafting these seductive, nostalgic beats that are easily digestible, but primed for repeat plays. The band excels in the way they’ve layered the vocals throughout this tune; I think Eric’s voice is the perfect foil for Nate’s sweeping pop tendencies, particularly when they get into chorus mode…don’t be afraid to admit you’re swooning here. As of now, the band are just leaking out singles, so we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else.

Synth Pop from Hallows

It’s really interesting to hear what’s being accomplished in the electronic realm of things, like with the Seattle duo Hallows. I thought I had the song all figured out at first, bringing in this driving sparkling synth pop; it was like the sweeter little sister of Crystal Castles. But, then the song took a turn, switched vocalists, and catered to this dark, cavernous haunt, equally as enthralling, however. Things get even more exploratory in the last minute of the tune, bringing in both a little bit of the song’s natural pop tendencies mixed by the tune’s latter dangerous half. This track will appear on the group’s debut Subtle EP, out March 18th via Phage Tapes.

Moaning Share Fall in Love Video

Moaning‘s always sort of been on the periphery of my listening. I’ve thrown on a few songs here and there, seen them live, but never wholly invested myself in the group. This might be the single that changes that. It has these heavy synth-driven tones from the get-go, and that gives the song this sort of weightiness amidst the song’s pop structures. I was really sold, however, around the 2:20 mark; there’s this huge explosion of pop momentum that turns the song on its head; it might be one of my favorite moments in music this year; they then go and turn it on its edge with some more angular post-punk exploration. Their new LP, Uneasy Laughter, will be out on March 20th via Sub Pop…and yet another band today that will be playing at SXSW.

Pulsing Synth Pop from Arch of Love

I’m not totally sure what’s going on with everyone in masks throughout this video, but they all seem to be grooving to this new track from Arch of Love, so I can get behind that. It’s a cool synth pulse moving the song along, cut in the opening moments by this meandering guitar chord, building this heavy pop feel that leaves the floor open for the vocals. It definitely has this nostalgic feel to it, build upon 80s new wave sounds, though you can clearly hear the group trying to make things much brighter and bolder, particularly in the way Chelsea Brennan’s voice hits those higher tones.

Red Sleeping Beauty Ready New EP

It’s barely been a few weeks since Red Sleeping Beauty dropped the highly recommended Stockholm, and all ready the group are turning around a few extra tunes to go with the Tonight EP/Single. I mean, it only takes an instant to be submerged in a pool of refreshing synth pop; the beats are light and playful from the get-go, driving forward with energy as the chorus comes to fruition. This band just continues to offer up these delectable pop treats that are primed for quick consumption; you’re not going to find too many folks crafting better pop than this trio. The Tonight EP will drop July 12th via Matinee Recordings.

More Synthy Indiepop from Coastal

Fanou, formerly of Skittle Alley, gave us Voyage Intererieur earlier this year, and already he’s back with a whole new batch of synth-driven indiepop songs under the name Coastal. I love how his electronic aspects don’t overshadow his indiepop tendencies, instead combining them into one organic collection of concise pop tunes. he has this way of elongating the tension until your ready for the release. Of the tracks present on Endless Summer, I think I’m gravitating towards “The Time” as my personal favorite…definitely holds the heaviest beat. If you’re interested, then mosey on over to Discos de Kirlian to get your hands on these tracks.

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