Top Albums of 2017

Lists are arbitrary and burdensome, but why not join the fun everyone else is having? We gathered our lists, separate lists for all of us, then combined them into one that had 50 albums. What you get here are the four writers/contributors of ATH, giving you their meaningless opinions on what we thought was the jam in 2017. It’s alphabetical, and we put the initials next to it so you could track down your enemy!


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Teen Daze: Themes For Dying Earth

teendazeTeen Daze‘s All of Us, Together has been a go to record for when I need to decompress. It has beautiful textures and layers that let you get lost.

I have enjoyed his records since and his latest effort, Themes For Dying Earth is due February 10th on FLORA, his new record label. Teen Daze uses a short doc to introduce the record. In it, Jamison Isaak reviews the stress and anxiety of recording and performing and the realization that nature around him allows him to find balance. With that comes the reality that climate change could take that away. Shot and recorded by Casey Kowalchuk, you get some tour footage and scenery from in and out of the studio, but it is all about that soundtrack that acts as a preview for the record. Take a gander and a listen.

New Tunes from Heavenly Beat

heavenI don’t think I’ve quite tired of hearing new music from John Pena’s project, Heavenly Beat. It always fulfills my listening needs, providing bits of pop elements entranced by dancefloor-ready grooves. Interestingly, Pena doesn’t have the same household name as others of his ilk, which seems strange as I think his layering is often far better than his peers. Anyways, he’s got a new record titled Designer that he’s self-releasing later this year; you’ll also be able to catch him out on the road with other synth-pop purveyor, Teen Daze (including a September date here in Austin).

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More New Teen Daze

teendazeMuch like grocery shoppers in Austin a decade ago, Teen Daze has gone organic. The latest track off the album Morning World (due 8/14) to be unveiled on the intarwebs is called “Along”. It has a dreamy light-hearted version of Pink Floyd feeling to it. It is pretty, it is different. Is this the sound in his head that synths filled before he pull it off musically or just a mindshift…

We’ll see what happens to the older material, will it be updated to be earthy, when Teen daze comes through town to play Stubb’s Jr on 9/30.

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Did You Listen to This New Teen Daze Track

teenyWhen Teen Daze decided to step out of his bedroom, I’m sure there were some worries.  How does one stay true to their sound whilst progressing and adding larger production? Jamison seems to have found the right balance with this first new single.  You can hear the stylistic trademarks of a person writing in their bedroom, but the harmonies in the vocals, on top of the varying layers of guitar and percussion really elevate the tune to a pop hit.  It’s just our first taste from the new work, and it’s available now via Paper Bag Records. Not a bad step up…not at all.

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New Gem from Teen Daze

Teen Daze released two strong albums last year, The Inner Mansions and personal fave All of Us, Together. Both are chock-full o’ chilly waves of background music for your couch surfing cocktail party that can also hold up to critical listening.

Seems Jamison is staying busy, Glacier is set to release on 10/1 on Lefse Records. Pre-order is available here. No tour dates for Austin yet.


Buy Teen Daze a Wedding Gift

The best part is you get an EP.

You can go to the Teen Daze bandcamp and check out the story behind the EP. It includes stories mountainside houses, roommates with instruments, British Columbia’s beauty and pizza and video games. But add to it, the last bullet point is this, “ps – All proceeds made off this record will go towards my wedding budget. Love you bean!”

Just $4, a gift that gives back…

Top Albums of 2012: 100-51

It’s really hard to narrow down a list of Top Albums of 2012, especially when you have four contributors with different opinions.  We gave the reins to Nathan.Lankford and Nicole Baumann on this one, since they write the majority of the album reviews, but we all have a little representation within this.  Now, we do realize that our site has specialized tastes, so please realize that these are our OPINIONS.  You’re welcome to disagree, and, in fact, we encourage that process.  Also, we’re doing a Top 100 because so many records came out this year, it wouldn’t be fair to narrow it down.  Not to mention it might lead you to discover some hits you hadn’t heard about yet. Oh, and we don’t really like Frank Ocean or hip-hop…just a personal choice…here’s the first segment.

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Have A Nice Weekend

We have a brief break from festival shenanigans. Hard to believe we are done with the “old” ACL. Fun Fun Fun starts in a day under two weeks.

Here is a track I heard a few days ago that is perfect for the middle bits. Perfect for morning coffee or the last thing to listen to before going sleepy time. It is a another new one from Teen Daze off of The Inner Mansions, a release due on 11/6 that I am really looking forward to…

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New Stuff From Teen Daze

One album I have been really enjoying on calm mornings or post show is Teen Daze‘s All of Us Together. It blends a lot of what I loved from my electronic roots with a simplicity that is hard to do, atmospheric backgrounds with rising and falling activity keeping your mind engaged. Reminding a bit of Cosmic Baby redone by Tycho. It will likely end up on the my best of the year list strictly based on the number of plays.

Teen Daze will release another LP this year, November 6th, called The Inner Mansions. You can preorder it here on Lefse Records. To get you clicking, here is the track “Spirit” just made available on Soundcloud. Also check out “Garden 2″ if you want the mellow side.

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