Wilson Hernandez (of Tennis Club) Announces Last Sunday EP

If you were looking at our Year in Indiepop post, I hope you scrolled down to catch the mention of Tennis Club and their album Pink. That’s at play here as Wilson Hernandez has an EP coming out next Friday via BirthDIY, and we’ve got the lead track here for you to consume. If you light those light jangling guitars, then this one’s a dead winner for you; you’ll find extra guitars dancing atop the mix too, playfully weaving in and out of focus while the steadying beat maximizes the emotional appeal. Short and sweet, like the best ear candy; Last Sunday EP is out next Friday, so grab it HERE.

The Year in Indiepop…According to Nathan

As we’re all looking back on the year 2019, I tend to gravitate towards lists with little agenda, other than to shine a light back on the year in the areas I adore. For one, the indiepop scene. Now, there’s always a great big debate about what indie pop is, so for all intents and purposes, I admit that I just don’t care, so the genre’s purists can yell at me later. Now, this may read as a best of, but merely this is the stuff that stuck out in my brain, so if I missed something, I love you and I’m sorry. Honestly, it just gave me a chance to make a fun playlist (2+ hours!) full of hits for all you pop fans.



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Go Listen to Tennis Club

Man, Tennis Club just quietly dropped this amazing indiepop record on us, and I hope you’ll spend a little time on Friday listening to Pink in its entirety. Throughout the album the group get playful with some of the best bits of the genre; they bring in surfy touches, throw in melody on top of “oohs”, they’ll get fuzzy when needed…and even a touch of Spanish in there. I think at the moment I’ve been jamming “London” the most of this batch, but I’ll warn you that there’s not a bad tune in this batch. You can stream below or grab the new LP from Elefant Records.