Stream More Escher and Random Notes from The Holy

theholyWe’ve dropped a few tunes from the debut for Finland’s the Holy over the last month or so. The most impressive thing about listening to the entirety of More Escher and Random Notes is just how polished the band seem to have grown into during these, the early years. You can hear bits of Arcade Fire and Coldplay, blending orchestration and noise with massive hints of pop sensibility. Soliti Music will be releasing the EP next week, August 10th, worldwide, but you can stream it below just to make sure you loved it as much as we do.

More New Music from The Holy

theholyNot too long ago we brought you a great track from The Holy, one of the recent signings from our friends over at Soliti in Finland. Today we’re back to offer you a glimpse at the band’s brand of orchestrated indie rock. This number seemingly rushes forward to the drum work, but the element of strings and vocals steady the song just a bit. Still, synth stabs and the accompanying video for the single express nothing but pure exuberance…reminding you to just let yourself go. The label will release the band’s new EP, Escher and Random Notes at the beginning of August.

Pleased to Meet You: The Holy

You know I’ve always got an eye on what’s going on over in Finland, particularly when it comes to the great label, Soliti. This week, news broke that the label was working with a new act, The Holy. I hadn’t heard anything from the group, or even anything about them really, until this video surfaced. It’s a band crafting a sound that I think sounds wholly unique; you’ll electronic elements, lofty vocal range, but also similarities to acts like Arcade Fire or U2 (when they were decent). Plus, they’ve created a captivating video, which, is more than a lot of “videos” that come our way. The single is officially released next week (5.3), but let’s expect a striking album in the future.