FFF8 In Pictures – Saturday Edition

BleachedSaturday featured legends and legendary performances, though usually not at the same time. Johnny Jewel gets best performance of the day with double duty killer jams from Chromatics and a manic dance party with Glass Candy. MIA eludes me. I just don’t get it, but okay, the kids like to here abbreviated beats up and down. Ice-T let Bushwick Bill freestyle. Deerhunter had the most epic sound check ever, reconstructing “Marquee Moon” to test the levels.

This giant photo post features Frank Smith (kinda), Ola Podrida, Bleached, The Impossibles, White Lung, Chromatics, Geographer, Glass Candy, Television, Tycho, Deerhunter, MIA, Ice-T and The Descendants. Click through…

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Friday Top 5: Ska-Punk Bands

There are several things that most people associate with music bloggers; either we’re super arrogant about our tastes, or just have loads of free time and connections.  For the most part, I think people tend to put me in the first category, considering I have a full-time job that isn’t this web site, but I feel like I always have to justify myself, proving I’m not a snob.  I’m pretty sure my love for this genre establishes my inability to escape mockery in all instances.  It’s true, I love ska/ska-punk, whatever you call it. I spent loads of weekends as a teen dancing at Liberty Lunch or Voodoo Lounge.  I figured in admitting my lack of cool, I’d also admit my favorites.

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FTC: The Impossibles

impossiblesAs I thought about this year’s best Austin albums (which comes out next week folks), I came across an ancient video of one of my favorite local bands, The Impossibles. Growing up in Austin, I had the pleasure of singing along with this band at least once a month.  Sure, I didn’t know everyone there, but I felt as if they were all my friends.  We screamed, we threw up our hands in unison, and yes, we skanked a little bit, or a whole lot, depending upon your dedication and conditioning.  The guys in this band went on to play parts in Mineral and LAX (lets not forget Slowreader).   It was a time of youth and innocence, and The Impossibles were the perfect blend of both.  Let’s travel down memory lane together.