Astral Brain Share A Dream Video

I’m sort of hooked on the sounds of Astral Brain; they seem to have hit upon a sound that sounds both present and slightly nostalgic. You can certainly hear the psychedelic construction in the guitars and the seductive steadiness of the vocal delivery; it lets you melt into the imagery of the video, which is perfectly suited. But, just as you felt comfort in a familiar sound, the track hits the 2:10 mark and takes on this jazzy bounce that adds an uplifting nod to the track’s heavy nature, allowing the tune to gallop towards a dreamy, yet energetic, close. Their album the Bewildered Mind is now available via Shelflife.

Astral Brain Share Five Thousand Miles

You’ve got to leave it to Shelflife Records for their continuous output of acts that are mostly completely new to me. Just take a listen to the lead single from Swedish outfit, Astral Brain, who will be releasing the Bewildered Mind this October via the US label. When it begins, the vocal performance from singer Siri tends to waver back and forth between pastoral and baroque. But, at the minute mark, the song just lifts off, lifting you spiritually out of your chair and into the dreamy caverns of the soundscape created by Einar Ekstrom. Siri’s voice is the perfect foil for Ekstrom’s work, at times, her control of melody doesn’t even require words, merely spinning out charming monosyllabic notes to make you swoon. This gem of an LP will be out on October 15th, you can order it HERE!