Stream Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton’s New LP

Monday’s are generally pretty slow, and while I’m looking over last week, there’s really only one thing that needs to be said; you need to listen to Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton‘s new LP, Take the Reigns. I could easily walk you through the whole record and all my favorite moments. For instance, go to “Help,” and wait for the beautiful uptick at the 1:18 mark. Maybe you’ll enjoy the stomp of Emma’s performance on “Letting Go,” which admittedly caught me by surprise. You can always come back to the joy of “Catch,” but when you do, you undoubtedly realize you’re going to keep coming back to this whole record time and time again. I dare you to find me a great pop album than this right here.

Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton Share Catch

Every new single that comes from Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton just raises the anticipation for their new LP, Take the Reigns. At this point, Lach’s voice should be super familiar to fans of our site, or even folks who’ve been following along the last few years. He’s got one of the most gentle voices in Australia, and one that has this immediate warmth and intimacy. That talent alone would make his tunes sparkle in the pop ears, but Emma is the perfect foil; she enters the scene in just the right places, rounding out sentiment with a bit of harmonizing. I particularly love the last 20 seconds or so where she takes off on her own; it’s a touching moment, and another gem. The LP will be out on October 18th via Bobo Integral and Osborne Again.

Brand New Single from Lachlan Denton and Emma Russack

Please. Put down everything you’re doing. Be free for the next 3 minutes. This brand new track from the songwriting team of Lachlan Denton (Ocean Party) and Emma Russack is possibly the greatest pop song you’ll here today. Lach opens the track with a muted guitar strum worked over strong piano lines and minimal percussion, allowing his voice to really drive the tune forward. If you’re a doubter, wait until the 1:18 mark where the song gains Emma’s voice, a stronger percussive element and a powerful pop hook that finishes the song off in an emphatic fashion. The new record, Take the Reigns, will be out on October 18th via Bobo Integral and Osborne Again.