ATX Spotlight: Fresh Abram Shook News

We haven’t heard from Abram Shook since 2015, but the good news for Austin, and everywhere, is that he’s back with the brand new Love at Low Speed. The batch of songs on this album is said to be of a more personal nature, which inevitably will hit home for listeners. I love how this song opens with Shook and guitar, and little else. It seems to fit the song, creating an immediate intimacy that captures the audience, before the track is built up by further accompaniment. It’s a slow-paced adventure filled by Abram’s continued sonic exploration as he seeks to reach musical perfection. My two cents? You’re close pal, so so close. New album will be out on June 16th via Western Vinyl.


New Music From The Hours

UK rock band The Hours have always been on my radar since I caught their live show in 2009 during SXSW.  It’s crazy that I’ve never put up any of their music on the site since then so word of new tunes from the band makes for the right time.  The new song we’ve got streaming below is called “I Want More” and appears on the bands new EP of same name due out November 1st on Adeline Records.  Let us know what ya think.


Download: The Hours – I Want More [MP3]

SXSW Watchlist: The Hours

hours_closeup_mattiaThe Hours are a band making their first trip to the US from across the pond in the UK.  Antony Genn and Mark Slattery are founding members of the band and began recruiting additional musicians since forming in 2004.  Mixing and blending pop driven rock similar to other hot UK bands, yet creating their own sound, The Hours are a band you won’t want to miss during SXSW.  Follow the jump for a short interview with Antony Genn of The Hours, see some SXSW dates and grab a song.

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