Austin Hip-Hop: Tuk Da Gat & S. Dot

Austin natives and League of Extraordinary Gz members Tuk Da Gat and S. Dot have been a strong part of the LOEGz’s domination of the Austin hip-hop scene over the past few years. The duo have a couple performances during SXSW, along with a showcase with LOEGz. Tuk Da Gat and S. Dot will be performing March 17 at Flamingo Cantina and March 21 at The Palm Door. They also have new material out with rising Austin hip-hop producer Eric Dingus. Tuk Da Gat and S. Dot’s “Raw Pt. 2” featuring LOEGz affiliate Lil’ J and produced by Dingus can be streamed below.

SXSW 2015 Hip-Hop: Freddie Gibbs

freddie-gibbs-usa-flag-grungecake-thumbnailWhen Freddie Gibbs first gained attention outside of his native Gary, Indiana with his mixtape The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs, he seemed destined for stardom. Five years, a couple EPs, and an independent album later Gibbs seems to be nowhere near the stardom some expected from him. There’s no doubt that the mainstream music audience noticed him; a member of the 2010 XXL Freshman class, a highly publicized friendship and then falling out with rapper Jeezy. So, why is Gibbs making EPs with lesser known artists like Statik Selektah and Madlib? Why did he only have mostly little known guest rappers on his album? Because he likes his specific brand of music and is clearly only interested in mainstream success if it means not compromising his artistry. Expect an authentic show to compliment his incredible delivery at his SXSW 2015 performance.  Follow the jump for video.

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SXSW 2015 Hip-Hop: IAMSU!

IAMSU! is one of the more talented acts to come out of the California Bay Area, post-Hyphy movement. IAMSU! has been making a name for himself on the west coast for a number of years and is also one of the founding members of the Heartbreak Gang (aka HBK Gang) rap group, which also includes Sage the Gemini, famous for the 2013 hit “Gas Pedal”. IAMSU! performed along with HBK Gang at Fader Fort last year and is returning for several shows this year. Confirmed performances include Bar 96 on 3/19 and Clive Bar on 3/20, along with another unspecified confirmation.

SXSW 2015 Hip-Hop: Berner

video-berner-drugstore-cowboy-mixtape-trailer-672x378Taylor Gang’s self-proclaimed Drug Store Cowboy, Berner, is returning to Austin for SXSW 2015. Berner performed several times throughout the week at last year’s SXSW, including a free Taylor Gang showcase that featured an impromptu one and done performance by label head Wiz Khalifa. This past year Berner put out a free mixtape with Cypress Hill frontman B-Real entitled Prohibition, continuing Berner’s history of excellent taste in beats and stoner-friendly lyrics. No specific shows have been set but Berner is officially set to perform at this year’s SXSW.


Film Review – Tomato Republic


Rating: ★★★½ ·


Can a flamboyant restaurant owner and a young African American male really challenge the good ol’ boy incumbent for the mayoral seat in the Pineywoods town of Jacksonville, Texas?

Use Your Words

Tomato Republic is one of my diamond in the rough finds of the year.  A well put together documentary at its core, you’ll also find yourself emotionally invested in every character of the film.  Maybe it’s my East Texas roots that draw me into the drama of small town politics, but I think almost anyone would find something to enjoy here.  Men drinking endless cups of coffee at the local donut shop, talking massive amounts of shit about everyone in town?  Yeah I’ll take some of that.  If nothing else, it’s a refreshing message that not everyone in the deep south bases their every thought on the old testament and gun law.  I promise you’ll be rooting for the two new guys and on the edge of your seat when you find out who won.  Let’s just hope the results aren’t read when the train is coming through town.

Now Show Me


Wendy Davis--Texas Abopimage (1)

Who Should I see This With?

Your left leaning grandmother who votes a straight Democratic ticket.

Final Thoughts

Tomato Republic is a moving documentary that exposes the complexity and personality of small town folk who are often written off as backwards thinking country bumpkins.  ATH approved.

Austin Showtimes and Trailer

This film is currently listed with a TBD date in Austin.  Stay tuned.

Noise Rock From Young Mammals

389868_10150534123080912_1744921978_nSomehow Houston band Young Mammals has yet to be featured on this here website, and that’s just a shame when such a talented band is living in your backyard.  These guys craft their very own stye of noisy, distorted guitar heavy, rockin’ music.  What I’m sure is many reader’s first exposure to the band, “Build a House”, can be found below.  You’ll find that’s equal parts catchy and gritty all at the same time.

This track appears on a new 7″ coming out on November 5th via Odd Hours


Download: Young Mammals – Build A House [MP3]


Twin Shadow Takes Texas

It’s time ladies and germs, Twin Shadow is coming to Texas finally and Mr. Lewis Jr. with his PR team are doing some special things to get everyone excited for his Lone Star dates.  For starters, here’s a quick list of where Twin Shadow is playing and if tickets are available:

9/13 – @ Trees in Dallas ($15 @ Frontgate)

9/14 – @ Mohawk Austin (SOLD OUT)

9/15 – @ Waterloo Records in Austin (FREE) – 5:30 pm

9/15 – @ Mohawk Austin (SOLD OUT)

9/16 – @ Fitgerald’s Houston ($15 @ Stubbwire)

9/17 – @ Cine el Rey Mcallen

All shows are supported by Sub Pop band Nikki and the Dove.

Twin Shadow will also be selling a new 7″ on the road exclusive to his Texas dates and a few exclusive Lone Star state record stores.  The record single features sweet tune “Run My Heart” with new bonus track “Get What You Want” as a B-side.  Those not able to make it down to Texas can check out a stream of “Run My Heart” below and can follow this link for a handy stream of the new tune.  Stay tuned later this week for a giveaway to one of the Austin shows with a free 7″ as well.


New Texas Punk from Riverboat Gamblers

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, then perhaps Riverboat Gamblers is a band you’ve never heard of, but those of us in Texas have long been witness to the rockers.  They’ve just announced their latest LP, The Wolf You Feed, and they’re currently offering up this rad new single for your ears.  If the music isn’t enough to get you going, then also take to heart that the group has fleshed out their sound with the help of another notable Texas punk, Mark Ryan of Mind Spiders. The more I listen to this jam, the more excited I get by the prospect of a full length—you can grab it for yourself on May 22nd.


Download:Riverboat Gamblers – Comedians

Noisy New Punk Jam from Mind Spiders

Last year I raved about the self-titled debut from Mind Spiders, so I was really excited when I found out the band would already be releasing their new album Meltdown almost less than a year later.  Said record is set to come out on February 21st via Dirtnap Records, and you’ll definitely find some differences this go around, at least if this first preview is any indicator.  Their last effort was pretty straight forward rock n’ roll, but here you’ll hear a little bit of a scuzzier performance from the band, reminiscent of Blank Dogs.  It’s coated in some sort of dingy wash, yet that’s not going to take away from the fact that the band still know how to kick out the jams.  For me, it’s Jay Reatard meets Mike Sniper, which equals awesomeness to the max!


Download: Mind Spiders – Wait For Us [MP3]

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