Show Preview: King Khan @ the Mohawk (2/4)

Date Saturday, Feb 4th
Location Mohawk
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $11 from Frontgate

Rock n’ roll season is clearly upon us, and Mohawk is kicking things off the right way.  They’ve got one of the best live acts around coming to town Saturday night with King Khan and the Shrines taking to the stage.  We haven’t really heard a lot of new stuff coming from the camp, but their catalog is worthy of endless sets of straight out jams.  And if that wasn’t good enough, the most excellent Jacuzzi Boys will be starting your night out the right way, fresh off the release of their album, Glazin on Hardly Art.  Come on folks, get out and get rad.


Download:King Khan & The Shrines – Torture [MP3]


Show Pics: A Lull @ The Mohawk (1/30)

Yeah, I went out in crap weather on a Monday night to see some bands. Fine, I feel you judging me.

It was an inside show at Mohawk that featured A Lull. They had Deleted Scenes and Tape Deck Mountain opening. It was fun to open up the big 50 and catch slices of the show.

The night had building complexity, building layers. The bands broadcast intelligent, well-crafted music. Click that read more link over there for some show notes and plenty of pics…
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Show Review: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (1/14)

I like outside shows when it is cold.

Starfucker headlined The Mohawk last Saturday. Alexico and Painted Palms opened the sold out show (honestly a bit surprised) that was made warm with merriment and spirits, or whatever else. Starfucker pulls a weird blend of show-goers including some old people (mainly me). It was a young crowd, it was a good crowd.

Head past the break for pics and show notes…

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Show Preview: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (1/14)

Starfucker is playing The Mohawk. Since the show is sold out, this serves only as a reminder to those of you that purchased tix a few months ago. If you want to join the dance party, you could of course brave the online pitfalls of craigslist or talk to the “ticket agents” out front. I am dragging a whole group out, things may get messy. I just have to remember to run across the street to catch Cass McCombs for a few songs.

It is all about balance.

Painted Palms and Alexico open.


Download: Starfucker – Julius [MP3]

Show Preview: Ola Podrida @ the Mohawk (1/15)

Date Sunday, January 15th
Location Mohawk
Doors 930 pm
Tickets $6 at the Door

Well, with cold weather comes that wintery music I love so much, and none do it much better than Dave Wingo and his band Ola Podrida.  Word on the street is that the group will have a new album sometime in 2012, so I’m sure the set will feature old favorites as well many new songs to boot.  Last time I saw them, they pulled off the set to perfection, giving me all the mellow tracks I adored, so get out there and find your own to adore; besides, you don’t have to work on Monday!  Opening the evening are ((Sounder)) and Donkey Skin.


Download: Ola Podrida – Roomful of Sparrows [MP3]

Show Pics: Free Week 1/7@ The Mohawk

Things are settling back in after the calm of the holidays. New releases are starting the trickle in and the show circuit is picking back up. Free Week kept many local music fans busy and there were many great lineups. One of our favorites was at The Mohawk last Saturday. Shivery Shakes, Ghost Knife, A Giant Dog, Grape Street and OBN IIIs played inside. I figured I should grab bigfiddyonefour and have fun.

So with pints of local beer, we listened to local music and I took local pictures. Head past the break, please.
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Show Review: Phantogram @ The Mohawk

The night before, I joined Nathan for Modest Mouse. The post-FFF6 hangover lingered and that show did not help. I am officially jaded.

Phantogram is up next after Reptar unleashed a silly dance party. I am feeling better. The first bass notes from “Don’t Move” kick in after the stage filling intro music. The lights jump. They move. They create. I was pulled in. I was grinning uncontrollably.

Head past for more on the set and plenty of pics.

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Show Preview: Zola Jesus/Crystal Antlers @ the Mohawk (10/29)

Date Saturday, October 29th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

Man, Saturday over at the Mohawk is going to be one hell of an evening.  I know we’re approaching Halloween, but everyone should get out to check out the bands featured on Saturday night.  First show starts early, featuring Zola Jesus who just released the excellent Conatus, which I’ve really enjoyed–as has all the national media.  But, if it’s too early for you, you still have a chance to check out another great band for cheap following the early show.  Our good friends in the Crystal Antlers will be coming to town to headline the inside, and there’s no reason no to pack that little space.  They put on one of the most energetic shows, not to mention the fact that they continually put out great tunes.  You better catch one of these show folks, or you’ll be sorry.


Download: Crystal Antlers – Summer Solstice [MP3]

Show Review: Washed Out @ The Mohawk

Washed Out is all growns up?

Ernest Greene has been a buzz-worthy blog-hyped man and a latop. He and his wife manage all merch. He records in the corner of a bedroom at a lakehouse. This is a solo act. Or is it?

The stage was full of instruments. There were three sets of keyboards, drums, a bass and, yes, a Macbook. But it wasn’t front and center. It wasn’t on a card table up front with a small keyboard for improv. More on the band, the tech and the openers Feathers and Sleep ∞ Over after the break.

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Show Preview: Disastronauts Benefit @ Mohawk (10/13)

Date 10/13/11
Location The Mohawk
Doors 8:30pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

After their successful show featuring Her Space Holiday and Octopus Project, the Disastronauts foundation has put together another show this Thursday night at Mohawk to benefit the musicians displaced by the Bastrop fires.  This show features headliners Black Books, and support from Residual Kid, Boy + Kite, and La Snacks.  The show will also act as the EP release party for the up and comers Residual Kid.  Here’s a track from their new album entitled “Can’t Take Me Away”.


Download: Residual Kid – Can’t Take Me Away [MP3]

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