Next Two Singles from The Little Hands of Asphalt

We continue our coverage of the forthcoming LP from the Little Hands of Asphalt with the latest two singles from the Sjur Lyseid’s project. There’s only one more set of singles yet, so it’s best to go and get yourself acquainted with Sjur’s work before Half Empty is released. On “Dystopian Sci-Fi,” it feels like something Destroyer might have crafted; it has this brilliant piano line and distinctive vocal performance. “Six Feet Over” offers up a slightly Americana vibe, which doesn’t seem like a stretch, but definitely adds some differentiation to the album’s song cycle. If you like what you’re hearing, Fika Recordings releases the full album on April 3rd.

More Tunes from The Little Hands of Asphalt

You can pretty much guarantee that anything coming out via Fika Recordings is going to get my support; I’ve already encouraged you to give a listen to The Little Hands of Asphalt with the first singles. But, here, we have two really striking numbers, elevating my anticipation for the release of Half Empty. Honestly, both these songs remind me a lot of the Weakerthans (or John K solo stuff). “No Reception” has that upbeat energy, though you can still hear the penchant for pop sensibility. On the flipside, you’ve got “Drinking Song,” which is more of an intimate ballad that is sure to endear itself to any listener. I’m just all about these tunes; Half Empty is out on March 27th.