Dream Pop from The Hobbes Fanclub

hobbesIt’s been a couple of years since I’ve heard from Hobbes Fanclub, but after rounding out a full band, the group are finally ready to unleash their debut album.  The first single has this delightful bit of indiepop slightly obscured by a wash of feedback; it gives it that dreamy quality, laying somewhere beneath this great melody.  The UK group have titled their debut Up at Lagrange; it will be released by Shelflife on August 19th.  You can expect bits of shoe gaze, bits of pop, and a complete little masterpiece of a record.



Great Tunes from The Hobbes Fanclub

It seems like it gets increasingly difficult to discover new music others haven’t hit upon yet, so when a friend mentioned The Hobbes Fanclub in reference to Slumberland Records, of course I had to check it out.  Currently the group is offering up a compilation EP on their site for the “Name Your Price” bargain deal (we always suggest supporting the artists you love!); it’s comprised of now out of print singles.  The reference to SR was right on, as you can easily see this group sitting right alongside bands like PoBPaH.  There’s hints of shoegaze with the knifing guitars pushing through from the background, and melodic hooks that ring true to the heart.  Really glad I fell into this.


Download:The Hobbes Fanclub – The Boy From Outer Space [MP3]