ATX Spotlight: The Return of Quin Galavis

quin-galavisIf you missed out on listening to Austin’s the Dead Space, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that one day those stars cross our paths again. But, in the meantime, you’ve got Quin Galavis to satisfy your needs, though his newest single offers up more of a darkened folk.There’s this element of pain in the notes his voice unleashes, fit in perfectly over a heavily strummed guitar. The song’s negative space is filled in perfectly with various layers of added strings and percussion, pulling listeners deep into the song’s aura. He’ll be releasing a double LP, My Life In Steel and Concrete via Super Secret Records on August 26th.

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SXSW Superlatives: Nathan.Lankford

AlvvaysWith SXSW this year there was lots of hubbub about fewer bands and less corporate entities flooding the streets, but despite all that, I still managed to have myself a good old time.  I’ve got some thoughts and awards to hand out, and these are strictly my experience, as we tried at ATH to split up and cover as much as we possibly could.  You can read on, if you’ve got the time, to see what I had to say.  Read more

Show Review: The Dead Space @ Hotel Vegas (2/3)

Dead SpaceNathan and I were on double show duty. We started the evening at Red7 for Zola Jesus. We made notes, we shared them with Nicole, she didn’t entirely agree with what we had to say which we are OK with.

…and now for something completely different.

We made our way to Hotel Vegas for some jams to catch Beth Israel, Ghetto Ghouls and The Dead Space. Click past the break for a couple notes and plenty of pics…

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ATX Show Spotlight: Two For Tuesday (Dead Space + Zola Jesus)

zolaCatchy name game, am I right? There are two really incredible shows on Tuesday night, and frankly, they’re on completely opposite ends of the spectrum.  That being said, I suggest you follow in our footsteps and hit up both. Those looking to indulge their pop sweet tooth need to hit up Zola Jesus and Deradoordian at Mohawk.  ZJ is coming into town rocking her new album TAIGA; I’m hoping she touches a lot on her last LP, Conatus quite a bit.  You can get tickets for $16 HERE; doors are at 6:30 PM.

But, on the other end of the spectrum is the phenomenal line-up at Hotel Vegas.  The Dead Space are the spotlight, and they’re record Faker might just be one of the best records to come out of ATX in some time. Still, you can catch other heavy hitters Ghetto Ghouls and Beth Israel if you’re up to it.  I think you’re best served by hitting up both shows. Doors at Vegas open at 9 PM.

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Top 50 Albums of 2014

TOP 50 ALB 14These lists are everywhere, so you’ll be excused if you just roll your eyes and skip on. But, that being said, we always seem to be way off the mark when it comes to our Top 50 Albums of the Year.  Sure, we have some of the sure fire hits on this list like Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten, but don’t even read on if you’re look ing to see where Run the Jewels made it…they’re not there. Sorry not sorry.  So, if you’re into arbitrary lists by people who like to push their own agenda, then this list is for you! Read more

Top 15 Austin Albums of 2014

Top LocalsIt’s that time of year when we all toss up our arbitrary lists of what we think is best, and seeing as we’re based here in Austin, we opted to go with our Top 15 Austin Albums first.  Why 15? Well, there were a lot of great releases all over the place, covering different styles, and appealing to our different writers. Sure, the list isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t reflect singles and EPs, as that could get entirely too crazy.  I included links to the labels so you can buy these albums from the hard-working folks in our town.  Also…there are two releases on our label, but I have no qualms about that; I didn’t set out to put out a bad LP, so obviously, they’re going to be in here.  And without further meaningless words…here’s the best records from Austin that you should already own!

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Tuesday Austin Show Spotlight

austin_live_music_retailrI know we’ve all got our eyes on the Fun Fest prize, but let’s not forget that there are some great things happening in town, leading up to the night. There’s a great album release, a good local show, and some traveling bands that deserve some attention.  If you check below, you can see some of the places on your list…there’s something for everyone. If tickets are available beforehand, you can pick them up by clicking the price. Enjoy your Tuesday.  Read more

Thus Far….Albums of 2014.5

docIt’s still rather early in the year to start talking about best records of the year and what not, but as we’re midway through 2014, every one is doing it…so why not join in the fun.  But, with this in mind, remember that these lists are arbitrary, and if anything, pretty meaningless in the long run; you never know if your thoughts will change in six months…and really, they’re just like, our opinions man.  We’ll have two sections…one for national albums and another section of Austin albums released up to this point in 2014.   Read more

Show Preview: Benefit For Esme @ Scoot Inn (1/12)

Date 1/12/12
Location Scoot Inn
Doors 7pm
Tickets Sliding scale $5-$10

I’m sure that most of you reading this have heard the tragic story of Esme Barrera’s death that came all too soon.  As Esme was such an active individual in our music community, tons of great people are coming together to support her family and celebrate her life.  One such event is taking place on Thursday night on the east side at Scoot Inn.  The show features stellar local acts Follow That Bird, Love Collector, The Dead Space, Foreign Mothers, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Neighbor, Ichi Ni San Shi, and Eric Static.  Door cover will be on a pay you what you want sliding scale between $5-$10 with all proceeds going to Esme’s family.  Good music for a great cause.  You can also donate directly to Esme’s family via a recently created blog or buy a shirt for Esme.


Download: Follow That Bird – The Ghosts That Wake You [MP3]