The Arctic Flow Share New Single

The Arctic Flow have graced these fair pages on several occasions, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t toss them a mention now that they’ve got a fresh single out on the esteemed Sunday Records. In a sense, it reminds me a lot of the stuff that came out on the Tres Oui record last year, though this one definitely feels like Brian’s playing up the dream factor in song; there’s not atmospheric haze really, but the vocals feel list gasps of air floating through your speakers. Not quite sure if this means there’s a new record on the way, but you can’t really turn away from a great song on a Friday, can you?

Jangly Indiepop from The Arctic Flow

Wake up folks! It’s Friday morning, and you need to get the day started. The only way I can think to get you in the mood for a solid day is by tossing out this new Arctic Flow tune to give you some pep in the step. The guitars dance their way from the start, setting the tone for a warm wash of vocals to glide atop the mix. As the song progresses you can hear some depth provided by the textured guitars shimmering in the far off distance. This is indiepop at its best, so keep an eye out for Umbrella…soon to be released by Shiny Happy Recs.

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Airy Pop from The Arctic Flow

Just when I thought I’d run a bunch of the same old same old you’ve already read about, I found this delightful tune from the Arctic Flow. They’ve got a brand new 7″ from Kingfisher Bluez, and it’s the subdued pop that I find enchanting. There’s a slight sparkle in the guitar progression, akin to many an indiepop gem, tied in with a warm vocal that calms your soul. I love how the tracks on this release are gentle and soothing; the pace of the songs here really allow for musical escapism. But, the release is super limited, so grab em’ while you can!

Enjoying This New Arctic Flow

arcticflowDid someone say synth-driven indiepop? I think you did, and I think you were talking about The Arctic Flow. Honestly, this song reminds me a lot of local indiepop purveyors, Rose Selavy (who just released a 7″ with us!). It’s got a nice wash of electronics building up a swell of sound behind the gentle vocals. Guitars stab in and out, occasionally taking on a gazing approach. You’ll hear more like-minded sounds on the Luminous Veil EP, which is slated for a December 14th release on 10″ vinyl. You have exactly a month to fall in love!

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