Feel the Tangible Excitement! IndiePop!

tangibleThis word doesn’t get thrown around so much in relation to Tangible Excitement, but my record collection is definitely calling these guys a supergroup: 1/4 Summer Cats, 1/4 Boyracer and 1/2 Lucksmiths. Need I say more? Indiepop fans are already clamoring to get their hands on this ridiculously fun release. I like the upbeat jam, “Puzzle Pieces;” it’s the best jangling pop tune you might not have heard yet…feel that groove. For those of you not familiar with the participating acts, just spend about 12 minutes indulging in the delightful pop waiting at the click of a button. Then, be a good human, and go grab the 7″ from Emotional Response!

Indiepop from Tangible Excitement

erIf you didn’t get your hands on the Gunnels/Tangible Excitement album that came out via Emotional Response then you’re surely missing out on something great. But, that’s neither here nor there, as Tangible Excitement (Boyracer/Lucksmiths) are back with a brand new track…though rumor has it that this isn’t the final version (expect more noise). For my two cents, I think this one succeeds without the noise; there’s a moment just before the 1.5 minute mark that really got me. The melody is spot on, with just enough twinkling from the guitars to catch the listener. You’ll hear this song on a new 2 song flexidisc that’s slated for later this year via Freakscene.

Tangible Excitement! Share New Video

erSo it’s a dreaded Monday, and you’re having a hard time shaking off the fact that it’s no longer the weekend. Well, luckyfor you I’ve got a perfect pop-bliss video for you below with Tangible Excitement!You can watch the nonstop action video for “Foxy Troubles,” and come alive through the footage of people going places. Not to mention that the song is jangly and bright, the lyrics spinning fast along with the guitar riffs that just don’t quit. Wake up with Tangible Excitement! and get your week going already!

Fresh Indiepop from Tangible Excitement!

erThree names. Scott Stevens, Mark Monnone and Stewart Anderson. Those of you who are indiepop/power pop fans are surely swooning, even at the thought of these three getting together. Well, you’re in luck because this new super group, Tangible Excitement has written some great songs for a split mini-LP with the Ginnels (who I’ve included track of as well because I love them). My only complaint on this piece is that it’s too short. It’s like a teaser, leaving me clamoring for more and more. Luckily, Emotional Response will be releasing it on February 5th…so not too far away!

On the Ginnels track, this tune I included from their Mountbatten Class because it’s being re-issued by ER, and it’s absolutely one of my favorite songs from the band. You should buy this too!