Friday’s Local Austin Gigs!

austin-skyline-mark-weaverWe’ve been working harder this year on being sure we get more coverage going, not just internationally, but locally as well.  With that in mind, I wanted to point out a couple of shows that are desperately seeking your attendance on Friday night, in case you didn’t have plans. These shows all offer a bit of different sounds, but each features some of our favorite local acts, so be sure to do your best to support our local scene.  Or, you could go see Widespread Panic.  Seems like an easy choice to me, but it’s your life! Here’s my suggestions on what to hit up:

Flesh Lights, Church Shoes, Sweat Lodge, Ghost Dance, John Schooley @ Hotel Vegas – Doors are at 9 PM – $6

Junior Prom, The Laughing, Migrant Kids @ Holy Mountain – Doors are at 8 PM – Cheap

Genuine Leather, Ponderosa, The Hereticks @ The Parish Underground – Doors are at 8 PM – Cheap

The Couch, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Major Major Major @ The Blackheart – Doors are 8 PM – FREE!

Here are some jams by Letting Up to get you in the mood.


Austin Free Week: Weekend Highlights

It’s time for Free Week to come to a close, but Austin isn’t going out without making a final bit of noise for you all. There’s two days left of free rock n’ roll, so this is your last time to take advantage before you have to start paying to see all these great bands. With two days left I’m going to toss out my ideas on where you should find yourself Friday and Saturday night.  Don’t forget to tip your bartender! Read more

Austin Free Week: Monday Highlights

That’s right folks, Free Week is now more like Free Week and A Half.  I had a blast last week, catching favorite acts like Young Girls and Bad Sports, but we’ve got to soldier on.  Monday is a little tame on the scheduling, but don’t forget we’ve got to support our scene and the incredible artists in Austin doing their best to make it what it is for us all. Here’s my suggestions for your night.  Read more

Show Preview: Crooks @ Antones (8/31

Date 8/31/12
Location Antones
Doors 8pm
Tickets $8 @ Ticketfly

I don’t know how it’s possible that we’ve never covered local Austin boys Crooks on this site before, but things are changing as of right now.  For starters, the band currently has a highly overlooked debut LP The Rain Will Come available for purchase over on the band’s website.  The band also has been playing tons of shows around town recently, and you have another opportunity to catch a live set on Friday night downtown at Antones.  Fellow local up and comers The Couch and Frank Smith will also be on hand for your entertainment.


Download: Crooks – The Rain Will Come [MP3]

Show Preview: Gorgeous Hands @ Swan Dive (6/7)

Date Thursday, June 7th
Location The Swan Dive
Doors 800 pm
Tickets CHEAP!!!

We’ve got a great show tonight, featuring one of Austin’s hottest acts; Gorgeous Hands. What? You’ve never heard of them? Well, that’s because they’ve changed their name; they were formerly the Magnificent Snails.  They’ll be releasing a digital single, and the first 100 in the door get the single for free (it’ll be on vinyl in August!).  Also opening the night are several great bands you’ll want to familiarize yourself with if you’re an Austin music fan.  Punk upstarts Dangeresque will open, followed by cool kids, The Couch–and Colorado’s Fierce Bad Rabbit will close out the evening.  You an stream one of the new tracks from Gorgeous Hands below.



Show Preview: The Couch @ Mohawk (6/5/12)

Date 6/5/12
Location Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

Up and comers The Couch are a band we feel everyone should really be paying attention to right now in Austin.  They’re a great band with loads of talent, not to mention a great new single “Kaiser” that’s creating all kinds of buzz in town.  Joining the group are fellow talented locals The Sour Notes and relatively unknown Summer Swells.  If anyone has a link for SS, holler.


Download: The Couch- Kaiser [MP3]

Great New Track from The Couch

We’re really excited for our friends in The Couch here in Austin, working diligently on their sophomore album, just after the release of 2011’s Old & Touchin Blue.  They’ve added Sara Houser to the mix, giving the band a bit of a new dynamic–meaning they’ve added an incredible female vocalist to the mix.  I this track, one of the two new singles, they give us a bit of a heavy stomp, allowing Sara to lay her sultry voice atop it all.  You can hear this single and others when the band hits up the Mohawk next week, June 5th.  Really excited for these guys (and girls!).


Download:The Couch- Kaiser [MP3]

Show Preview: Whitman CD Release @ The ND (4/13)

Date 4/13/12
Location The ND
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Door

It’s no secret around these parts that Whitman are amigos of ours who also happen to make some pretty sweet power driven rock music.  They’ve been doing their thing around Austin for longer than most and have built a faithful following of hood rat fans.  This Friday, the band is celebrating the release of their brand new LP Weekend with a release show at The ND in Austin.  Joining the guys are fellow local legends Golden Bear, The Couch, and Slowtrain.  Needless to say, this shit is going to be epic.  You can also get in your pre-order for the new album via the Whitman bandcamp site.


Download: Whitman – NW Thurman [MP3]

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