The Color Waves Drop Self-Titled LP

It’s possible that you might have missed the new Color Waves LP over the weekend, but my goal this week has been to bounce back on some great releases I’ve been in love with on my end. It’s actually been 5 years since I’ve heard anything from this outfit…that was their lone 7″ on Cloudberry Records in 2015. I’d love to cram this down your throat as an indiepop staple for 2020, but to be fair, it feels like so much more, like a pop tree branching out to tickle the various sub-genres. For a great deal, they remind me an awful lot of the Lucksmiths, using these jangling guitar notes in a more slower fashion, dragging every last drop of melody from each note, letting harmonics float into the ether. It feels like a fireside record where you can curl up with someone you love and share in the simple joys of a truly great LP. The Color Waves is available now in all the usual spots! It should also say something that Jeremy Jensen of The Very Most (who I covered yesterday) bought this album! You know what to do!

The Color Waves Share New Tunes

The Color Waves first came into my musical orbit when they had a release back in 2015 with Cloudberry Records. Until then, they’ve been relatively quiet, though that all changed last week with the release of a two-song single. For my two cents, the band continue to operate on the more elegant side of indiepop; they work with slower tempos and build the songs beneath their melody; you could probably also call it shoegaze sans distortion. I love the vocal performance on “The Bay,” especially the way the lyrics almost dangle in the air, almost lost to the world as soon as they’re uttered. “Paper Tiger” offers up some subtle jangling chords, with just the slightest uptick in pace present here. Hopefully these two tracks signal more to come soon.

New Jangling Pop from The Color Waves

I haven’t actually written about the Color Waves in almost three years, but thanks to a friend I’ve discovered the band have a new tune…and a new LP on the way. This track has this jangling chilled out vibe, with electronic rhythm section keeping the song’s pace. Those guitar chords wrap around your innards, pulling every drop of emotion; the vocals, particularly in the song’s latter half are warmly charming. Wish I had a whole lot more to offer on the new release, but as of now, we know it’s titled At Bay…we’ll keep you posted if we get more.

The Color Waves Get Cloudberry Records Back on Track

colorwavesOkay, so it’s not like Cloudberry ever really fell off, but they definitely had slowed down the production of one of the greater indiepop labels out there, so it’s good to see that they’re getting back on their game…especially with this great new song from The Color Waves.  There’s a wayward jangle/ring to the guitars, but it’s well-paced, so things don’t seem forced into the genre.  Vocals warmly wrap themselves around every turn in the song, not quite soaring, but definitely with some lofty ambitions.  The 7″ with this single will be issued later on this summer, but for now you can just rejoice in another great slice of pop music.

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