Don’t Sleep on the Donkeys

donkeysThe Donkeys have been one of the more consistently enjoyable acts to come across my computer in the last few years. There’s a simplicity to their approach, yet the vocals always seem to possess a certain tonal quality that sinks itself deep within my soul. They’ve been hard at work, as per usual, bringing a new mini-album to the fold. It’s understated pop music of the best sort, with just a hint of California sunshine and country twang. Want a good casual pop song for today? Then you should definitely spend time with this tune; Midnight Palms will be out on February 12th.

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Give the Donkeys Some Love

donkWhen I was listening to this new track it dawned on me (via the player count) that not enough people were listening to this brand new single. It’s kind of a bummer because I don’t feel like there are too many bands out there rocking this blend of indie folk and sunny pop quite the way these guys do. Sure, you might not hear anything perfectly exciting or new, but you should definitely realize that this sort of musical execution doesn’t come across every day. I’m begging you to take a listen to this song, let it sink in, and love on the Donkeys. They’ve got a new mini-LP coming your way via Easy Sound Recordings in the first part of 2016.

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New Single from The Donkeys

donkeysWhen I hit up RSD last weekend, one of the scores that made me happy was the split 7″ featuring a new tune from The Donkeys.  Not a few days later they’ve got a new musical offering to get you excited for their forthcoming album, Ride the Black Wave.  This is one of those deliciously solemn tunes, best listened to while you’re hanging out in your own space, physically or mentally.  I appreciate the fact that it’s also a breezy number, finishing up in under 2 minutes; there’s still careful string arrangements and slide-guitar, so it shows you that you’re not always forced to jam on.  Grab their album on June 3rd via Easy Sound.

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Friday Jam from The Donkeys

donkeyI’m feeling sort of lie today’s going to be one of those days where I’ll end up sitting in my backyard with some whiskey and letting great jams take me into the weekend.  I’m positive that as I set up a playlist for the night, this new track from the Donkeys is going to make that list.  It’s a relaxed tune for sure, but I love the way the guitars have this soulful meandering that matches perfectly with the calming vocal delivery.  The Cali group is readying a new LP, Ride the Black Wave, which will be followed up by an extensive US tour in the summer.  You’ll be able to give it a listen via Easy Sound on June 3rd.

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New Music From The Donkeys

San Diego veteran band The Donkeys have a new song called “Don’t Know Who We Are” that I’ve taken a liking to lately.  The track appears on the band’s upcoming full length Born With Stripes due out April 26th on Dead Oceans.  I’d recommend that you kids start paying attention and pick this one up come April.  You won’t regret it.


Download: The Donkeys – Don’t Know Who We Are [MP3]

The Donkeys On Daytrotter

donkeysThe Donkeys are a band that caught our ear last year with their extremely catchy single “Walk Through the Clouds”.  Building on the success of that jam and their album Living on the Other Side, the band preps a new album for 2010 with some new songs debuting on their recent Daytrotter session.  One of those new songs entitled “Nu Blu Stocking” can be found below.  Here’s to looking forward to more new material from this promising San Diego band.


Download: The Donkeys – Nu Blu Stocking [MP3]

Magnolia Electric Co @ The Mohawk (7/25)

magJason Molina brings his band, Magnolia Electric Co to the Mohawk this Saturday night in just one of the many shows about town. Not only do you get to see his band for the measly price of $8 (or $10 at the door), but you also get to see the likes of Monahans, and our personal favorites The Donkeys. It might be a mellow affair, but it will definitely be one you’ll enjoy thoroughly as you celebrate the end of the week. Here is an old MEC tune to get you in the mood.


The Donkeys @ The Mohawk – 1/13

This Tuesday evening California’s The Donkeys will make their way into Austin. Something about this band begs to be noticed, and perhaps it’s the sunshine of bands like Beulah that make this a show we should all attend as winter dances in and out of our lives. The show goes down at The Mohawk, on the inside stage no less. Our friends over at Transmission Entertainment tell us the show kicks off at 10 PM.


Download: The Donkeys – Nice Train [MP3}

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