Autobahn Release New Single

Autobahn got a lot of deserved success last year with the release of The Moral Crossing, and they’re already following it up with a brand new single. This tune caught me because of the 80s trickling synth lines that soon moved into sort of a slow drone. It definitely begins to take a dark edge, but suddenly guitars ring out brightly and then shift the mood upwards. The song pulses and turns, yet somehow manages to leave you in the same place you began. Another promising outing from the band, hinting at more great things to come our way as they pull more songs together.

Dark Pop From AUTOBAHN

After quite a bit of rock n roll last week, I’m rejoining the game this week with some dark pop music from Leeds based group AUTOBAHN. Playing on the likes of genre innovators Joy Division, AUTOBAHN throw in some electronic sounds to come across as a bit more Cold Cave like than the 80s pioneers. Repetitive guitars, synths, and keyboards all blend together nicely to produce a solid single effort out of the UK.

AUTOBAHN will release The Moral Crossing LP on November 3rd via felte (pre-order).