The Honeydrips Share Sleep the Day Away

Sweden’s The Honeydrips have long been on my radar as purveyors of fine pop music, and with their latest Here Comes the Sun dropping on Friday, I wanted to give you a sweet dose of what you’re in for here. At times, the track takes on this beautifully seductive French pop vibe, kind of like a weird combination of jazzy crooning, with Leopoldine Charon offering spoken snippets to fill in the song’s space. But, while the song’s construction is pretty special all around, that little pop hook from Mikael comes in to offer up in that undeniable hook we all crave. It’s a track that combines cinematic constructs with sprinkles of trip-hop and pop sensibility…a musical journey well worth your time. Look for the rest of the record this Friday!

The Honeydrips Announce Here Comes the Sun

I’ve been a fan of the Honeydrips for some time, and if you’ve got the time, I suggest going back and giving 2017’s Give Each Other Some Solace a few spins. But, for today, we’re focusing on the band’s newest single and forthcoming LP. While the song does seem to have a current relevance globally, dealing with the troubles facing healthcare workers. But songwriter Mikael Carlsson says the song was written before the current pandemic; he indicates that healthcare worker struggles have been an ongoing problem, only now becoming more visible to the public. Musically, I think you’re going to really enjoy this one; it has this casual bounce from the rhythm section, using these delightful keyboard accents to build in some layers that accent Carlsson’s soothing voice. I love the chorus, especially the following string arrangements that move you into the next verse. Heres Comes the Sun, the new LP, will be out later this Summer.

Hear a New Tune from The Honeydrips

While the Honeydrips might seem like a group, it’s really just the project of Mikael Carlsson. The good thing about that, is it allows complete control over the song’s he constructs, and the work he put into this latest single is sure to impress your ears. Guitar chords dangle in the background with a heavy emphasis on the tight sampled percussion; vocals ride in and out, circling around the core melody. This track features on his latest album Give Each Other Some Solace, which is being released by Gentle Reminder on October 27th.