The Black Watch Release Legerdemain

  • Having spent a great deal of my time over the last fifteen LPs of the Black Watch, the thing that still strikes me is how willing John is to continuously attempt new things. He’s claimed that the entirety of Witches was conceived as a dance album…yet songs like the track below might lead you astray. In this number, he seems isolated, standing alone at the front of the mix while everything goes on behind him; you’ll hear the strum of acoustic guitars, matched by cascading lines, there’s faint hints of tambourines in the far off, bass just barely bubbles up from below. Then there’s John, bare before you with his poetry and voice. Witches drops on July 25th via Atom Records.

The Black Watch Prepare New LP

Having released an EP earlier this year, it only makes sense that prolific act The Black Watch return not too long after with news of a fresh full-length. I’m forever intoxicated by the guitar sound on their records, and the opening lines of this tune grab me immediately…just before vocals and band join in. There’s this calm that seems to hang in Fredrick’s vocal delivery; it carries melodic optimism that rises to meet up with the pace of the song. The accents on this track are pretty spot on too, from the cascading guitar in the distance to the plucking of strings in the front of the mix. Witches! will be released on July 22nd via Atom Records.

The Black Watch Return with New EP

Had the music business gone differently, I feel that we’d all be treasuring the work of John Andrew Fredrick and the Black Watch. As it is, he quietly goes about writing great song after great song; he’s about 17 LPs in and still writing powerful songs. This tune flirts with the realm of jangling pop, though there feels as if heavier tones are lurking in the guitars; the pop sensibility comes via the lines “he helped you make a paper boat/one for you/one for him.” Consider me charmed, and even more so when the song ups the volume on that complimentary guitar line. This is one of my favorite bands of the last few years, and it should definitely be yours too. Paper Boats EP drops on April 26th.

Ten Records from 2017 People Probably Overlooked

It’s that silly time of year when we ascribe arbitrary rankings to the music created by our favorite artists. And, I’ve already seen a few lists from the likes of Paste or Rolling Stone (among others) that I find completely off the mark. Now, our ATH End of Year list will be a team effort, so here is a list of records I adored that probably won’t end up on too many other “Best of Lists,” though I think they should! Again, no particular order, just ten albums you should enjoy. …that you might have forgotten about.

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Stream The Gospel According to John from The Black Watch

Before there were blogs and music streaming there was the Black Watch. Now, 15 albums into their career, the band have crafted what I’m going to say is their best work yet. Each time I play it, I’m struck by something that has me scrambling to press repeat, to tune into a note or an element I didn’t hear the first run though, even now as I speak, I’m doing just that. If you’re a fan of pop music and poetry, stream The Gospel According to John. And if you want my two-cents on the track by track breakdown, skip beyond the jump. Otherwise, pick up the album tomorrow courtesy of The Eskimo Record Label and Pop Culture Press.

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The Black Watch Get Better with Age

I’m trying to think of another band, let alone an individual, who’ve been as prolific as The Black Watch. They’re readying yet another LP, and with that comes the single cycle with another great hit. I’ve tried really hard to put into words how much the band’s music has meant to me, but I think the only words I can manage are to say that the band still don’t seem to have hit their peak, in regards to songwriting. This tune is filled with delightful noise, but carries a soft underbelly that allows melody to unfold at the bottom of the mix. From the jangling guitars turning over one another to the shattering percussion, it all culminates in a blissful song stretching over 5 minutes. The Gospel According to John hits on April 21st.

New Black Watch Video

One of the band’s that never seems to stop recording and writing is The Black Watch. I couldn’t even tell you how many albums they have, but in each way, they all have something special to offer listeners. They’ve just offered up this stupendous new tune and video, which features frontman John Andrew Frederick traipsing about in the UK. On this tune, while I love the ring of the guitar, I’m really in love with the chorus. Frederick has great vocal control here, letting his voice melodically smooth out the edges as he hits each note. If you’ve yet to get into the band, then perhaps this is a great place to start, offering visuals and a song that will last in your mind throughout the rest of this week.

More Music from The Black Watch

blog_blackwatchWe’re nearing the release of Highs and Lows by the Black Watch, which means it’s time to share a new single from the long-running act. This is our second taste of what’s to come, and I’ve  been really impressed with what’s coming out. There’s a juxtaposition from the guitar work, at point sounding bright whilst churning out a slight jangle, though it’s contrasted with a darker tone that also lurks throughout. This darkness is reemphasized by John Andrew Frederick’s voice, though he does take on a smooth croon during the chorus. You’re likely to hear slight hints of psychedelia, but that’s one of the great things to appreciate about the band…you’ll love them, but you’ll never be able to define them. Pop Culture Press will have the record out this weekend!

Great New Track from The Black Watch

12189194_900374606710510_95011315810630846_oI’ve got the utmost respect for The Black Watch, who’ve been consistently releasing great albums for the last 20 (+) years. They’re constantly playing with varying directions, yet sounding wholly original as lead songwriter J.A. Fredrick ignores all the modern musical trappings. Personally, I think this lead single from their forthcoming Highs & Lows album sounds like one of their best tracks, period. It’s got a great sound coming from the guitars, brimming with really bright chords that ring out perfectly in your ears. The vocals have this deep tone to them, smoothed out in just the right places to make the song an undeniable hit. Pick up the album on December 4th on Pop Culture Press Records.

Here’s A New Black Watch Tune

bwatch-320x320You know what’s going to make your day a little bit better? You’re going to have to listen to this new track from The Black Watch in order to make that happen.  The band are prepping the release of their new LP, Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy; it’s just a year after the most excellent The End of When (you better have that LP!). Listening to this first single, there’s a hint of Bobby Pollard in it, though I still love the crisp twang of the guitar that’s in the background.  Pop Culture Press will be releasing the album in late January, but I’ll remind you closer to that date, as this is sure to be another successful long player from the group.

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