Minimalistic Pop From Still Parade

What’s left for us to say about Berlin based Niklas Kramer and his project know as Still Parade? Likely not much as we’ve posted his music on multiple occasions and even interviewed him a time or two. That aside, the guy is continuing to pump out some incredible music and I’m excited to share his latest single today called “Should Have Known”. What you’ll find is a very minimalistic take on electronic pop music. With such a pared down song, you wouldn’t expect to find such beauty, but Niklas continues to impress with his unique take on songwriting. Carry on.

Still Parade will drop the Kindness EP on December 15th.

Brothertiger Should Brighten Your Day


John Jagos and his project known as Brothertiger has picked up some positive praise on ATH over the years, and I’ve grown to admire the music despite my typical avoidance of the electronic genre.  My admiration grows even more today with this enchanting new track “Out of Touch”.  I’m fascinated with the way Jagos can create a beautiful pop song here, and though it might be labeled synth or electronic, it’s truly just a great pop song.  Enjoy.

You can pick up Out of Touch on December 4th.

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One More From Club 8

club8I figure since we’ve already shared two new Club 8 singles with you over the last couple of months, we should probably go on and share their 3rd single as well.  This one is called “Late Nights” and once again features some super catchy, synth laden house hits sure to entice everyone into a dance frenzy.  Since this is likely their last single prior to the upcoming album release, fans should enjoy this one for the next couple of weeks.

Pleasure is due out November 20th on Labrador Records.

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Rey Pila Revive New Wave

ReyPila.RP_.web_Hailing from Mexico City, Rey Pila is a band that sort of fell off my radar until I caught one of their sets during SXSW this past year.  Now that they are back in my regular listening rotation, I’m excited to share a great new 80s inspired track with you today called “Blast”.  One will immediately hear the new wave throwback style, but the vocals from singer Diego Solorzano are what really stand out for me throughout the synth laden pop tune.  I immediately have this image in my head of a bunch of Nerds in a house fixing up montage…. And yes, that is definitely meant as a compliment.

Details of a new album will be coming shortly via Cult Records.

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Contemplative Tune From RBTS WIN


Sometimes when you maintain a music blog for years, you get a little inundated with the same old genres and musical styles in the indie scene today.  I’m even guilty of often going along with it and pigeonholing myself into specific genres that I like while flat out ignoring the sounds I usually don’t find interesting.  It’s not what we are supposed to do as music journalists right?  Today I broke my trend, giving this song called “Death Magic” a chance, and I’m really glad that I did.  Coming to us from Asheville, NC based pop hit makers RBTS WIN, one can find a lot to like in the simplicity of what’s going on here. What starts as a synth laden pop number with head nodding beats, evolves into this creative R&B tune sure to be worthy of repeat listens.  Something about this song is really doing it for me today.

Pick up new album, Palm Sunday, from these guys on May 20th.[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Synth Heavy Pop From Night Panther


It’s rare that a band gets as much coverage on this site as has our favorite Pennsylvania synth heavy groove pop band Night Panther.  A quick search on the site and you’re sure to pull up a slew of hits featuring the band’s noteworthy tunes.  Since we’ve said just about all we can at this point, I’ll let the music do the talking this time with this sweet groove “Lioness”.  The band still hasn’t given us an official release date for their upcoming debut LP, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Also, Night Panther will be joining the masses during SXSW so you should be sure to check them out if you’re in town.


Download: Night Panther – Lioness [MP3]